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Whether you are looking to wear an old fashioned undergarment petticoat or a more modern tulle tutu, the petticoat is a feminine garment that adds an elegant and playful touch to ones look. With a more exaggerated silhouette, today many women have added the petticoat to their closet. In this article, we are going to go over the first of this Victorian skirt and more modern options.

History of Petticoat Skirts

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Deriving from the old French word “little coat” the petticoat is actually not a coat at all. Appearing in the 15th century, this padded undergarment is a skirt that gave structure to an outer garment. Typically lined with a series of whalebone hoops that helped keep a voluminous shape. Other than working to create a fashionable silhouette, the petticoat was a popular choice that made up part of a women’s undergarments. But as the world is always changing, fashion does as well. Post World War II, the petticoat became associated with the teenage culture and soon the rock ‘n’ roll crowd. As different variations of the garment started entering the market, the petticoat was no longer a must-have undergarment but a fashionable choice. 

Though the petticoat is not worn in its traditional sense, today this stylized skirt is typically made out of Tulle rather than lined with bone or plastic. Seen as a garment of its own one can wear the petticoat skirt on its own or under a dress or another skirt. Let’s take a look at the different types of modern petticoats on can add to their look.

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Typical Petticoat Underskirts

The standard modern petticoat is usually a knee-length skirt made out of a flowy fluffy fabric. Lightweight yet rather puffy, these tulle skirts often fall under the term tutu. Popularized in the 50’s they help add a retro vintage touch to any outfit. Below are just some best-seller examples that you can take a look at.

Belle Poque Petticoat Crinoline 50's

GLory Sunshine 50's Petticoat
Babyonline tutu Tullo Skirt

Starting with the Bell Poque 50’s skirt, we can see a three-layered Hard tulle and pongee skirt. Made for extra volume and comfort this layered skirt is can be work as an underskirt or on its own. Furthermore, sewn with an elastic waistline, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size. Next, with a more lolita goth skirt style, we have the Glory Sunshine tutu. Stylized with a bowed ribbon, the skirt is suitable for recreated a more elegant or cute goth look. Lastly, for those looking for ultimate volume, the Bobyonline mid-knee skirt is for you. Made with a high quality two layers of five-tiered tulle the skirt helps create a thin waisted shape. Furthermore, available in over 15 different colors you can pick out the best one for your closet.

Long Petticoat Underskirts

If elegance or evening attire is what you are after then search no more. As the perfect summer goth tutu skirt, the long petticoat is a choice that you will never regret. Comfortable, sleek, and slimming, this style of the petticoat is a modern take on the traditional undergarment. Take a look at some of the popular choices you can pick from.

Urban Coco Sheer Tutu Tulle Skirt

Joeoy Elastic Waist Layered Midi Skirt

WDPL Long Maxi Tulle Skirt

Starting with one of our favorites, there is the Urban Coco sheer tutu. Made out of 100 % polyester, this tutu skirt has a beautiful layered effect that gives off a classical look. With a high waisted fit, that is attached with quality elastic, you do not need to worry about a bad fit. If you are looking for a vintage elegant look for this summer, this the skirt for you. Next, there is the simple but popular layered princess skirt by the Joeoy brand. With a rather long lift, the long flowing shirt takes on a modern look many searches for. Additionally, designed with a ribbon for a more lolita goth skirt look. Lastly, but one of the best selling tutu skirts on Amazon, we have the WDPL bottom. Long to the ground, this skirt takes on the true word of elegance. Ideal for dinner parties, nights out or more, you can feel fabulous anywhere with is dark gothic tutu skirt.

Short Vintage Petticoat Underskirts

Taking the name of ballet skirts, one can see this style of tutu on stage. Similar to a ballerina’s tutu, these skirts are short and full. As a great choice for a summer look, this skirt can be worn with any simple top over it. Trending in today’s fashion style, take a look at some well-known vintage bubble skirt picks.

MisShow 1950 Vintage Ballet Skirt

Goobgs Musever Vintage Bubble Skirt

Dressystar Short Vintage tulle

Giving over the last tutu goth petticoat skirt on our list, we can see a get summer selection. First, there is the MisShow vintage ballet skirts. Marketed as a bubble skirt this tutu is all you can want from a short vintage skirt. And if the short look is just not your thing you can always pair it with a longer skirt on top.  Next with a bit longer style, there is the Goobgs puffy tutu. Made with a double soft layer skirt, it is ideally worn in a warm summer setting. Finally, the Dressystar tutu is more of a stylized choice. Ideal for those looking for a highlight piece in their look, you can pick from many different colors of this whimsical skirt.