Best Streetwear Denim Jackets on Amazon

Diving into the world of streetwear you will not be surprised to see many different types of denim jackets. As a modern example of the streetwear community, a denim jacket is a comfortable outerwear that fits any season and casual wear. In this article we are going to go over the history of denim jackets and some of the most popular online picks.

History of Denim

Best streetwear denim jackets

With the first recorded jean jacket created in the 1880s in the United Started, it is safe to say the denim jacket is a cultural icon of the USA. In the beginning, the jacket was created for cowboys, miners, and railroad workers. Since denim yarn is composed almost entirely out of cotton, the fabric is seen as elastic, comfortable, breathable, and the most reliable material for everyday clothing. Therefore, it was the perfect garment to market towards active workers. Becoming the unofficial uniform for the working class, soon the term, “blue-collar” emerged, referring to the denim jacket. Furthermore, the fabric was adopted by the U.S Army, taking the term “working blues” one step further. But as the word of jean jackets spread it soon found itself as the centerpiece of a rebellion fashion that became the core of culture subculture, here is how.

Many believe that Elvis Presley and his hit Jailhouse Rock was responsible for bringing new light to the denim jacket. And just like the combat boots, fingerless gloves, and more, the jacket made its first appearance with the rock and music culture. Making its way into the world of streetwear in the ’60s, the denim jacket has since become an iconic garment that almost everyone owns. As the ’60s went by, the denim jacket’s new look became a popular pick in the British youth culture. 

Since then jean jackets have become a modern streetwear collective, that is a unisex jacket for all. With over 50 percent of denim produced in Asia, the worldwide market of denim is a booming fabric in fashion. 

Types of Denim Jackets

Levi Denim Jackets

The history of the Levi brand is a large one, when it comes to denim wear. Being to first name in the industry to create the popular denim clothing such as the denim jacket and denim jeans, the brand has established its dominance in this fabrics market. Gaining even more popularity today, below are just some top Levi denim jacket examples that you can select form.

Levi's Serpa Trucker Jacket

Levi's Original Trucker Jacket

Levi's Trucker Jacket

If you are looking for a quality jean jacket men’s Levi Sherpa Trucker Jacket is the one for you. As the ideal winter denim jacket, this coat is a 100 % cotton product that has a soft Sherpa quilted lining. Taking the place as the #1 Best Seller in Mens Denim Jean Jackets on Amazon, this product is a highly rated jacket due to its quality, warmth, and style. Next, we have another trucker style coat. As a levi’s denim jacket women’s trucker design, this coat is ideally warm during fall, spring, and even summer. Made out of 100% cotton the coat is breathable and a long-lasting product. Lastly, going back into the mens section the original Levi’s trucker jacket fit is a perfect addition to a streetwear look. With a classical deign the 100% Cotton Levi denim jacket is another quality choice.

White Denim Jackets

Originally bleached as a sign of disobedience, the white jean jacket is a product with history. As the denim jackets began being accosted with the punk culture, many schools began banning the attire. Therefore, may students began bleaching their blue denim jackets in white. Nowadays, the white denim is a poplar summer pick that is widely accepted everywhere. Lets take a look at some summertime staple examples to get your streetwear look started.

Riders Lee Indigo Denim Jacket

Lars Amadeus Jean Jacket

Lucky Brand Tomboy Trucker Jacket

Created by the Riders Lee brand, the first jacket is a Indigo Denim look. Unlike some other jackets we have seen so far, this coat is made with 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Though the 2 percent might seem small, this addition make the denim fabric more stretchable and makes up for a more comfortable fit. Furthermore, with 10 different colors available you can now get the perfect colored dyed denim jacket for you. Next, for a classical mens fit we have another trucker jacket. This white mens denim coat is all you might want from a jacket. All cotton, classical design, and a great fit, if you are looking for a light colored jacket for next summer we suggest this coat. Lastly, we have the Luck brand tomboy trucker jacket. Created with 50% rayon and 50 spandex, this coat is truly meant for the summer. Even though the fabric might not keep you warm, it is a stretchable material that is comfortable to wear. Ideal for those looking for a more flexible denim.

