Best Affordable Vests for Your Streetwear Attire

Typically worm in chilly or cold weather, vests are perfect insulators that keep you warm. However other than their functional use, a vest can be a great fashionable addition that adds layers to an outfit. As every outerwear brand has its own take on a stylish vest, nowadays you can find countless types of colors, designs, and forms of vests. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some streetwear vests that you can match with your next attire.

Types of Streetwear Vests

When it comes to outerwear there are three main types of vests that have dominated the market. Each designed for different weather conditions, styles and preferences, it is usually preferred that everyone has at least one of each in their own closet.

image of cotton Techwear clothes and fashion

Puffer Vest

Falling under the jacket categorie, these vests are the most popular style during colder weather. With a puffed-up appearance, many of you might be wondering “ how do men wear puffer vests? “ These unisex high jackets are trending garments that can be seen in many ss20 collections. Known for their agile features, puffer vests are made out of nylon, polyester and other light fabrics. Furthermore, with their polished touch, this type of vests keep the wearer warm and dry as they are extremely water and windproof.

Denim Vest

Differing from puffer jackets, the vests made out of denim are more of a fashion statement rather than a weather protectant. Denim is a type of cotton thread that is known for its strong uphold and resistance to tearing and stretching. With it popularly stretching back to the mid-1800s, in the modern world this fabric has become a fashion icon in the industry. Denim vests are no different. Adding a touch of style to any attire, these types of vests are typically worn with matching denim jeans or light colors.

Fleece Vest

Characterized as a lightweight, warm and soft fabric fleece has become a popular material among many brands. As a man-made material that is 100 percent synthetic, this fabric is built to perfection. Known for keeping you warm whilst being active, this fabric is often preferred when doing outdoor sports such as climbing or hiking. Furthermore, other than its weather resistant qualities the fabric is moisture resistant, so if you are looking for a quality vest then this is the pick for you.


Black Vest

This universally praised color is a popular choice when it comes to vests. With a slimming effect, that retains heat as well as matches with almost anything, a black colored vest is a must-have for everyone. With a large range of black vests in shops, you can pick anything from puffer, dark denim, to fleece vests. The examples above are ideal black vests for someone looking to create a streetwear look during chilly weather. Packed with many pockets, zippers and a pop of design, you cannot miss out on these looks.

Yellow Vest

Taking on a more daring approach to vests, this color is not for everyone. Adding the pop of color to a street style attire, yellow can oftentimes be the perfect color to mix into your outfit. Matching with bold colors such as red, and orange or even more muted tones such as blue, white or black, a yellow garment is typically an accessory piece that is highlighted. Taking a look at our picked out yellow vests, you can see the eye-popping effect of the color. Both made out of synthetic materials, the waterproof warm outerwear are ideal for a cold spring day.

Denim Vest

Popular during summer, denim jackets are now back in style. From ripped stylized denim, a simple clean-cut, or even a graphic denim design these types of vests are predicted to flood the streets of the spring and summer of 2020 fashion. Worn with an all-denim look or just over a simple outfit, these vests can add a fun touch to any outfit. Looking at the garments above we can see very different takes on a denim jack. For a more clean look the vest by Kedra, as for a more graphic look the Southpole vest is perfect

Red / Orange Vest

Similar to a yellow vest, red or orange outerwear can be a featured garment in one’s outfit. Usually styled with more muted tones these vests are ideal for those looking to add a bit more color in their closet. If you are more adventurous with your style, adding contrasting colors such as blue or complimenting colors such as pink are stylish ways to dress up such vests.

White Vest

For a cleaner look, a while vest is often worn. Even though this garment is the most difficult to keep clean, it is a popular pick when it comes to streetwear clothing. A proper white vest can be added to an all-white or black outfit, or work to tone down a more colorful attire. Looking at our picks, you can see a white puffer suitable for winter and a slim white denim jacket for the chilly summer days. Having while outerwear is a great vest that more often than not will go with all of our outfits.