Best Bold Summer Sunglasses to Match Seasonal Trends

As a go-to accessory when the sun is shining sunglasses are a fashionable and practical addition to one’s closet. With today’s fashion, always changing sunglasses are no exception. From different styles of frames, colors and designs, in this article we are going to go over what is trending in today’s sunglasses market and how to pick out the right pair for you.

What is in this season with sunglasses?

Best bold sunglasses

With a constant struggle between oversized frames and ultra-skinny design, the sunglasses industry this year is filled with a mix of both and some medium sized shades that many go for. Offered in an array of colors, sizes, and designs, having the right pair of sunglasses that matches your whole closet is a difficult task. Therefore, many buy a few pairs of lensed glasses for the summer, thus having a pair of shades for each look. 

As the silhouette of sunglasses is an eye-catching feature, it is important to pick out the right glasses frame that suits your face. Making a statement as an accessory, trying on a few different pairs of glasses is the best way of knowing what style looks best on you. Other than knowing your preferred sunglasses style, styling in the fashion trends is a must when it comes to such a noticeable addition to one’s attire. Take a look at some of the best seller summer sunglasses for this year below.

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As mentioned above, knowing the right shape for your face is a must when purchasing accessories such as sunglasses. Though trying them on is preferred, if that option is not available for you, there are a few guidelines related to one’s face shape that might help you get a general idea as to which sunglasses will look best on you. 

Square Face: If you have more of a square face with angular lines such as equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw, then rounded and thinner frames are for you. Working to add balance to your shape and clean-cut face, rounder and oval frames are the perfect combination.

Round Face: If you have a round face, with slightly wider cheekbones compared to your jaw and forehead, then the perfect glasses for you are ones with angles. Whether you prefer rectangular glasses, car eye designs or even squad frames, they will suit you best.

Heart Face: If you have a heart face, with a wide forehead that gradually narrows to the jaw, then winged out frames look best. With a rounder base and a shaper top, the cat-eye glasses are best.

Triangle Face: If you have a triangle face, with a wide jaw that narrow towards the forehead, then glasses with a more bold top and light bottom are for you. Helping balance your features D-frame shapes are recommended.

Oval Face: If you have an oval face, with slightly wider cheekbones, then most frames look good on you. But the most common fit is a more square or rectangular shape that is wide around the eyes.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Seen in brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Off-White, Saint Laurent and more, the rectangular sunglasses have become a staple piece in this year’s fashion industry. Often with a smaller frame size, the rectangular glasses wrap around the face and give off an edgy look. Often worn with a Oval, Round and Heart face shapes, these sunnies have become a popular streetwear and gunge sunglasses look. Below are just some rectangular glasses to get your started.

Doll Rectangle Sunglasses

Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses

SODQW Polarized Sungalsses

Round Sunglasses

Though these glasses shapes are more directed towards triangle and square faces, they are a universal design that looks good on many. With more of a retro and vintage sunglasses look, the rounder sunglasses come in many different styles. From a fully round glass that is ultra retro too a rounded bottom with a sharper top, there are countless variations on the round sunglasses for women and men. Take a look at some of the best seller round sunglasses on Amazon we could find.

Sojos Small Round Glasses

Sojos Classic Retro Glasses

Dollger Steampunk Glasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Brought in the market in the 50’s and 60’s fashion the cat sunglasses, are a iconic piece of fashion that is a must have in this summer season. As a pair of sunglasses that suit oval, round and even triangular face shapes, the cat eye is a universally popular design that many go for. Shaped with a rounded bottom and a shaper top end, the glasses give off a rather retro sunglasses look. Take a look below at some cat’s eye sunglasses for men and women.

Sojos Vintage Cat Eye

ZeroUV Retro Cat Eye Glasses

Sojos Designer Sunnies