Oversized Denim Jackets

Popularized by todays streetwear oversized clothes is comfortable, casual and gives-off a layered look. Known as the “boyfriend” style garments, large jackets of oversized denim outerwear is a must in every streetwear enthusiast. Even though buying one size up might seem wrong, there is nothing the too big in this style. Here are some best seller oversized denim to look out for.

Hotmiss Trucker Denim Jacker

Floerns Distressed Casual Big Jacket

Just Quella Oversized Boyfriend Jacket

Diving into the oversized look, we first have a trucker denim jacket by Hotmiss. Created with loss puffy sleeves, a longer cut, and a more comfortable fit, this jacket is a unisex addition to anyone’s closet. With a cotton blend that has a splash of polyester, the oversized jacket is a fine choice. Next, we have a distressed denim look that is oversized, mixing two popular denim jacket trends thus garment is truly a great streetwear piece. As another unisex product, the jacket has different color options such as oversized black denim jacket styles. Lastly, taking on the boyfriend look, the denim jacket women’s style is a top seller product that is 100 % cotton made.

Black Denim Jackets

No matter how color you might dress, everyone loves a great black garment addition to ones look. Being the easiest color to style and match black is a slimming color that looks great on everyone and on every occasion. Similar to the white denim jacket, the black look was created by dying the blue denim product. Inspired by rock music and the revolution culture, the black jacket became a popular choice by many. Now, let’s take a look at some all black denim styles.

Cantonwalker Loose Denim Jacket

Wrangler Rugged Wear Jacket

Sugnature by Levi Strauss & Co.Trucker Jacket

Getting things started we have the loose black coat by CantonWalk. Made with a trucker design, this all cotton look also falls under the oversized jackets section. Stylized in many different colors you can now customize you look. Next, with a more vintage denim jacket look, we have a Wrangler product. Marketed with its rugged style, this denim coat looks like a mens overcoat. Lastly, going back to the classics, the Levi Strauss & Co. is a everyday denim jacket that look great with any casual wear.

Graphic Denim Jackets

As a statement piece of their own, the graphic denim jacket is the perfect outwear accessory for those looking for a highlight piece in their attire. Perfect for recreating any streetwear look, the graphic jackets can have anything from prints, painted, or even stitched on designs. Here are some well know choices that you can add to your streetwear denim closet.

Lavnis Denim Distressed Jacket

Dolcevida Denim Jean Distressed Jacket

Floerns Embroidered Denim Jacket

With patches designs along the sleeves , the next jacket is a favorite for many online amazon shoppers. Without overdoing it on the graphics this jean jacket takes on the perfect balance between simplicity and detail. Lined wit ha few stylish matched art work on both sleeves, the jacket is a great streetwear addition to any graphics shirt. Next, for a similar look we have the women’s version of a clean graphics jackets. Stylized with prints rather than patch work, this coat takes on a punk look on its own. With red and black tones in graffiti work, the coat adds detail to any simple loos. Lastly, for those looking to go all out in their denim outerwear there is the Floerns product. With a embroidered design on the back, the denim jacket is a quality and fashionable feature in ones look.

Long Denim Jackets

To no ones surprise a long denim jacket is typically worn during the spring or fall time. With both a practical use and a stylish addition to ones outfit, the long denim jack is preferred by many in colder weather. Furthermore, the prolonged style gives off a more slimming and flattering style. Below are some long denim style you can pick up on Amazon.

Jofemuho Denim Jacket Trench Coat

Yeokou Baggy Long Denim Jean Jacket

Tanming Casual Long Denim Overcoat

Taking a peak at these longline denim jacket styles, we first have a trench coat denim look. Made with a blend of cotton this unsex trench coat goes us to knee length. Stylized with roll up sleeves and a popped up collar, you can wear to your taste. Next, similar to the previous trench coat, there is the trucker jacket. Longer than any other jacket on this list, this simple yet denim jacket long takes the cake for a every day casual topcoat. Lastly, we have a distressed long overcoat. Though not as long as the other, the distress look is what makes thick long coat a top pick for any season.