Best Goth Ninja Scarfs and Hats

Accessorizing with hats and scarves is a great way to keep your attire detailed yet useful. As one of the most popular additions to one’s look, these accessories can be worn all year round. In this article, we are going to go over the different types of goth ninja hats and scarfs and their best-seller picks.


Best Goth Ninja Hats

Arriving way back from Egypt, hats have been around as one of the most practical accessories one can add to their look. Despite the style that you are going for, adding a hat to your look is a way to bring in detail to practically anything. commonly worn to keep your head cool and protected from the sun in the summer, and warm and away from the breeze in the winter, a hat is an all-season round addition that everyone must-have. Take a look at different types of techwear hats and some popular examples.

Classical Beanie Hat

With the word “bean” being the slang for the head, the beanie hat was casual outerwear that originated in the 1900’s. Always having a mellow look to it, the beanie hat was first worn by college students, as a practical way of keeping warm and looking fashionable. Since then the hat has become worldwide wear that is typically worn every winter. Below are just a few of to seller techwear beanie hat examples you can add to a goth ninja attire.

Champion Winter Beanie

Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

Under Armour Around Town Pom Beanie

Beret Hat

Originating for France, the beret is an ideal fall and sprint accessory. With a rich history behind it, the beret started off as a poor man’s accessory, took on a political stand, became a fashion statement for women, and later a wartime attire. Today the beret is worn on all occasions. As a fancy top hat that can style up a simple outfit or complement an elegant look, Here are some goth ninja beret hats you can wear.

Kingseven Leatehr French Beret

Skeleteen Black French style Beret

Kangol Tropic 507 Ventair

Bucket Hat

Taking the sport of the most popular accessory to any streetwear look today, everyone has to have at least one bucket hat in their closet. First worn as a fisherman hat, these funky looking accessories protect from the sun while looking great with anything casual. If you are one that enjoyed mixing techwear and goth ninja with streetwear then this is the hat for you. Take a look at some popular techwear bucket hat examples you can pick from.

The Hat Depot 300N Bucket Hat

Muryobao Black Vintage Bucket Hat

Adidas Victory III Bucket Hat

Baseball hat

Also called the Dad hat, the baseball hat is a classical all-season look that practically anyone can pull off. Designed to protect your face from the sun, the black baseball hat is a stylish pick that goes with just about anything for every day. Easy to help hide a bad hair day, take a look at some must-have dark baseball hats you can add to your techwearl hat collection.

KBETHOS Vintage Distressed Dad Hat

Champion Ameritage Dad Cap

Adidas Saturday Cap

Best Goth Ninja Scarfs

You might be surprised to learn that just like the hat, the scarf dates back to historic Egypt. First seen on Queen Nefertiti in 350 BC, the scarf back then was a finely woven style headdress. Since then the scarf is a popular winter addition to one’s looks that keep you warm in any extreme weather. But techwear scarves are also a demanding summer accessory. Going into a desert or warm land, you can often see travellers and locals wrapped in headscarves. Working to keep them cool and protected from the sun, scarves are also a great summer accessory. Let’s take a look at some different types of scarfs and their best seller choices.

Cowl Scarf

Originating from the Italian word “cuculla”, a cowl literally means a draped medieval neckline. Today, round infinity draped scarf takes on the term cowl. As the ideal extreme weather addition to one’s look, the work to keep you warm. Also working as a neck Gaither, the cowl can be worn as a face mask as well. Here are some popular picks you can go with, when picking out a techwear cowl.

Tough Headwear Winter Neck Warmer

Chalier Infinity Winter Scarf

Double Couple Knit Scarf

Winter Scarfs

Winter scarfs are more about keeping you warm than looking great, but why not have the best of both worlds. Usually made out of insinuating materials such as wool or cashmere, a winter scarf is made for any cold weather. Below are some popular winter techwear scarf addition you can bring into your goth ninja winter look.

VBG VBIGER Knitted Scarf

OHAYOMI Cashmere formal Winter Scarf

Oldelf Tactical Balaclava Mask

Summer Scarfs

Summer is a season that scarves should be worn. As an unusual but practical summer accessory, the summer scarfs are typically made out of light and transparent materials, such as cotton, polyester, tulle, and more. Working as a great accessory to one’s look, here are some best-seller techwear summer scarfs you can get.

Iristide Summer Scarf

Alrina Skinny Scarf

Jeelow Cotton Shawl Wrap