Best Grunge Footwear Stomper Boots

Are you ready to be the next grunge fashion trendsetter? It’s easy with our top grunge footwear recommendations. This list is for those of you who are looking for the perfect grunger boots or shoes to wear this year. These shoes go perfectly with any all-over-thick layers and flowy dresses, though they’re not just limited to this look. They’re perfect for almost any punk-inspired look! If you’re looking to learn more about the history of grunge fashion, its origin, and how it ties together with these shoes, read further below.

History of Stomper Boot

The history of stompers is a long one. The first creation of stomper boots can be traced back to the early 1990s. The stomper boot was the product of an Australian culture that loved rock music and wanted to make shoes that were alternative to typical footwear. If you wanted to look like the grunge rockers of the time, these were the boots for you! Stomper boots had a very unique look, and they used a special type of rubber sole that was meant to resemble a regular sneaker sole. They featured laces on top for extra style and were best worn with jeans or shorts. Today, the grunge style has adapted the stomper boots into a variety of different types and styles that are more fashionable.

Why Stompers Are Great for Grunge Fashion?

Grunge fashion is a look that has fluctuated through the years, but it’s always had its foundation in music and rock n roll. Grunge fashion is based on old-school rock style, and at the same time, it’s rebellious and anti-authority. To achieve this grunge style, you have to wear layers of clothing with leather jackets over flowy shirts. Stomper boots fit perfectly into this look because they are classic rock boots. They are the shoes that Kurt Cobain wore, and thus, they have become a symbol of grunge fashion. They’re perfect for going with your favorite jean jackets or leather bomber jackets, and if you want to wear them for everyday wear, they’re great for that too! If you want to know more about why stomper boots go so great with grunge fashion, read below for more.

Online Shopping for Stomper Boots

Shopping online is the best way to learn about stomper boots and the grunge fashion trend in general. The Internet has tons of information about these shoes and how they are supposed to be worn. It’s the best place to turn for all your shopping needs is Amazon. When shopping for your size and style, all you have to do is search for stomper boots on Amazon. In no time at all, your item will arrive on your doorstep in a well-packed box. You’ll have no problem finding whatever type of stomper boots you’re looking for online.

High Wedge Stomper Boots

When it comes to high wedge stomper boots, there are tons of options. Often seen in styles such as western or cowboy boots, the high wedge stomper boot is made to look like a cowboy boot but with a little more height. On the other hand, adapted into a more dark aesthetic look, the high wedge boots have also become a staple goth ninja and techwear shoes. Once you’ve found the right stomper boots, you can order them online in whatever size and color you like.

Celnepho Wedge Platform

Yiya Mid Calf Combat Boots

Celnepho High Platform Shoes

Short Stomper Boots

Stompers are great for everyday wear because they’re functional and durable pieces of clothing that will never go out of style. They’re like the work boots of rock footwear; they’re made to be taken on a journey and to adventure in. The best part about these shoes is that once you find a style that fits your personality, it’s easy to build around them. The more traditional of stomper shorts is the shortest boots also known as combat boots. They were originally designed for military use and have made their way into high fashion. Today, combat boots are a very popular form of stomper footwear for the gothic subculture because they’re very hardy and durable.

Dr. Martens Leona Boots

Steve Madden Betty Combat Boot

Lugz Dutch Chukka Boot

Chelsea Stomper Boots

Stompers that are more streetwear-inspired have become a hot topic in the past few years. With designs and styles reminiscent of sock shoes or platform shoes, stomper boots are now worn throughout all walks of life. The final style of stomper boots popular in the grunge look are the Chelsea boots. These boots are essentially the same style as classic Doc Martens but instead of laces, they use zippers. The Chelsea boot is also the only stomper boot that is more popular in countries all over the world.

Dr. Martens 2976 Boots

Dirty Laundry Margo Ankle Boots

Puma Fenty Boots