Best Checkerboard Bikinis For a Trending Beach Look

Checkerboard bikini, the hottest trend this summer. Many people are flocking to the beaches and pool parties with this chic new trend added to their wardrobe, but with a little effort, you can take your swimwear repertoire to a whole new level. Today’s checkerboard bikini is a multi-purpose piece of clothing, useful in the water and out. The pattern creates a beautiful beach look that can be worn all summer round. In this article, you will find the best checkerboard bikini, a list of what to look for when buying a swimsuit, and information on how to wear a checkerboard bikini.

History of The Checkerboard Pattern

The first recorded example of this bikini was found in the ruins of Pompeii, a town that was destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The discovery included a small linen piece, with a checker pattern and gold coins. Since then, this design has become one of the most popular bikini patterns, matching any skin tone and body shape. On the other hand, the checkerboard pattern was invented in the 18th century, when some floor tile was painted to form a checkerboard. Today, the popularity of this pattern can be seen in all different types of clothing and swimwear.

If you’re going to buy a checkerboard bikini, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the fabric. This design is very bold and bright, and can quickly become a fashion faux pas if not matched properly. When deciding which checkerboard bikini to buy, it’s important to know that swimsuits come in many different designs and cuts. The stripes must be tight enough to give you support without leaving any material on the top half of your body.

Black Checkerboard Swimming suit

When picking out checkboard swimwear, going with the black and white look is a classic. Black and white is a timeless classic, and the black bikini top completely makes up for any lack of color. The white details will help the checkerboard to shine even more. Whatever you choose, it is important to remember that the bottoms are just as important as the top when looking at this design. For example, a bikini with stripes only down the sides can add a little originality, but it’s not exactly like a traditional checkerboard bikini. Take a look at some examples below.

Ivivian Two Piece Bikini

Milankerr Pattern SUit

Baikutouan Halter Bikini

The golden rule when wearing a checkerboard bikini is to make sure you are using the right fabric. This design is very bold and should be paired with something that goes well with that level of brightness. For example, the first swimwear is a quality soft elastic that will last you many summers. Stylized with a high waist and triangle cut, this is a design that can be worn this season. Next, with a more classical design in mind, there is the all triangle look. Without needing to worry about an unflattering fit, this swimming suit is a sure-fire way to enjoy a summer beach look. Lastly, we have a more coverage top and checkered bottom for this season. Ideal for those who prefer a wider coverage but still want to show off a little of their midriff.

Colorful Checkerboard Swimming suit

On the other hand, a pop of color goes hand-in-hand with a checker pattern bikini. These colorful checked sets will brighten up any swimwear wardrobe. Whether you like stripes, polka dots, gauchos, or even houndstooth prints, the checkerboard pattern is a great way to add some color to your summer swimwear. Take a look below at some examples.

Soly Hux Two Peice Swimsuit

Donghuishcx Red Checkerboard Swimwear

Jianglihxp Checkered Swimwear

With a bold green color in mind, the first swimming suit is a green checkered swim piece by Soly Hux. Designed with a high rise bottom, and a slim top, this is the perfect bikini for those who want to stay stylish during their vacation. Next, we have a less daring design that will take your swimwear to comfortable wear. With an open back designed for tanning, this whole black, red, and white checkered swim wear will be a flexible option for those who like to keep it simple. Lastly, we have another classic cut with a red and black checkered print. The classic checkerboard bikini is one of the most popular swimwear dresses for this summer season. Not only are they versatile, but they also have the ability to turn any figure into a stunningly beautiful form.