Best Corsets for a Fashion Trending 2021 Closet

Believe it or not, Corset are coming back into style. Whether it is due to the popular Netflix title Bridgerton that is set in 1813 or Cristian Dior’s 1960 inspired SS21 Collection in the Couture Fashion Week, corsets have become the new tending style that no one really knows how to dress up. In this article, we are going to cover the history of corsets, types of corsets, and most importantly how to wear a corset in 2021.

The History of Corsets

Trending corset styles

With a rich history in fashion, corsets are an old-style undergarment that originated in Italy. Lined with bones or tightened with lace, the corsets were made to shape the body and create cone or hourglass body types. Though mainly worn by women by the end of the Victorian era men’s corset styles were also worn. Over the centuries, corsets were made from different materials such as wood, metal, bone, and more. Though by that time, everyone wore a corset, when the bra was invented it was seen as a more practical undergarment that quickly took over the corset market. 

Today, it is very rare to find a proper corset in one’s closet. But as fashion is always evolving, taking us back to the past is a likely pattern seen in many styles. This year there is a new way of wearing corsets has emerged into the world of high fashion and soon the streets. Worn over clothing, corsets have become more of an accessory rather than lingerie. Let us take a look at some popular 2021 corsets you can match with your attires.

Affordable Modern Corsets

Corset Belts

What is that corset belt?

It is a under bust belt that typically is placed on the waist. Helping to create a more flatting hourglass look, there are many different types of corset belt for women. Being one of the more subtle corsets of the modern-day, the fashion corset belt, is a timeless piece that makes any baggy top look great. 

How to wear a corset belt?

Worn over a shirt the corset belt helps bring focus to a skinny and feminine waist. Talking a look at this year’s fashion week inspiration, many designers style a 2021 corset belt with a loose dress shirt. Another popular choice is wearing the corset wide belt with a maxi skirt that has a long flowing look or a similar long dress. Finally, lacy tops and another alternative that many fashion influencers pick to style their corsets with. With many different styles and alternatives, Take a look at some of the best 2021 corset belts.

Hoerev Elastic Waidt Corset

Grace Karin Lace-up Cinch Tied Belt

Sayfut PVC Waist Corset

Ging off a more victorian corsetry vibe, the first black corset belt is a classic you cannot miss out on. Available in multiple colors and xs-xxxl sizes, the corset belt plus size to extra small makes its a bestseller on Amazon. Made with lace up corset detailing in the front and an easy velcro in the back, you will not need any help putting on this corset. Next, there is the light brown Grace Karin corset. Most similar to the Dior corset top seen in their new collection, this amazon corset is a leather alternative that is quite affordable. Made with a detailing lace in the front and metal press studs in the back, it is another easy-to-wear corset. Available in many different colors you can get the right pick for yourself.  Lastly, with a more sleek look, there is the Black steampunk leather corset. Made with a polished glossy finish this evening corset is a modern pick that is a highlight piece in one’s look.

Yalemi Bow Waist

Cityelf Leatherette Waistband

Chic Diary Chunky Belt

Now that we have gone over some of the more typical types of corset belts, here are a few more subtle alternatives that one can add to their look while still keeping up with fashion trends. Though wearing them with a blouse or a dress shirt is preferred, these belts are more usable for everyday casual wear. Starting off we first have the Yalemei black bow belt. Marketed as a great dress accessory this women’s waist belt is an elastic force design made to stretch into any size. Available in extra-large size making it a great plus size waist belt. Next, there is the tan leather tie waist belt. Looking great with a fall or spring attire, this faux leather belt is a cheap belt that will bring in detail to any look. Furthermore, available in over 20 different colors and styles you can get the right one for your closet. Lastly, the Chic Diary retro belt takes on a more typical waist belt look. Also made with elastic it will stretch for a more comfortable fit.

Corset Bustier Vest

A Bustier vest refers to a corset that pushed up the bust by tightening again the upper midriff. Other than a more feminine figure with a tiger waist and a higher bust, the bustier vests are an alternative to a traditional corset top with a more comfortable style. Giving off punk strap vibes, this garnet is a great piece for any streetwear or fashionable look. Here are just a few popular selections.

Jeatha Punk Bustier Crop Top Vest

Romacci Tied Lace Belt

Topmelon Renaissance Vintage Bustrier

The Jeatha Punk Crop vest is a cheap corset bustier that looks good. Simple, clean, and gets the job done, this is a corset that is definitely an easy buy. Made out of faux leather and silt with front zip, the corset looks rather punk and goth ninja at times. Next with a more classical look, there is the wide wait belt corset by Romacci. Made with loose strap lace details on the front and a zipper on the back you can wear this anywhere. Additionally, with a polyester build, it is made to last and avoid any tears. Lastly, the Topmelon gothic corset is among the best you can get for its price. Modern stylized this techwear corset is a popular choice for many. Made with a quality stretchable fabric you will always want to wear it.

Corset Tops

Being one of the most searched for corset types in the past, the corset tops are another type that has made a comeback in corset history. Though they are less comfortable than the other types of corsets, these truly create that hourglass figure many looks to recreate. Today, the corset tops can be worn as summer attire on their own or over a shirt for a chillier look. Take a look at some current top picks.

Karchungel Store Bustier Corset

Alivila Corset Bustier top

Chicastic OVerbust Corset

Giving extra support the first corset top is a faux leather cincher basque bustier. As an over the bust corset getting the right size is a key factor in a well-fitting corset. Worn in many gothic, streetwear and now high fashion look this is a modern corset of 2021. Next, we have a steel bone underbust corset style. Marketed as a Victorian bustier it has a busk closure. Additionally, as a good corset for waist training, it is a practical purchase.

Corset Crop TOps

Taking inspiration from both the underbust corset and the full corset tops, the corset crop top is a modern alternative that is a great summer and spring piece this year. Though it can be worn on its own, pairing it with a blouse, dress shirt, dress or even a simple T-shirt will give off a more finished and modern look. Here are just a few of the bestseller corset shop tops.

Kanedue Corset Vest Top

Rozegaga Neck Puff Corset

Kosusanill Corset Crop Top

Starting off with this year’s most popular corset color we have a tan brown corset vest top. Made out of polyester the corset is softer and more flexible than your typical corset shirt. Designed with a built-in support bra, it is recommended to get the right size for your cup. Additionally available in black this bustier top is a neutral addition that matches with just about anything. Next, the Rozegaga is a sleeve corset top shirt. Providing more of an evening look, the corset amazon offers is an elegant piece that is ideal for a summer night. Though this corset shirt is not similarly worn over a shirt like the others it is a great piece on its own. Lastly, the simple spaghetti strap tank top corset is a corset alternative that looks just as good. Clean, easy, and elegant the corset looks great with anything under it or even on its own.

What to Wear With A Corset

Now that we have gone over how to wear the modern corset and where you can get them from, here are just a few garments that you can begin matching your new corset accessory with.

Iymoo Mini Shirt Dress

Ecosunny Lace Floral Dress

Ranphee Flowy Maxi Skirt