An Introduction to Techwear

What is Techwear?

If you are a fashion enthusiast you have probably come across the techwear trend. Composed with a touch of futuristic flair that meets the world of practicality, the techwear style has gained a popular following over the last few years. Being designed for maximum comfort and usability, as well as matching a sleek minimalistic cutting edge look, it is no surprise that the style appeals to many. The techwear subculture aims to push its own creative vision while supporting industry brands that help pull together its outfits. Usually associated with convenient attire and accessories, many in the techwear lifestyle fixate their outfits around functionality such as water resistance, heat insulation, breathability, and storage. With the trending style in mind, let’s take a deeper look as to what makes up a techwear outfit and why it is so in demand.

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What type of Fabric is most commonly used?

One of the biggest advantages of a techwear style is its range of use. This feature is seen in the high-quality textiles that are used when creating such outfits. The most popular of them is the Gore-Tex material. Discovered in 1969, this waterproof yet breathable fabric is the perfect addition to a techwear jacket. Typically seen in items such as rainwear, pants, and jackets. Another aspect of this style is stretchy and comfortable clothing. Water propelling fibers such as cotton blends are used to create comfortable yet elastic clothing.

Main Features of A Techwear Look


With a high influence from futurist artistic styles such as cyberpunk, most techwear falls under a black or gray color scheme. With a rather “intimidating” notion, the black style comes off as bold with a heavy influence from military and outdoor gear. On the other hand, the gray-tones take on a more streetwear look that highlights a design for ultimate functionality. To create the perfect look, layering on monochrome hues of darks is usually the way to go. But if black and gray are not your colors, no need to worry, as some Techwear styles can also be seen in washed-out subtle color schemes such as dark beige, camouflage green, or navy blue.

Range of Motion and Comfort

Sewn with the human figure in mind, most Techwear brands create their clothing to match the movement of a human body. Striving for ultimate comfort most apparel designs get to the fine line between wrapped cloth and loosely falling fabric. This allows for anyone to wear the clothes freely without the fabric pulling or stretching at key points. For example, it is typically seen for Techwear pants to resemble loosely sewn sweatpants at the top, with tightly wrapped from the calf’s down. Another aspect that amplifies the comfort and range of motion is the high-quality material that is suitable for functionality and free movement.

Carrying Capacity

Since we have already established that this fashion trend is best known for its functionality, when it comes to Techwear, many of you might not be surprised to hear that carrying capacity is a typical feature of this style. With a perfected design of secret compartments, zipper pockets and elaborate storage, keeping all of your things with you and in comfort is easier than ever. If you have even found your self needing a bag for all of your things, dressing in a techwear style will put your mind at ease as many garments often have multiple large pockets.

Multiple Layers

Stacking on layers is a recognizing feature of any techwear look. From three-layered tops too baggy looking pants that create volume, the illusion of deconstructive attire is often highlighted. With many folds, dips and dimensions techwear garments often enhance the look of comfort. The art of layering in fashion is a central concept when creating monotones or minimalistic attire. Working to shape your silhouette simply adding another layering attire to your outfit can easily transform your look into an entirely different one.

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How to Style a Techwear Outfit?


Antarctica Soft Shell Military Jacket

The Noth Face Apex Bionic 2 Jacket Black

Jackets are a key aspect that helps pull together a techwear aesthetic. Typically split into two types softshell and hardshell, jackets are the most popular factor when it comes to recreating a techwear look. Let’s take a look at what each of these types encourpertae.

Softshells are medium to thin layered jackets that come with a waterproof coating. Emphasizing on creating comfort, breathability and easy movement. These jackets are the perfect fit for spring or fall weather.

On the other hand, hardshell jackets typically provide the best level of environmental protection. Unlike the softshell type, this outerwear has protection against most weather environments. Packed with windproof, waterproof, and breathable features, these are the perfect jackets to get for difficult conditions. Usually with are harder and crunchier outer texture, these jackets give off a heavier look.


