A New Bandana Shirts, Jackets, and Shorts Style

Bandana apparel is a popular garment that many are familiar with. Typically worn on the head or as a scarf, a traditional bandana is created out of a pattern named Paisley. First created in the UK, popularized in Asia and finally spreading in the Western culture, the design is a worldwide textile that has a rich history. Today we are going to take a look at how our modern world has incorporated the paisley design into bandana shirts, shorts, and other clothing.

Best bandana shirts

Even though it is speculated that the paisley bandana print was first manufactured in Glasgow, many associate the style with Wester cowboys. Serving a large role in American fashion history. The modern paisley banana has been popular since the 1700s during the American revolution. First worn as a scarf, bandanas started featuring in western movies, used as pro-war propaganda, and even associated with motorcycle fanatics. It was not until the 1970s when the bandanas started being associated with the Californian gang culture. Even though as history suggests bandanas have always been a large part of our fashion uprising, nowadays, the garment print has evolved in many different forms. Let’s take a look at some modern examples.

Bandana Shirts

If you are someone who appreciated streetwear then you have probably noticed a summer trend of Bandana shirts. With many different cuts, designs, and styles, the key feature of the bandana shirt is the colorful paisley pattern or so-called bandana print. Here are some of your favorite this season.

CooFandy Paisley Polo Shirt

Vatpave Floral Hawaiian Shirt

SweatyRocks Print Neck Crop Top

The CooFandy polo shirt is the perfect garment to kick-off this article. Made for fitted wear, this polo can be worn as casual wear or dressed up for a more representable look. Created from a mix of cotton and polyester the shirt is a stretchable attire that sits well. Available in 7 different colors you can now get the perfect bandana polo for your complexion. Next is the Vatpave Floral Shirt with more of a Hawaiian style, this shit is all about comfort. Stylized with a beautiful green and red, this garment looks great under some shorts or jeans. Meant to sit loosely on one’s body, if you prefer a wider short-sleeve button-down shirt then be sure to order one size up. Finally, as a popular pick among women is this crop top bandana shirt. Made popular by a recent Cardi B bandana outfit, the vintage top is more about style rather than comfort. Typically worn on warm summer days, this outfit can easily be a highlighted feature in one’s outfit.

Bandana Pants

When one first hears the about bandana pants, you might think of a crazy designed garment that won’t match with anything. Even though the attire does have a crazy feature to it, the bandana pants have become a stylized pick that can look great if worn correctly. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Kanu Surf Havana Trunks: Marlin Red

Kanu Surt Havana Trunks: Marlin Black

Kanu Surt Havana Trunks: Marlin Aqua

As a great pick for the summer, bandana shorts are a popular design that can be seen in swimming trunks. The Kanu Surf Havana is a great pick that has anything from a bright red bandana shorts, sleek black to a funky blue. These bandana print shorts will add a touch of color to a summer look. Ideally worn with a clean white tee, gives then a highlight feature in one’s lookbook.

Victorious Graphic Patter Joggers

Kukubird Sports Printed Activewear

Siamrose Harem Baggy Pants


More uncommonly seen than the bandana short, a long pant can be something that you can stylize for colder weather. There are many different styles of bandana pants. Taking a look at the Victorious Graphic Joggers, we can see a more muted approach to the paisley pattern. On the other hand, the women’s Kukubird activewear has a bolder contrast, giving off a more extreme look. Finally, a pair of Harem bandana pants might just be the key to comfort. Styles for more of a casual look these are a unisex pant ideal for everyday wear.

Bandana Jackets

Bandana jackets might be what streetwear is all about. Bold, retro, and stylized, the bandana print jacket adds a touch to design to any simple look. If you are one to follow with the streetwear trends we suggest you add a bandana coat to your closet. Let’s take a look at some examples.

The North Face Fanorak

Screenshot Print Rain Jacket

For more of a subdued look, the blue bandana jacket is a perfect pick. Made by The Noth Face brand, this jacket is not only an iconic fashion garment but also a quality product that will last you years. Worn as a windbreaker, you can match this coat with just about anything. Next, we have a jacket for someone looking for a statement piece. Made by Screenshot, this patched bandana coat exclusive piece that stands out by itself. Best worn with an all-black or denim look, the Zip-up is an eye-catching design in itself.

Bandana Accessories

Unlike most fashion trends, where accessories can easily be forgotten, a bandana look orientated in accessory form. As an everlasting design in the history of fashion lets takes a look at some bandana accessories that will never go out of style.

Vitty Bandana Square Handkercheif

Kenz Laurenz Tie on Headband


Herschel Heriatge Backpack

From black, blue too red bandana handkerchiefs, there are countless colorful square-shaped accessories that one can pick from. For more of a classical look, the Vitty Bandana handkerchief is a bandana scarf that can be worn with just about anything. Next, the Kenz Laurenz Tie headband is another popular way of wearing a paisley design. Other than giving off style, the headband is a comfortable garment that can cool your head and keep hair out of your face. Finally, for more of a modern take on the bandana fashion, we have a bandana backpack. With more of a subtle look, this back can match with any daily attires.