Best Crochet Shirts For This Trending Summer Look

Crocheted crop tops and women’s knitted sweater are two types of apparel which combine the crochet and knitting fashion. Although these knitwear garments are becoming a trend in today’s world, there is still a lack of information about their specific characteristics, and how to make them. In this blog post, we will introduce Crocheted Crop Tops & Women’s Knitted Sweat with background information on how they were made by different cultures around the world as well as their advantages.

How to Make crochet Tops

Best Crochet Shirts

Going into how the crochet technique originated and how it became a popular fashion trend in today’s world, we will look at the past and present. Some describe that crochet was first introduced by the Spaniards in the 15th century. They started to create garments with threads of cotton, silk, and wool. However, they were not like the crocheted items that we see nowadays, but more of a kind of knitting technique. Crochet was then developed in the 18th century by peasants who were living in France. They created crocheted tops and women’s knitted sweaters from thread or wool with stocking needles. Later on, these garments were named filet crochet, and the crocheted tops then became a trend in that time.

Crocheting is now being practiced in many countries of the world with different names of Crochet Tatting, Reticella, Ndebele technique, etc. The threads used to make crochet fashion items could be made of cotton, silk, wool, and metal wires. When it comes to modern fashion trends, Crocheted garments have become popular due to the usage of colorful yarns and different types of stitches. They are also considered to be a modern streetwear go-to. Today we see many celebrities adorning this fashion trend and using crochet tops to express their beautiful personalities.

Best crochet cropped top

Crochet cropped tops are the most popular style knit tops this season. They will make you feel comfortable and look stylish. Everyone loves crochet cropped top with jeans or a skirt. It’s a versatile garment that you can wear with anything. Made with a more boho and vintage vibe, the crochet tops are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Take a look at some crop top examples below.

Meelino Crop Halter


Sweaty Rocks V Neck Top

The first crochet tank top is a cropped knit top made with a cotton blend. Stylized with a wider stitch, this top is a great summer Boho shirt. Next, with another hippy shirt style, there is the crochet summer e-girl top. Made with a strapless and backless design this irregular shirt is a great wear for this summer. Lastly, there is the crochet white top. Simple but classy, this spaghetti strap crop top is a must-have that goes with just about anything in one’s closet.

Lazybaby DIY Cami Crop

Saodimallsu Knit Top

SweatyRocks Dye Knit Top

As a great piece for a fancy dinner this summer, the first crochet top is a sexy shirt, that looks great. Stylized with a more layered look, this top is made out of a high-quality cotton blend that will never stretch out. Next, if the cropped look is not what you are after, then a fully knit shirt is a great choice. Available in a few different colors you can pick from, you can get the right top for your closet. Lastly, with a more colorful piece, there is the Sweaty rocks knit top.

Best Long Crochet Tops

On the other hand, a long sleeve knit sweaters are the most popular style for women this season. It is versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways, from casual to dressy. More fashionable, the knit sweaters are made with thin knitted fabric and easy to wear. You can either wear it alone or paired it with a top and pants. Take a look below at some sweaters for more women’s crochet top shirts..

Ferbia Crochet Poncho

Pretty Guide Eyelet Top

Theenkoln Knitted Sweater

The first women knitted sweater is an all-black crochet poncho. Ideal for a sleek black summer look, this poncho is comfortable and great wear. Next, for more of a fall or winter look, there are the crochet white knit cardigans. Designed with beautifully knit details is a great piece for a streetwear look. And lastly, with the puffy sleeve style in mind, there is an all-pink sweater that is knit.