Best Cyberpunk Goth Ninja Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate goth ninja accessory. With both a functional protective feature as well as a stylish addition to your outfit, a great pair of glasses can be an item that you can style with any daily attire. Adding a layer of detail to a techwear or goth ninja look, here are some of our favorite styled gothic glasses anyone can afford.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

This pointed edge shaped eyewear is a popular frame style from the 1950s. Typically paired with a beehive hairstyle from that era, the glasses were the perfect accessory for a complete look. Nowadays, “cat eyes” or “cat glasses” have once more become a trending style. With more of a slim and flat look, the glasses are seen more as an accessory than practical eyewear. Here are some of our favorite cat-styled sunglasses.

SOJOS Retro Vintage Cat Eye Glasses

MINCL Punk Oval Sunglasses

First on our list, is a vintage narrow cat-eye glasses. Known for its anti-glare lenses that block UVA and UVB radiation, as well as a UV 400 rated lens, these glasses are both practical and stylish. Wrapped in a thick frame, the glasses might seem a bit heavy to some but once you get uses to them, they will be your go-to accessory. Adding dark pop to a attire these are the ideal techwear sunglasses.

The second glasses, take on more of an overall shape but still fall under the category cat-eye, due to their small frame. Made with metal and plastic non-polarized lense these glasses are not the ideal garment for sun protection. But due to their unique shape and many bold colors, these are the perfect accessory for any look. With a subtle chic style, the glasses can add a touch of completeness to an outfit.

Thick Frame Round Sunglasses

A thick and solid frame is a typical feature that can turn a normal pair of sunglasses into more of a cyberpunk look. Giving off more of an edgy style, a visible frame can help give-off a gothic and even streetwear look. On the other hand, round glasses style dates back to the first-ever invented eyeglasses in about 1290. Being a popular frame style that has been seen over decades, everyone should have at least one pair of rounded sunglasses to accessorize with. Here are some you should consider when shopping for goth ninja fashion.

Joopin Polarized Round Sunglasses

Merry's Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses


Thick frame glasses are usually heavy accessories that might feel heavy on one’s face. But these Joppin glasses are an exception you might want to get. Made with a flexible metal frame and think lenses, the sunglasses are a lightweight alternative to thick heavy glasses. If you want to add a touch of goth ninja to a simple all-black outfit then we suggest these.

Available in many different colors these red lens rounded glasses are one of our favorite additions to a techwear look. Giving off a high-end look at an affordable price, these glasses are truly a great purchase that you should not miss out on. Made out of an alloy and titanium frame and polarized lenses, the glasses are might be a bit on the heavy side, but make up for it in quality that will last you years.

Thin Frame Round Sunglasses

Similar to the glasses style above, the thin frames rounded sunglasses are more of a modern take on the previous look. Due to its lightweight and thin metallic outline, these glasses are ones that can go with any look. Inspired by the famous singer and songwriter, John Lennon, they are a frame that never goes out of style. Here are some of our picks:

NIEEPA John Lennon Round Polarized Glasses

WearMe Pro Retro Vintage Sunglasses

These Nieepa sun glasses on our list are affordable design eyewear that doubles as a proactive garment and an accessory. Made with a multi-layered lens, the glasses are polarized to prevent any glare. Other then the chich hippie look, the metal frame, and a photochromatic lens make the glasses lightweight and effective. If you are looking for cheap sunglasses that can help you pull off an accessorized goth ninja look, then this is you pick.

Similar to the other pick, these glasses are one of our favorite affordable rounded glasses. Made by a family-owned brand, these retro sunglasses are a great pick that can complete your attire. Advertised as an ideal pair of sunglasses they have a sturdy metal frame, flexible hinges, as well as scratch-resistant and polycarbonate lenses. Available in all black, silver, gold, or mixed, you can not pick the perfect color combination for your skin tone.

Retro Frame Sunglasses

Lastly on our list is a sunglasses style that is the best pick, when it comes to going all out on your goth ninja look. Unlike the subtle addition such as the rounder thin frame glasses, or the touch of detail with the cat-eye look, these glasses are bold and eye-catching pieces that can elevate a gothic look. Take a look at some of our favorite, amazon available, picks.

Dollger Steampunk Sunglasses

WearMe Pro Vintage Clip-On Lens Glasses



The Dollger sunglasses are an affordable metal frame accessory that will style your look. Aimed at looking great as well as keeping your eyes protected, the glasses are a great frame for a gothic look. Styled with a rounded thick look and a side accessory, they are a fashionable pick you will not regret.


With another pair by WearMe Pro, these glasses are ones you should not miss out on. Made with the trending clip-on lens style, these sunglasses are sold as frames and lens versions. Buying a dark black frame, and multiple colorful lenses, you will always have a fresh new pair of sunglasses to go with any attire. Furthermore, with UVA and UVB protection the eyewear is a great protective accessory.