Add Color With This Summer’s Trending Fruit Print

Delving into this season’s trend of fruit print patterns, ladies have been dressed head to toe with prints of everything from plums and pears to pineapples and strawberries. In the last few decades, the popularity of printing fabric has increased exponentially. When it comes to the history of the fruit print pattern, there is no specific source that can pinpoint its origin. But it is likely that fruit printing patterns are rooted in the many cultures of the world, where fruits have long been used decoratively in various textiles throughout history. This article will go over the summer trend of fruit-printed clothing and where they originated.

When diving into the history of fashion patterns and printmaking, the introduction of silk screen printing in the mid-19th century is where it all began. Silk Screen Printing (SSP) was a relatively new invention that used chemicals and solvents to transfer images onto textile. The first modern image appeared on American garments as early as 1868, and by the end of the century, SSP was a commonly used method for making designs. Today, a great deal of fabric production is done with SSP.

In the early part of the 20th century, a number of technological discoveries were made that shortened the time it would take to produce apparel. These developments paved the way for short-run fashion printing that allowed designers to experiment with new looks and then manufacture them quickly over and over again. This also allowed designers to push their creative limits and experiment with new clothing trends much more quickly than ever before.

Fruit Dresses

With the warm summer weather approaching, many women start wearing more dresses and skirts. This year’s print pattern of choice is the fruit print, specifically cherry blossoms, strawberry, and lemons. These prints are used on women’s clothing in the form of dresses, tops and even skirts. When it comes to dresses with fruit prints, they often have an actual fruit pattern on the fabric. Being a great summer look, these dresses go great with accessories like sandals, sneakers, or even a summer hat. Take a look below at some summer fruit dress examples.

MSBASIC Summer Brach Dress

Huhot Flare Midi Skater Dress

Babyiyqvq Starwberry Dress

The first dress is a short breach dress ideal for the summer. Made with a black and cherry pattern, this dress shows off the fruit style while looking great. Made with a plain silhouette, this dress does not stand out much, however, the fruits add a touch of detail making it a perfect combination. The next dress is another summer fit, made with a strawberry print. Designed with a Midi dress length, the dress is a comfortable fit and coverage for any body shape. This print style is great as it adds a soft burst of color to your summer look. You can wear this dress to work or school, or even on a date. The third dress is another strawberry dress. Made as an affordable strawberry dress by Lirika Matoshi, the dress is trendy summer wear for this and last summer season.

Fruit Skirts

As an alternative to dresses, a fruit skirt is another great piece to include in the summer fashion trend. Especially when paired with similar colored or striped shirts. For summer, a skirt is a great look that can be worn casually and dressed up at the same time. While prints of fruit, flowers, and other seasonal designs are a great option for this time of year, they can also be seen in other seasons like spring and fall too. In these cases, the fruit print pattern is often combined with other prints like stripes or floral patterns. Take a look below at some all year round skirts you can style with your closet.

Taydey Vintage Skirt

Belle Poque Midi Shirt

Woman Digital Midi Skirt

The first skit is a classical vintage lemon skirt. Make with a knee-length cut and fashionable folds, the skirt is best paired with a sweater or blouse for a casual look. The second is tagged as a strawberry-print midi skirt. The skirt has an eye-catching strawberry pattern that will be a feature in one’s look. Lastly, rather than a pattern, there is a watermelon-style skirt. It is a classic-cut skirt available in red and white watermelon print. A perfect skirt to pick up this summer!

Fruit Shirts

If you are looking to add a bold piece of attire to your outfit without going all out then a fruit patterned shirt is for you. As an easy-to-wear piece, patterned shirts are a great accessory but it is a smarter choice to go with pieces that can be worn casually or paired with just about anything. Take a look at the shirts that have an interesting pattern for this summer.

Roshop Flutter Blouse

Allergra K Cherry Shirt

LafyKoly Swimingsuit

Giving off summer vibes, the first shirt is a flutter bouse with a watermelon print. With its unique pattern, it is just another eye-catching shirt you can wear with anything. Elegant and classy, the second tee is a gorgeous shirt that is perfect for the season. With red and white print, it has tiny cherries printed on it. Lastly, in style, we have a lemon patterned top. Though it is a swimming suit it can be worn as a summer shirt with some shorts.

Fruit Accessories

Finally, adding a touch of fruit to one’s look with accessories is the modern way to go. As a great way to wear fruit prints, accessories are a great way to show it off and some of these pieces have an actual pattern on them. When it comes to accessories, most of the time fruit prints are combined with other patterned prints. Adding a leather belt with a printed dress is an example of this type of look. It can be worn by itself or with other accessories like sunglasses or a hat. Take a look at some examples below for a more detailed summer fruit look.

Nanafast Fruit Stud Earrings

Alocye Fruit Basket Choker

ZLYC Cherry Bucket Hat

Being one of the best-seller pieces, we first have a selection of stud earrings shaped like fruit. With a light gold design and a cute jewelry look, these earrings are a great accessory to spice up your summer fashion. Next, we have a simple but fashionable fruit chocker neckless. With its small size, the item is best worn with a casual look as an accent. Finally, we] have a trending cherry bucket hat. As one of the most worn items in streetwear, bucket hats are a great pick for this summer outfit. They are great to wear with a simple outfit or dressed up.