Best Light Academia Fashion Outfits For This Fall

The idea of the Fall Collection is to take the most popular pieces and make it lighter, brighter, fresher. Considered classics, Light academia fashion has a more sophisticated and modern approach to an outfit for school and is now worn as a staple fashion for the fall. The more casual items are deliberately paired with separates to create an all-over look. In this article, we feature the most popular and stylish pieces for this season.

What is Light Academia Fahsion?

Best Light academia fashion

Academia fashion is trending these days with the revamp of the TV show Gossip Girl. It is an edgy fashion for high school, college students, and everyone. Light academia fashion is not to be confused with Dark Academia Fashion because light academia outfits often have a more casual style about them than the traditional formal wear that is commonly associated with Dark Academia fashion. Typically, the outfits are formal and composed of casual items.

Light Academia fashion outfits are typically more comfortable and perhaps the most commonly worn attire in today’s modern world. As Gossip Girl showed, this style of fashion has made garments such as vests, blazers, and boots very popular. The clothing is subtle enough to be worn for most occasions as well as formal events.

Fall outfits can be a bit tricky. You need to choose items that are not only fashionable but also functional and appropriate for the season. In this article, we show you how to piece together an outfit for fall that takes the Light academia style to the next level.

Light Academia Jackets

The most popular pieces for this season are the ones that can be worn all fall long. The best thing about Light Academia fashion is that it is versatile and these items will look great when you wear them with different pieces in your closet. The Jacket is the number one piece of clothing you want to make sure you invest in. Keeping you warm while adding a layered detail in your look, jackets are key. A great light academia jacket is typically long and light. Often seen in a beige, brown, or even pleaded texture, the long jackets usually go down to the upper thigh area. Take a look below at some popular academia jacket examples.

French Connection Shealing Coat

Tanming Breasted Pea Coat

Anuxo Trench Coat

Light Academia Vests

As one of the trending fall garments, we have the vest. Made popular this season, the vest is a great casual layer for your wardrobe. Vests can go with almost any outfit and can pull together many different outfits giving you the versatility of a blazer. Keep in mind that vests can be made from multiple fabrics such as suede, cashmere, and wool. In the academic fashion adding a below or textured vest over a white blouse can add a more sophisticated edge to your outfit. Take a look below for some examples of light academia vest appearance and texture.

Sdenci Houndstooth Vest

Hotapei Knit Vest Khaki

MakemeChic Cable Knit V Vest

Light Academia Shirts

A great piece to add to the wardrobe for the fall is a sweater, polo, or long sleeves. Typically made from a light fabric, the light academia shirt will help you stay warm and comfy this season. The most popular style of Light academia shirt is a collar. Make sure that you look for a collar that is not too high or too low. This is an easy way to add more versatility to your wardrobe and create different looks throughout the fall season. The top is perhaps one of the more versatile pieces for any season as well as an outfit as a whole. Take a look at some of the most popular academia shirts below.

Tommy Hilfiger BUtton Down

Milumia Elegant Notch Shirt

Romwe Collar Slim Shirt

Light Academia Botttoms

Keeping you warm and still looking cute is an outfit must this fall. We have looked at how the tops look, the next thing to consider is pants and bottoms. For women, keeping warm can be challenging with skirts because of the cold weather, however, a plaid skirt is a great dark academia and light academia piece. Where as Light Academia pants are typically neutral colors such as khaki, olive, and brown. Designed with a loose and wide leg, these pants are a great way to make a statement or add a chic touch to your outfit.

Tronjori Palazzo Trousers

Floerns High Waist Skirt

Sheln Ribbed Pencil Skirt

Light Academia Shoes

Another thing to consider is a pair of shoes. Not only do these shoes add a finishing touch to your outfit but they also keep you warm and stylish. Shoes are not always considered a fashion item but they make a big difference in an outfit. Most Light academia shoes are casual and made from suede, leather, or some other similar fabric. The most popular type of shoe is the boot because it goes with almost any outfit and can be worn all seasons long. Typically a rounded tip shoe is a key silhouette to take the streets for this fall. Below we have some popular academic shoes for this season.

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots

Trish Lucia High White Leather Boots

Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers

Light Academia Accessories

The last thing to consider is your accessories. Not only do we consider them as a trendy and multifunctional piece of clothing but they also bring the entire look together. Each piece can make a big statement in your outfit without making it too overdone. You can go with some great jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Or more practical additions such as belts, bags, or even scarves. Below we have some examples of great Light academia accessories for this Fall season.

Ecosusi Leather Shoulder Bag

Hat to Socks Baret

XZQTIVE Leather Belt