Best Patchwork Denim Outfit Ideas

Adding different patterns and details to one’s outfit is a great way to give you that streetwear edge, rather than going with a casual minimalistic look. Patchwork is an old quilting technique that is applied to clothing to give off a more interesting style. Commonly seen on denim, today we are going to take a look at what is patchwork and some streetwear style clothing with the design.

What is Patchwork Fashion?

best patchwork designs

The meaning of patchwork is a technique of “ sewing small pieces of shapes fabric” to create a whole geometrical design. The style is the action of sewing different fabrics together to create a unique patchwork. Usually, the pattern of each fabric is different from one another creating a more unique look. First introduced in quilt pattern making, Patchwork made its way into clothing in 2019 fashion trends. Since then patchwork has been seen in all different types of garments and designs. Today the streetwear culture has made a staple of the quilting fabric design, as a unisex pattern for casual wear. Instead of wearing a graphic tee with some jeans and converse, individuals will go for patches on their shirt or jacket, adding character to their outfit. Let us take a look at some of the most popular patchwork clothing sold on amazon.

Patchwork Jackets

Some may be surprised to find out that Outerwear is one of the best places to add a touch of detail and color to one’s outfit. Jackets are one of the most common forms of patchwork apparel, bringing a lot of character to the wearer. With many different types of outerwear on the market, individuals can choose to wear a jacket with suit pants or denim. Streetwear style jackets can be made from both a solid color or have some kind of pattern adding an artistic flair. Helping bring together one’s look with layers as well as keeping you warm in any cold weather, here are a few bestseller patchwork jackets.

Kulywon Corduroy Patchwork Overcoat

Shopoholic Pixie Red Wool Jacket

Luckinbaby Patchwork Jacket

Starting with a popular patchwork color choice is the Kulywon, red, green, and yellow overcoat. Bold colorful and with a patch work design, this jacket is a favorite for many online shoppers. Made out of Corduroy, which is a thick cotton fabric on velvety rubs, the jacket gives off a rather retro and vintage look. As a great indie aesthetic clothing, this is the perfect unisex streetwear jacket you can get. Next with a more hippie look, there is the wool jacket by Shopoholic. With a more grunge clothing look, the 100% wool coat is a warm winter addition to one’s closet. Lastly, there is the denim-dyed distressed coat. Typically worn in the spring or a cold summer evening, the patchwork denim jacket is another vintage garment, the can be stylized with just about anything.

Patchwork Shirts

Styling a patchwork shirt with a pair of clean modern jeans is a great way to add the quilting style fabric into your attire while not going overboard. As all-year-round clothing, a patchwork shirt can add color and detail to a rather simple streetwear closet. With a lot of different patterns and patches, one can create a unique look with a patchwork shirt. A key to the look is taking the shirt and creating a more vintage style fit. Here are some of the top-selling patchwork shirts on amazon.

LifeHe Plaid Button-up Shirt

Scofeel Patchwork Plaid

Safrisior Patchwork Crop Top

The first button-up shirt is a plaid-style patchwork shirt. Made with a mix of red, green, yellow, and white, this shirt is a colorful choice that can brighten up an outfit. Made with a rather oversized design it is recommended to tuck in the front of the shirt for a more slimming look. Next, we have a clean style patchwork long sleeve. Made with a half-cut color design, this casual check shirt is a unisex patchwork shirt that can be worn during the summer, spring, or even fall. Last, there is a women’s streetwear crop top. As more of summer wear, the top gives off a stylish retro look.

Women Patchwork Pants

When diving into pants it is important to keep in mind that current trends. Jeans are a fashion-changing garment that one must keep up with any modern changes. Today, baggy and wide jeans are the go-to when it comes to streetwear fashion. Rather than adding detail to one’s pants with a distressed style, going the patchwork route is a great alternative. Not only will you add a more unique look to your jeans, but you can also do it in different colors that are more flattering. Here are just some of the best women’s patchwork pants.

WephuPSho Patch Flare Denim

Syydn Patchwork Denim

Mistshopy High Waisted Y2K Vintage Pants

Simple yet modern, the first jeans are a wide patchwork denim pair. Made with a flare denim design the jeans are not too bold but yet have detail in them. Available in many different colors you can pick out the best patchwork pants for your closet. Next with a little more distressed look, there are the Syydn denim pants. Designed with a high-waist and a wider leg, these pants are an affordable streetwear bottom that follows current trends. Also available in a few colors the pants are a popular choice on Amazon. Lastly, for those looking for more of a vintage look the loose Corduroy pants are perfect. Though they might not have the exact patchwork style, they have a double fabric design that still falls under the trend.

Men Patchwork Pants

Similar to women’s patchwork pants men’s streetwear pants must be on point with any trends. Whether fashion trends have a retro or vintage style, pants are certainly part of the streetwear look. We have picked out a few loose yet not too baggy patchwork pants that you can wear in today’s fashion style, take a look below.

Aelfric Eden Patchwork Pants

Bowanadacles Patchwork Pants

Passec Straight Leg Frayed Pants

Starting off, we have one of the best-sellers picks on amazon for men’s pants. With a colorful and bold aesthetic there cheerful pants are scream streetwear from a mile away. Other than the great colors, the pants have a Corduroy fabric design making them even more vintage and retro. Also seen on women, if you are just getting into patchwork fashion then these are the pants we suggest. Next, if patchwork denim jeans are what you are after, then the Bowanadcles are for you. Made with a rather distressed style, the jeans can easily be a centerpiece in one’s attire. Last, the Yellow and brown trayed denim pants might be risky to wear for some, but when worn right looks great. Made for casual everyday wear, we suggest a clean white top for to avoid any clashing colors.