Best Techwear and Gothic Swimsuits

It’s the summer and, if you’re like us, you’re already in the mood to hit the beach. Whether you’re a fan of water or not, this means that it’s swimsuit time. We wanted to help those frustrated beings who love techwear fashion but don’t know how or where to start — we’ve got just the solution! In this article, we’ll cover what makes up a techwear swimming suit and the three most essential styles for you to consider.

How to Pick out a Techwear Bathing Suit?

Best techwear Swimming suits

First, let’s talk about what makes a typical-looking swimsuit techwear. This is just a glimpse at how to pick out the suit that best fits your style and body type. Knowing how to pick out the best swimming suit for your body type and style is a way to ensure that you will feel great in a suit this summer. Starting with materials, picking a nontransparent, quick-drying, and high-quality fabric is a must for a long-lasting techwear bathing suit. Comfort is next, and this means that the suit fits you as well as possible. Finally, the last factor that you want to consider when ordering a techwear suit is price. It’s easy to pay out the nose for quality swimsuits, but it’s important that you pick one that will fit your budget.

It might be easy to just put on an all-black whole or two-piece bathing suit and call it a techwear look, but it’s much more interesting to have multiple layers that make up your style. Below we have picked out some of the most popular and interesting women back swimming suits for this season, that can create a more interesting techwear or goth ninja beach look.

One-Piece Techwear Swimsuit

The one-piece bathing suit is a great way to feel comfortable while still look good. The most interesting techwear style is a one-piece bathing suit that hides your body but still has slits and cut detail. This style is especially great for women who prefer to show less skin but still get some sun. When it comes to goth ninja one-piece swimwear, the cuts, slits, and designs help create a layered look that is true to the techwear fashion. Take a look at some detailed one-piece examples below.

Mercham Backless Monokini

Shekini One Piece

Runtlly One Peice Suit

The first one-piece is a women Monokini. Made with a cutout lace-up design this black womens sexy swimming suit Made with a high cut, backless design this bold swimwear is great for a techwear look. Next, with a bit more coverage, we have the bandage monokini. Made with a cut along the stomach area, it is another black sexy swim piece that can be worn with confidence. Lastly, if you are looking for a detailed swim suit with full coverage, there is the Runtlly piece. Made with a one-piece one-strap design makes this is a popular pick this summer for a goth ninja look.

Two-Piece Techwear Swimsuit

The two-piece swimsuit is the most popular choice for women. The price is usually much lower than that of a one-piece, and it’s easier to find the perfect style for your body type. Two-piece swimwear is also great for the techwear look as you can add layered straps and details. One of the most popular styles right now is the one-shoulder bikini look. With one-shoulder support, your back looks great, and you can show off the style of your front shoulder. Check out some of our favorite pieces below.

Mooslover One Shoulder Bikini

Soly Hux One Shoulder Two Peice

Lukkity Strappy Bikini

The first two-piece look is a one-shoulder bikini. Styles with a high waist, and a bandage wrap tie top, this almost one-piece look is something that practically anyone would feel comfortable in. Next, we have another one-shoulder piece, that has a very eye-catching design. Available at an affordable price this cheap techwear swimming suit is a must-have for this summer. Lastly, with a bit more coverage, there is the strappy high waist swimwear. Made with a cut-out top and bottom it is a detailed look, ideal for the techwear style.

Detailed Techwear Swimsuit

Another trend that goes great with the techwear summer look is adding a chain to your bikini. These metallic additions to your suit can be found in several styles. The most popular bikini style with chains is the two-piece chain. Typically seen on the tie straps, stomach, or in detailing, chains are a popular techwear piece for many of its clothing.

Soly Hux Chain Tie Bikini

Mingseecess Metal Chain Bikini

Make Me Chic Linked 3 Piece

Starting off we first have a sexy chain bikini. Made with a high waisted bottom with chain-sided and chain detailing on the top, this is a fashion selection for the daring. Next, we have a pattern snakeskin swimming suit, made with a black and white health goth style. Stylized with a large chain on the top and chain sides on the bottom is a great piece for this summer. Lastly, there is the triangle halter bikini. Designed in a chain-linked bottom and top it is another modern piece for your summer techwear closet.

Techwear swimsuits aren’t just for women — men can get in on the trend as well! There are plenty of styles for men that are similar to what we have mentioned for women, take a deeper dive into men’s techwear swimming suits on Amazon.