Best Fishnet Shopper bags and Tote Bags

The fishnet look is one that many people have fallen in love with. In fact, it’s become so popular with fashionistas that it has spawned to other areas of the industry, including what some are calling “the best-selling accessory of all time: the fishnet tote bag”. There is no debate as to whether or not the mesh grocery bag made out of a fishnet style is popular anymore. It’s found in almost every starlet’s purse, and on the shelves of retail stores across the world. The question now is, “Why?” Why has this bag become so popular? Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Victoria Beckham has one, and there are so many different styles that choosing just one can be tricky.

The Fishnet Pattern in Fashion

Top Fishnet Tote Bags

Before diving into the most sold net bag styles online, let’s take a look at how fishnet is used in fashion. In the late 70s, fishnet was adopted by punk rockers and used to make their iconic leather bondage pants. At this point, fishnet was associated with punk culture and wasn’t mainstream at all. However, in the late 90s fishnet was reintroduced to mainstream fashion by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell who wore a beige see-through peplum jumper that showed off her bra through the mesh-like material. Since then the fishnet patterns have been seen in many different forms and styles. Taking us back to the classics, today, netted bags have become a popular selection for an everyday look.

Classical Fishnet Tote Bag

The classical netting bag is a great shopping bag that is both unisex and causal. Made in the style of a women’s tote bag and mens tote bags, these small tote bags are a must-have in today’s eco-friendly shopping preferences. Other than its reusability and practicality, this fashion accessory is one that you’ll want in your closet just because it looks so great. The classic netting bag is usually beige and fairly neutral in color, but you can also find cool patterns and colorful shopper bags. Take a look below at some popular options.

Ahyuan Ecology Rsuable Bags

Reusable Net Tote Cotton Bag

JM Portable Fruit Bags

Marketed as an eco-friendly bag, the first 3 bag pack is a cotton mech grocery bag. Sold at an affordable price, and a quality procut makes this an Amazon’s Choice product. Next, with another Amazon Bestseller pick is the blue and beige zero waste bag. Made out of strong cotton you do not need to worry about the bag stretching out. Lastly, in a pack of four shopper bags, there is a colorful alternative. If you prefer to add some color to your look, then these bags are for you.

Woven Tote Bag

Though these next bags are not your typical cotton tote bag, they are the designed tote bags with a more straw exterior. Made with a crochet mesh bag design, the woven bags are an alternative for a more everyday look. Made in various colors, these bags are flattering for anyone as they are versatile and add to your everyday look. The must-have tote bag not only is a great reusable bag but is also a stylish accessory that can be used in many different ways.

NIBD Tote Fishnet Bag

Hixixi Beach Bag

Adela Straw Beach Bag

The first woven tote bag has a thick base and a thinner top. The bag is designed as the ideal beach bag made with eco bag materials. Furthermore, the double over strap makes the bag easy to carry even when overloaded. Next, there is the cotton rope beach bag by Hixixi. Created with cotton roped this khaki bag is ideal for any warm season. Also available in a few different colors you can get the right pick for you. Lastly, with a more designed tote bag style, there is the woven straw bag by Adela Boutique. Made with a high material this is a must-have addition this summer.