Best Hip Hop Black Harem Pants

Just because you’re on the hunt for ninja fashion doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style or comfort. With the rise of cargo harem pants or hip-hop cargo harem pants, as they’re sometimes called, both of these are now a possibility. Clothes-wise, they’ve taken over with both men’s and women’s designs in the techwear industry. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to find the best hip-hop cargo harem pants for your goth ninja closet, what makes them different from regular harem pants, and why you should consider buying a pair.

What are Cargo Harem Pants ?

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But what exactly are they? Well, cargo pants are the standard pants that were originally worn by soldiers in the military. However, over time, these pants and their designs and variations have changed to be less functional and more stylish. Today, the hip-hop cargo pants style takes a more practical approach with a sleek goth ninja dark aesthetic. Typically layered with pockets, buckles, and straps, these cargo pants serve as an extra layer of style that you’ll love to show off this year.

When it comes to hip-hop cargo pants, they can be found in a variety of colors and designs. The most popular color is black, but you can find many other variations such as gray and other dark hues. Additionally, these pants often feature solid colored designs which are darker in nature. Recently become very popular in the fashion industry, they are being adopted by mainstream fashion designers and seen in many online stores

Shopping Online For Techwear

When shopping for a niche style such as techwear and goth ninja fashion, you’ll find that there is a more limited line of clothing available. Therefore, most techwear women pants and techwear men pants are unisex. With that in mind, it will be important for you to make sure that your hip-hop cargo pants do not have an overly baggy look. The concept of hip-hop cargo pants is that they should be fitted at the bottom with a snug leg design and a boxy upper. For a perfect choice, make sure you select the right size for you.

Trending Men and Women Techwear Pants

NONE BRand Loose hip-Hop Trousers

Forwelly CARGO hArem Pants


Starting things off we first have a ladies version of Hip-Hop Cargo Pant. This is a great option for women looking for a pair of comfortable and stylish cargo pants that don’t cost a lot. Designed with an all black and simple look, they can be worn for day-to-night use. Next up we have another Hip-Hop Cargo Pan to consider. This is another great pair of pants that work well with your goth ninja style. But like the last pair, they are packed with many different pockets and zippers. Lastly, we have one of the most popular black women techwear pants by the Aoweer brand. Designed with a variety of pockets, zippers, and buckles these are perfect for those that want to show off a bit with their fashion. Furthermore, a tick buckle belt adds a little extra style to these pants.

Fanteecy Loose Pants

Arlita Detachable Cargo Pants

Runcati Baggy Joggers

Next up, we have another pair of loose women goth ninja pants. This is another great option for the ladies that want to style up a goth ninja closet. With a simple black color and a few stepped-up zippers, these pants will help you look your most stylish. Another pair of goth ninja cargo pants make for a great choice too. The next pants are a more stylized design, as they cme with a cropped and detachable shorts. Made with an eye for detail, these pants are perfect for those that want summer and fall attire in one. Lastly, if comfort is what you are after, the next pants are ideal. Made with a super soft and stylish fabric, these pants are versatile, comfortable, and absolutely great for your goth ninja style. Overall, these pants are some of the best you’ll find on the market today. The quality is there and with their simplistic design you can easily match them up with other styles.

XYXIONGMAO Jogger Sweatpants

MokeWen Techwear Cargo

Astellarie Punk Cargo Pants

Last on our list, but one of the most popular techwear pants are men goth ninja pants that can also be worn by women. The first pair is made with a super sleek design, they are one of the more stylish options out there. They come with a variety of pockets as well as a great zippered design. Not only that, but they also come in different sizes and designs to meet your needs. For those that want a fashion-forward look, this is an ideal goth ninja pant style. Next, with another all-staps design, we take a look at another pair of men goth ninja pants. If you are going for a more sporty look, these are the pants you want to pick up. These mesh-like pants are perfect for your everyday needs. Lastly, with more of a health goth look, we look at the last pair of goth ninja pants we saw. These pants are one of the more well-known options out there as they come in black and white style.