Best Goth Women’s Lace Thigh High Boots

The best goth women’s lace thigh-high boots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Boots up to your knee that lace up are perfect for a feature piece or any occasion. If you’re looking for something edgier, the lace-up boots or even your typical knee-high shoes are a great choice. Online stores such as Amazon carry a wide variety of knee-high boots for every style. In this article, we’ll cover a list of the best goth women’s lace thigh-high boots.

History of Thigh High Boots

Best Lace thigh High Boots

Thigh-high boots started out as cowboy boots. The first knee-high boots were hard-soled and worn by workers that had to stand on their feet all day. The leather just fell down to your knees and the men wore them day in and day out. Around 1850, the industrial revolution was underway and inventors were working on safety footwear. So, Ben Franklin designed a hard-soled boot for building sites that had metal plates in the sole so workers didn’t slip on wet surfaces. Once the hard-soled boots became popular, designers started adding additional features to make them more comfortable and fashionable. The cowboy boot was then designed with a lower heel and no lacing system. The first lace-up boots hit the market in 1835 and were worn by English soldiers in the Crimean War. They were still made from leather but had a zipper running up miles of laces on each boot. Shifting into modern fashion, the lace-up boots got their name from the method used to tie the boot laces. You needed to use a special tool that has a loop that you’d pull the laces through, making them easy to quickly put on. Today, the lace-up or thigh-high boots are less commonly seen as everyday footwear but are still a popular choice for different styles such as goth, punk, or even goth ninja fashion.

Lace-Up Combat Boots

Starting with the lace-up combat boots, they have a low platform that makes them easier to walk in. They’re very comfortable and are usually made from leather, although there are a few that use synthetic materials. The combat boots also have a small chunky heel that can be made from metal, rubber, or plastic. The combat boots are the most versatile type of goth women’s lace thigh-high boots and can be dressed up or down. These boots are also referred to as platform gothic boots or even platform boots Demonia. Typically worn during colder weather, they’re definitely a staple in any goth girl’s wardrobe. Take a look at some examples below for the best gothic boots on Amazon.

LISHAN Round Lace Up Goth Boots

Essex Glam Punk Boots

Dream Pairs Pu Knee Boots

Lace-Up Sillito Heels

Thigh High boots are a newer style of boots that almost always lace-up from the top and down all the way to the ankle. Since they have a higher heel, they do not have a platform for the heel so they’re often taller than those with platforms. Lace-up Sillito boots are quite a bit taller than knee-high boots, making them ideal for a dramatic goth look. They can have either a flat, chunky, or stiletto heel. Typically laced-up from the from look at some bestseller examples below.

Chase & Chloe Lace up Heel

Breckelle Faux Lace Heel

Richealnana Knee Lace Heels

Transparent Lace-Up Sillito Heels

If you are looking for a shoe with a bit more detail, then the transparent fishnet heels are for you. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can have straps or laces up the back. Typically seen as the most eye-catching addition to one look, these shoes are worn with a lot of flair. They’re also a great accessory when paired with dark tights or pants. When you want to show off your goth style as much as possible, these shoes are the way to go. Amazon carries a lot of knee-high boots, but there are certain styles and brands that stand out as the best Gothic boot options. If you’re looking for a pair of goth boots with fishnet, then below is a great list.

Cape Robin Dress Boots

Cape Robin Laser Shoe

Lishan Peep High Heels

Goth Platfrom Boots

Lastly for the ultimate gothic look, the goth platform boots are the way to go. Made with a thick and high platform they have a chunky shoe style that’s edgy and stand out. Typically made from leather, these boots are the more classic goth boots that have a front lace style. They’re great for a dramatic look that’s perfect for any style of goth, while also being quite comfortable. With a platform this thick, they also come with a lot of cushions which makes them one of the most comfortable boot styles to wear. Click below to see some of the best platform gothic boots on Amazon.

Cellpho Wedge Platfrom Boots

Cellpho Mid Calf Combat Boots

Nonbrand Platform boots