Under Armour Rival Fleece Hoodie

Columbia Steen Mountain Vest

Anything from vests, hoodies too overtop shits can be considered a mid-layer attire. Typically seen on a colder day, these layers play the purpose of keeping in the warmth. Ideally packed with a zipper or buttoning system so they can be put on or taken off depending on the temperature. Cardagents or thin overcoats can also be considered mid-layers, as they are not a tick as jackets and help provide warmth. Typically worn in the fall or spring, a mid-layer also brings a fashionable aspect of layering into one’s attire.


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Adidas Freelift Solid Badge

Nike Legend Short Sleeve Tee


The base layer is plain a back t-shirt or long sleeves. Intended to keep the wearer dry, the shirt is usually made out of athletic wear that is highly sweat-proof and breathable.  Such materials include cotton, polyester and more. Having a stack of quality shirts is a must when dressing for techwear. Suitable under almost every outfit, there are also many different types of T-shirts to choose from. If you are into a graphic look or just a simple clean style, many brands, such as Nike, known for their quality have a store or shipping option with a massive collection of modern shirts.


Adidas Tiro 19 Pants

CQR Tactical Outdoor Pants

Taking on a key eye grabbing aspect of a techwear outfit is pants. Designed to allow for free and easy movement, such pants are usually seen with a baggy look and tight bottom. Often made out of water repellent material that is both elastic and comfortable, the pants are great for everyday wear. Sewn with deep pockets and layered detail shows why these pants are a popular pick. Another popular pant style commonly seen in a techwear closet are joggers. Despite being intended for sports, jogger pants are one of the most comfortable, elastic and breathable garments on the market. Giving more of a street style look, comfortable joggers can also be styled up with the right shirt and jacket.


Puma Tazon 6 Fracture Shoe


Nike Tanjun Breathable Sneakers

Timberland 6inch Premium Boots

When talking about techwear shoes think about durability. A sleek shoe that is water-resistant, made out of durable materials and lightweight is an ideal shoe to get. As many brands try to create the perfect shoe, trends such as knitted socks, tight sneakers or air-light boots have all taken place in the techwear attire. Picking out the perfect footwear might be a difficult task at times, take a look at our outlined the guideline for knowing How to buy the perfect pair of sneakers.


Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

Achiou Neck Gaiter Scarf

Even though a techwear look typically involves a minimalist style adding accessories help create a more compatible and complex attire. Anything from backpacks with hoodies too warming sleek gloves, a techwear accessory must be a useful addition to one’s outfit. High-quality outerwear such as hats, gloves or scarfs is an option for when the cold weathers hit. Whereas, during the warm summer months, a stylish backpack or a fashionable yet useful sun hat can be a great addition to one’s outfit.

What does a Techwear Attire Look Like?

Taking a look at our cherry-picked attire above we can see a typical Techwear look, that you can inspire from. Starting from the bottom up, we have selected a quality Adidas Alphabounce sneaker that is known for its durable yet comfortable features. With a stylish black look, these running shoes are made out of textile and synthetic that create an all-black techwear appearance. Next, we have the Nike Tech Fleece Joggers. Taking the spot as one of Nike’s most popular sweatpants, these 100 % cotton pants are perfect when creating a techwear lookbook. Going up to the shirt is a Fabric of the Universe tee. Known for high-quality breathable shirts that look techwear, you cannot go wrong with this brand. Finally, a stylish Under Armour Barrage Soft Shell is the perfect outerwear for the cold upcoming spring days. Known as one of the best spring shell jackets of 2020, this overcoat is a functional yet stylish pick. Now that you have a baseline techwear look, adding your own twist to it with accessories, jackets, or even more layers is what fashion is all about.

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Who wears Techwear?

Techwear is a rising trend that has gained a lot of traction over the past few years. Influenced by a number of different styles such as cyberpunk and streetwear, this hybrid fashion aesthetic is a practical yet stylish look that many modern individuals stick too. Techwear is now a common look that can often be spotted in our fashion trends. The fashion trend seems to be picking up traction among celebrities as well. The famous singer John Mayer can often be seen rocking a lot of Acronym products. If you are interested in the techwear look, taking a peek at communities such as r/techwear can be a place for inspiration for your next attire.