Best Dark Techwear Puma Clothes

Taking the role as one of the top athletic wear brands in the world, Puma has made a name for themselves, in both sportswear and casual wear clothing. With new lines always emerging, having a garment or two from the brand is now a common fact about almost anyone’s closet. In this article we are going to go over what makes Puma so popular, and some of the best picks form dark techwear Puma clothing you can find.

HIstory of PUma

Best puma shoes

Puma is a German-based brand that has one of the most interesting histories in all of sportswear. Bring us back to 1919, two brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Within a few years, the Dassler shoes spiked a popular streak during the Olympic Summer Games in Amsterdam in 1928. But after working for 28 years, the company fell apart as the two brothers decided to split in 1948. To many’s surprise, their disagreements worked out for the better, as they each went their own way to form two separate companies that have both become the leading brands in today’s activewear style, Adidas and Puma.

Both bases in their home town Herzogenaurach, Germany, Adolf “Adi” Dassler formed Adidas, whereas Rudolf Dassler created Puma. Despite both starting from scratch, their success in the shoe market was a hit. 

Focusing on Puma, Rudolf took sport and football, as his main focus on sales. Launching product such as Puma Atom and Puma’s Super Atom, the brand became a leading name in the football scene. As players from Germany, Brazil and many other places began winning word cup’s wile wearing Pumas everyone soon wanted a pair. Soon seen in other sports such as track, Olympic Sport, Tennis and more, Puma shoes quickly became a norm between athletes. 

Going into the two-thousand’s the German based brand, Puma, began focusing on streetwear fashion and expanding its market for everyday wear. Tough they still kept their elite status in sports, Puma began releasing collections that would make their way into the world of fashion. Today, everyone into profession sports or not known the brand, becoming a must have brand garnet in everyone’s daily closet, the Puma is all about mixing style with comfort.

Best Techwear Puma Clothes

When it comes to a dark aesthetic techwear style, Puma has it all. Taking on both comfort and style, the brand has a large collection of black clothing that you can style to create a great avent-guard attire. With a always changing line, here are some of the current popular mens puma and womens puma clothing that give off a techwear look.

Puma SHoes

Now that you know that Puma’s origin is based around shoes, you will not be surprised by the quality of their footwear. Ideal for a sleek everyday look, Puma sneakers are usually, no bulky, stylish and are marked with a puma logo. Being the perfect hoes that you can style with anything and wear on the daily, here are some of the top picks right now.

Puma Selena Gomez Defy Mid

Puma Provoke Xt Cross Trainer

Puma Enzo Sneaker

Starting off with a high ankle sneaker, these top kicks are among the best seller Puma shoes at the moment. Created as a product between Puma and Selena Gomez, the Defy Mid sneakers are designed with feminine power in mind. With a fully knitted upper and a thick rubber sole, they take on a trending modern slip-on look that many appeal to. As a lightweight run-train sneaker, these women puma shoes are a great match with a black look. Next, with a more futuristic look there are the Provoke XT Cross trainers. Available for both men and women these shoes come with a dystopian style with black, gold and gray detailed features. Furthermore available in many different colors, this is definitely a shoe worth checking out. Lastly, we have picked out the Puma Enzo sneaker. If a clean black shoe that will go with anything is what you are after then these are the shoes for you. Created with 100 percent quality fabric and a rubber sole, the shoes are a supportive mid-top trainer that is all about comfort.

Puma Shirts

Over the last years in fashion, athletic clothing brands have transformed their sportswear style into a streetwear norm rather then just clothing for active wear, and their shirts are no exception. Now creating quality designed tops that look great with just a simple pair of denim jeans, almost everyone has a pair of sport brand shirts that they wear with daily clothing. Let’s take a look at some great examples of the best puma shirts.

Puma bmw tee motorsport

Puma Esport C9 Tape Tee
Puma Classic T7 Long Sleeve

Representing three different collections, lets start-of with the first Puma tee. Seen in their motorsports line, this BMW “sponsored” shirt is a cool black shirt that can elevate any simple look. Made out of 100 percent cotton, this Puma mens garment is a quality product that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Labeled with a BMW propeller badge on the front and a Puma logo on the sleeve, the shirt is styled yet simplistic. Next, as part of their Cloud9 e-sports sponsorship, Puma’s Tape tee is a classical top that you can wear even if you are not a fan of any team. Despite being C9 merchandise, this shirt has a great design and fit which makes it the ideal everyday addition. Lined with a subtle C9 logo on the chest and a black and white stiped design along the shoulders, anyone will look great in this. Lastly, from Pumas women collection, we picked out a classical t& long sleeve shirt. Other then the practical factors of a long sleeves tee, this shirt is all about design. With a cropped top puma cut, a puma logo on the from and a white stope along each shoulder, the shirt is a modern look that can pair anything.

