Best Christmas Techwear Gifts

Fashion is always changing, therefore updating one’s closet is a must if you want to keep up with the latest trends. As we constantly find ourselves adding new garments to our look, gifting clothes for Christmas is the perfect gift for practically anyone. In this article we are going to go over, how to pick out the perfect techwear Christmas gift and some popular best-seller selections.

How to Shop for Someone Else

Top Techwear gifts

Gifting clothing is a complex thing that many avoid or just get wrong during the holidays. Though knowing someone’s size is really important, we are here to help you pick out the ideal techwear Christmas gift for someone’s closet. Before we dive into one of the top trending goth ninja presents, we have to understand what one needs to know to get the perfect gift.

Size: There are a few things that one can select when they do not know the size of the wearer, but knowing what will fit them will give you a wider range of garments to pick from. Another old trick in the book is asking someone of a similar size for a suggestion.

Style: Fashion is a branching look that is always changing. Tough the techwear style can be generalized, there are many subsections that people can fall under. Noticing whether one wears more feminine goth ninja clothes, tomboy techwear, or even a futuristic goth ninja look, is a way to understand what to get them.

Need: Keeping a close eye on what people around you typically wear is a great way to understand what they might enjoy as a gift. For example, if someone is always changing up their graphic shirts but keeping their coats and jeans the same, adding a few new shirts to their collection is what they would like. On the other hand, many might not change up the other garment as they might not have many of them. In that case, anything but a shirt could go. 

Men Techwear Gifts

As our world evolves, men’s fashion is becoming more of a necessity in a man’s closet. Following a style or trend is a common way of pick out clothes for someone. For men interested in dark aesthetic clothing, techwear, goth ninja, or just black fashion, here are some selections you can pick out for your friends and family this Christmas

Men Techwear Accessories

Typically the easiest way to go, you cannot go wrong when getting a techwear accessory for someone. Usually available in a unisex size, accessories such as bags, gloves, or glasses can be a great gift with little worry. Many men tend to skip on accessories when styling their attire, therefore, picking out something to pull together their dark aesthetic look might be just what they need. Take a look at just some of our favorite black men accessory gift examples.

Peyan Chest Bag Hip Hop

Jisen Leather Gloves

Hibiretro Cyberpunk Rogue Cowl Hood

Men Techwear Outerwear

Though it might sound nerving at first, going with a jacket pick is another simple gift that anyone into techwear or goth ninja will love. The techwear style usually goes hand in hand with baggy yet comfortable clothing, and the same applies to outerwear. Picking one size up, way to guarantee that you won’t get something too small it will also match the gothic style many aim for. Below are some of our favorite goth ninja jacket gifts one can get.

Mokewen Cargo Cyberpunk Jacket

Aelfric Eden Windbreaker Lightweight Jacker

Aelfric Eden Jacket Trench Coat

Men Techwear Shirts

One of the go-to gift guides often select are quality graphic T-shirts. Lets face it, shirts are one of the most commonly worn garments, changing up a tee in a whole outfit, and create a completely different look. Therefore, a gifted shirt is a practical present that people will always use. Knowing the right size is not vital but might help when getting the right fit. Below are some of our favorite techwear shirts.

Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society

Techwear U. Outfits: Dystopian Future

Techwear U. Outfits: Lucky 58

Men Techwear Pants

Worn at a slightly larger and bagger look, the men techwear pants are known to are comfortable and ideal for everyday wear. When picking out some goth ninja pants for someone else, keeping in mind the baggy look is key. Here are some well-known men’s black pants that you can select from.

Aelfric Eden Jogger Pocket Pants

Niepce Urban Techwear Track Pants

Astellarie Punk Cargo Pants

Men Techwear SHoes

In every style, there is someone who loves collecting sneakers and footwear. Techwear sneakerheads are no different. Usually created with a dark aesthetic the goth ninja shoes have a futuristic twist with a dystopian design. Unfortunately, known the right size of the wearer is a must when gifting any type of shoes. If you are informed of their size, here are some popular men techwear shoes you can pick from.

New Balance FlyelCore Nergizer v1

Add Your Heading Text Here

Li-ning FW Essence Lining Shoe

Women Techwear Gifts

Being around for a long time, gifting clothing for Christmas is now something out of the ordinary. However, picking out a techwear or goth ninja look can be just what their closet needs. Here are just some of our favorite techwear gifts for this season.

Women Techwear Accessories

Unlike men, women and more prone to add a few accessories to their look. When trying to recreate a black goth ninja style, sticking with the design is key. Pick some dark shades or similar a backpack, the idea when shopping for someone’s techwear closet is to get a non-eccentric accessory piece. Going with something simple yet stylish will allow constant wear and an easy to match the garment. Let’s take a look at some popular women’s techwear accessories to get you started.

Ronsou Steampunk Vintage Glasses

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag

Whippy Double Gromment Belt

Women Techwear Outerwear

Most techwear clothing is unisex, as the dark oversized aesthetic can practically fit anyone, women techwear jackets a gift that you can go for. Usually, seen with a black and white health goth design, the techwear jacket works to add detail and layers to ones look. Take a look at some popular goth ninja jacket gifts.

Ellazhu Oversized Casual Jacket

Aelfric Eden Long Hooded Windbreaker

Adidas Originals Superstar Track

Women Techwear Shirts

Similar to men’s style, a tshirt is a practical gift that one always wears. Ideal for any weather or occasion, the women’s techwear shirts can be all black, black, and white, or dark with a pop of color for aesthetic highlight. Look at some of the best-sellers picks for women’s goth ninja shirts.

Techwear U. Outfits: Hidden Code

Vaporwave Futuristic Cropped Euphoria


Women Techwear Pants

Being one of the most bought techwear garments, you can never have enough women’s goth ninja pants. Lined with straps pockets and zippers, these dystopian futuristic pants are a bit more difficult to buy for someone else but do not let that discourage you. Knowing someone’s size is enough to get ti right pair of gift techwear pants. And if you are not sure, one size up is always to way to go. Here are some of our favorite women’s techwear garmnets.

xxxiticat Aviator Pants

Aoweer High Waisted Pants

Tripp Strap Zipper Bondage Pants

Women Techwear SHoes

Just like in the men’s section, knowing the person’s shoe size is something you cannot miss out on. When buying someone a new pair of kicks, getting the right size is what will make of break the gift. If you are ready to shoe for women’s techwear shoe gifts, take a look at some popular choices.

Baivilin Walking Tennis Shoes

Jointly Creating Non Slip Shoes

Demonia Neptune-100