Best Glamrock Fashion Design Looks

Glam rock fashion is a type of youth-oriented fashion that emerged from the late 1960s on, and it began to be prominent a decade later. This genre of music is heavily inspired by rockabilly and old Hollywood glamour and its spirit preaches sexual liberation. Glamrock fashion was pioneered by David Bowie’s band, who introduced elements from everyday life into their outfits as well as a certain disregard for basic clothing rules. In this article, we will discuss the glam rock look and how it became popular.

What is Glamrock Fashion?

Glam rock is a subgenre in music that came about during the 1970s. This genre emerged from psychedelic rock, and it was heavily influenced by other genres such as soul, funk, and disco. Its roots can be traced back to Bowie who was known for his outrageous style of fashion and his space-age stage shows. The characteristic style of glam rock is a flashy mix-match of colors and patterns. These outfits are inspired by space-age looks as well as old Hollywood glamor, and they often include outrageous hairstyles. The music of glam rock was aimed at the fans of psychedelic rock and it also appealed to others who were interested in space-age fashion and the subculture surrounding 1960s punk. The genre became popular throughout Europe and later in the United States. Today, the glam rock style of fashion is still popular, and a lot of modern musicians who are influenced by Bowie’s work continue to use elements of it in their outfits.

Seen as an addition to an everyday look, adding a bit of glam rock into the mix is a way to express your personality and show who you are. Glamrock fashion has always been about mixing patterns and colors, there are no limits in this. Use your imagination and anything can be glam rock. Wear a leather jacket over a girly dress, or a skirt over pants for example. You can also add some edge to your outfit by wearing chokers or an armband as part of it.

Glam Rock Jackets

When it comes to glam rock, jackets are a great way to transform a simple look into a glam rock style. Classic or vintage leather jackets, floral embroidered jackets, pin-ups, flapper-style jackets, suede jackets, etc. will all work well. If you have not figured it out by now, wearing a jacket that is eye-catching is what the glam rock look is all about. Take a look at some glam rock jackets below.

Lrady Velvet Blazer

S13 Kylie Puffer

Ieyay Fauz Fur Vintage Coat

The first glam rock outerwear is a velvet blazer jacket. Designed with an oversized slim fit, this casual jacket is great to wear for any location. Made in a few different colors you can get the right pick for you. Furthermore, the velvet texture and the elongated long sleeves will make you feel like a rock star. Next, is a more eye-creating piece, there is the reflective puffer jacket. It is sleek, slim-fitting, and has reflective material to off a cool look. Made with 100% polyester, you will keep warm and look good at the same time with this jacket. Lastly, with more of an accessory look, there is the shaggy jacket cardigan. Made with faux fur, this feathery-looking jacket is a great glam rock piece.

Glam Rock Shirts

Similar to jackets, glam rock shirts are another feature piece in a look. But unlike most styles, the fashion style, glam rock does not rely on graphic shirts to create a statement piece, but more of a unique material look. For example a mesh tee, silk top, or even a velvet shirt. Arguably the best way to create a glam rock effect is to wear a shirt with some kind of texture that works in unison with your other glam rock pieces. Below are some popular examples.

Sheln Metallic Top

Lotuyacy Mesh Tee

Miqiwwr Silk Tank Top

The first shirt is a shiny tee top. It is made with 100% polyester and has the stitching of a crop top, making it feminine and edgy. With more of a rocker-inspired edge, this shirt can be styled with just about anything. Next, for the more daring, there is a see-through mesh top. Typically worn with a bralette or a corset underneath it is daring, but also very flattering. However, if you are hesitant to wear this top, you can pair it up with a fun leather jacket or some accessories to make it look less risqué. Lastly, we have a more elegant but still glam rock silk top. Bring attention to your look with its silky look, this tank top is a must-have for a glam rock summer outfit.

Glam Rock Pants

When it comes to pants, think retro. Anything from leggings and prints to flared jeans, minis, and different styles of chinos will all work. Coming back in style with a more vintage and retro vibe, the glam rock pants are a must-have for any fashionista. Other than the style, picking out a comfortable pair of pants is a must, when creating any fashion look. Take a look below at some of the most popular glam rock pants.

Sidefeel Flare Jeans

ZFCGEE Flare Leggings

Sweetkie Boho Flare Taupe Pants

Look at all three pants below you might notice the flared theme, as a popular glam rock style, the flared look is making a comeback this year. Differentiating in textures, you can pick out some dark flared jeans, reflective jeans, or even leopard print pants. Despite what you pick the flared detail will make it a fashionable choice for this year.

Glam Rock Accessories

The biggest feature in glam rock style is an edge. It is the roughness, the danger, and sexual appeal that create a wild look and astonishing beauty at the same time. Adding some edge to your glam rock look can make it even more appealing and become the center of attention. With that being said, adding an edge to your look is a lot easier than you might think when it comes to accessories. Anything from chokers, colored bracelets, statement belts, necklaces, and studs will all work. Look below for some bestseller examples.

Eigso Leather Spike Wristband

Lilie & White Triangle Earrings

Swarovski Bracelet