Puma Outerwear

Any well packed streetwear/ techwear closet have a few great Puma outerwear clothes that they can wear with their casual clothing. Focusing more on light jackets, and techwear windbreakers, the Puma outerwear collection is a ideal fall, spring or warm winter purchase. Typical plastered in style with the Puma logo and name, here are some popular Puma jackets for the season.

Puma Italy Jacket


Puma Woven Zip Jacket

Puma French Terry Jacket

Starting form the last first, we can see Pumas take on an amplified French Terry coat. Taking on a health goth black and white style, this full zip jacket has a Puma wordmark lined on the sleeves and the chest. Created out of 68 % cotton and 32% polyester the fabric is not only breathable, but also stretchable creating the perfect outerwear combination. Furthermore, available in a few different colors you can pick the perfect style of you. Despite not being able to fit a sweat underneath this can be the ideal coat to slip on when a chilly breeze comes by. Next, there is the Puma Woven Training jacket. Tough its name might not suggest, this coat is actually make out of 100% Polyester. This synthetic materials allows for a comfortable windbreaker that is can stretch, allow your body to breathe, and maintain your body temperature. Created for extreme exercise, the top coat is a a sleek addition to a sporty everyday look. Lastly, there is the Puma Italy Jacket. As another thin yet effective jacket, this 100 percent polyester coat is a great techwear raincoat for the fall. Other then it simple black look, the coat is lined the strategically placed 3M reflective material that will give you a futuristic and safe look during the night time.

Puma Pants

Sports wear pants or joggers, as many now call them, are another clothing that has made its way into the everyday streetwear look. With both style and extreme comfort who can blame anyone for wanting to always wear them. Puma’s pants collection is no different. Steering away from rough fabric such as denim, the brand has focus on creating mens techwear pants and womens sports pants that are a cotton based paradise when it comes to a blend between style and comfort. Take a look as some of the best Puma pants bellow.

Puma Mercedes MAPM T7 Pants
PUMA XTg Leggings


Puma Iconic Fleece Track Pants

Going over the Mercedes pants first, we can see another Puma product that is part of their licensed motorsport collection. Maid out of a mix between cartoon and polyester, these quality techwear pants are a great match with the Puma BMW shirt. Strapped with a gray knee articulation representing the T7 stripe, makes them a detailed feature in any black look. Next, from the women’s puma collection there are the Xtg Leggings. Created out of fully synthetic polyester and elastine, these tight fit pants are all about the stretch. Comfortable, supportive and easy to match, everyone woman should have at least a few good leggings in store. Lastly, for more of a warm winter look, there is the Puma Iconic fleece pants. With a great yet simple design these black and white all cotton tech pants are the ideal everyday wear. Perfect for recreating any casual look, we suggest you get a few of these quality garments.

Puma Accessories

Despite not being the typical accessories that may come to mind, Puma is all about a great sports backpack. Focusing more on practical accessories such as hats, caps and bags, Puma is still a great place to find a touch of detail for ones look. Here are some of the best Puma accessories for a casual outfit.

Puma Unisex Dash Hip Sack

Puma One Size Backpack

Puma Uniform Waist Pack

As the backpack era is behind most of us, waist packs or chest bags have become a modern alternative that one can style with any look. Taking a peak at Puma’s unisex hip sack, we can see a compact black bag that anyone can wear. Lined with a small rainbow detail, the clean bag can match with almost anything. Furthermore is 100% polyester lining and outer, makes it a durable choice for your closet. Despite being rather large as an accessory, nothing can win a great backpack when it comes to practical accessories. Looking over to Puma’s One size black bag, we can see a product full of zippers, compartments and space to carry all of your belongings. Lastly, the Puma Uniform waist pack is a highlight feature that you can add to an all black look. With a bold highlighter yellow detail this bag will stand out as a great accessory. If you are looking for something subtly yet eye catching, this is the bag for you.