Best Bucket Hats For a 2021 Streetwear Look

If you are interested in the streetwear style then you have probably hear of bucket hats. Even though you may be wondering, “when were bucket hats popular”, the fishing style hats are an ever trending accessory that one can add to any street style look. Other than their protective features, there are many different types of bucket hats that can help make an outfit more stylized. In this article we are going to go over the different typed of bucket hats and some of our top picks for your 2020 streetwear lookbook.

Best Bucket Hats of 2020

Types of Bucket Hat Designs

Branded Bucket Hat

Wearing a branded bucket hat is typical all about representing the brand. Usually seen with a large logo, in streetwear wearing sportswear “merch” such as Nike, Adidas, Champion, and others, is in style. Following that same concept in streetwear hats, a branded hat can go a long way in making a great streetwear look. Here are some popular picks.

Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket Hat



Champion LIFE Terry Bucket Hat


The Noth Face Packable Brimmer

Nike bucket hat is the first one out list. Made for a hot summer day, the hat comes with a wide brim, stretchable and breathable fabric, and a comfortable fit. Made out of Dri-Fit Technology the hat can quickly dry and cool during any extreme weather. Next, we have a retro-style Champion bucket hat. As part of their LIFE line, this terry bucket hat is a great purchase to match for a summer streetwear look. Lastly, we have an unusual bucket hat north face brand. Made as an easy to carry product the hat retains its shape and can be folded into a pocket. Made as an ideal outdoor hat, we suggest you wear this hat on your next hiking trip.

Retro Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are general hats that give off a retro feel. To dive into the vintage category of bucket hats is not that uncommon. Typically hats with a  tie-dye, denim, or traditional logos can look more retro than you might think. Old style hats can be worn with any modern-day attire, giving off an edgy and funky look. Let’s take a look at some retro-styled bucket hats and what makes them so vintage.

Ruinono Unise Summer Hat


Beauideal Tie Dye Bucket Hat

Fila Velour Bucket Hat

Starting from the last, we can see a quality Fila bucket hat. As a well-known brand that represents the streetwear community, this bucket hat is a well-made velour hat. With a denim velour material, the hat comes in a dark blue color. Around the mid-range of the garment, there are the brand’s typical red /white lines and logos. If you are looking to rock a vintage look on brand then this is the hat for you. Next, we have a 100 % cotton bucket hat that is splattered with a Tie-Dye pattern. As a popular bucket hat pattern, the colorful tie-dye is a great way to add some color to any look. Lastly, the Ruionon Slime face visor another quality all cotton hat. Despite its simplistic look, this double sides hat makes for a good accessory when wanting to recreate a retro look.

Dark Black Bucket Hat

In fashion, black has become a universal color that is known for its ability to match with almost anything. Giving off techwear hat vibes, a black bucket hat is one that everyone should have in their closet. Easy to style, wear, and match, here are some of our favorite picks.

ZLYC Unisex Leather Hat

Outdoor Sombrero Bucket Hat

Adidas Mens Victory III Bucket Hat


Getting things started with a leather hat by ZLYC, this stylized black on black bucket hat is all about modern fashion. Rocking a leather look is not something everyone can pull off, but surprisingly this leather bucket hat looks good on almost anyone. Ideal for cold weather due to its soft inner lining makes this the perfect fall/winter accessory. Taking a bit more of a summery approach is the next hat by Outdoor Research. Made out of 100% Nylon, the bucket hat matches a similar style to a bucket hat north face brand. With a longer flap, the sombrero style helps protect one from the sun and keeps you cool. Lastly, we had to include a typical bucket hat adidas. Simple yet great, this has is what can add that finishing touch to an outfit.

Reversible Bucket Hat

Getting more than what you have paid for, reverse bucket hats are a way of getting a two in one deal. Working under the idea that you reverse your hat at any time, you can always match your accessory based on what you are wearing. Typically seen with a bucket hat pattern on one side and a clean colored bucket hat on the other, here are some of our top picks.

Rebecca Cotton Black Print Hat

Vivicmw Duck Bucket Hat

Joylife Banana Print Bucket Hat

If a black and white look is what you are after, then look no farther. The black print / white bucket hat is a cotton-based hat that is created by the Rebecca brand. With its interchangeable and fold features, it helps give off a more stylized look to a simple black and white attire. Next, we have an adorable yellow bucket hat by Vivicmw. With an embroidered duck on both sides of the hat, you can wear a white or bold yellow hat style. Lastly, we have a patterned bucket hat that is both banana stylized and a clean black hat. If you are looking for a bold streetwear hat then we suggest this garment.

Denim Bucket Hat

Classical denim attire is always something that the street wear community looks for. As part of bucket hats streetwear inspiration, a denim hat is a great accessory that can look good if matched properly. Wearing it with an all-denim look or a matching denim garment is a way to make use your attire looks good. Take a look at some examples below.

Gelante Summer Fishing Hat

The Hat Depot Unisex Hat

The Hat Depot Denim Bucket Hat

Made by Gelante, the all-denim summer finish hat is a popular amazon pick. Made with 100 percent denim, the hat is a light blue color that typically looks great under a summer/fall look. As another trending choice on amazon, the all-white denim bucket hat by The Hat Depot is a classic. Matching with anything, this hat is a must-have in a 2020 summer closet. Finally, for a darker denim look, we have another Hat Depot product. As one of our favorite denim tones, this dark-colored bucket hat is an all-year-round wear.

Camo/ Animal Print Bucket Hat

Camouflage can be a tricky material to match, but if worn correctly, can look great in a streetwear outfit look. Typically worn with an all back look, these animal and Camo bucket hats are some stylized picks for those looking for a feature piece. Let’s dive into some popular picks.

The Hat Depot 300N Hat

Mashiaoyi Double Side Bucket hat

Rebecca Cotton Reversible Hat

Starting from the last hat, by the Rebecca brand, we can see a reversible leopard print hat. Ideal as a womens bucket hat, this hat is a fashionable choice that will elevate a simple look. Made with a black reversible side, you can always match the hat to your attire. Next, there is another double-sided bucket hat with a black-toned side. Made with a cow pattern, this hat takes a funky spin on a bucket hat. Ideal as a Unisex fit, this hat can bring a punch to any streetwear look. Lastly, we have an all camo bucket hat. Despite rocking a pattern made for outdoors, this hat can be a great fit for a streetwear look.