Best Techwear Bags and Backpacks

Techwear is a fashion that is about wearing practical and fashionable garments and backpacks. There are many different designers and brands who create these garments, making them worth as far as functionality is concerned. With a typically all-black appearance, techwear is marketed as being a goth ninja fashion. In this article, we will discuss the best techwear bags and techwear backpacks.

Features of a Tecwear Bag

Techwear travel bag

Having a functional backpack is always a good idea as your busy day may require you to carry many things that could be used in your everyday life. Other than its practicality, a backpack and all layering and detail to one’s techwear look. Going over the typical feature of a techwear backpack, a techwear backpack is typically durable, weatherproof, spacious, and ideally stylish. Another awesome feature of a backpack is the cloth it is made of. Techwear bags are usually made from ballistic nylon or gore-tex, these materials are known for their long life and durability, and are fairly resistant against water. Depending on the type of your techwear bag, you might be able to choose from a wide array of designs.

Techwear Sling Bag

The sling bag is a great fashion accessory that is not only functional but stylish as well. For a sling bag, you get excellent storage options and style. A great feature of the sling bag is it has the ability to hold anything with a hands-free design. Sling bags can be worn around the chest or on the back, and are typically made from durable nylon and canvas. Sling bags are also known for their stylish appearance as they are designed to resemble messenger bags. Take a look at some techwear sling bags below.

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag

Seafew Backpack

Lucien Hanna Leather SLing Bag

The first sling bag is a mini fanny waist pack. Designs for the chest or waist, this heavy-duty bag is a perfect techwear accessory. Made to last, this sling bag comes at a reasonable price. It is great for both urban and outdoor use. Next, we have a slightly larger sling bag. Designed with a one-strap sling style, this bag is unisex wear. Ideal for both men and women, this sling bag comes with a no-show waistband, making it easy to put on and take off. Last but not least, we have a large techwear sling pack. Made with a durable nylon fabric strap, this bag has plenty of room. Ideal for techwear enthusiasts who want to carry around more items, this sling pack will keep your belongings safe from any weather.

Techwear Chest Bag

For more of a tactical bag look, the chest bags are a modern alternative techwear bag. Worn on the chest, the chest bags are great for carrying your daily essentials. Chest bags are available in handy designs, such as side storage bags and roomy pouches. Techwear chest bags are typically made from nylon, rip-stop nylon, or polyester materials that are durable and lightweight. Depending on the type of your chest bag, you might be able to choose from a wide array of designs. Below are some examples of the best chest bags for women techwear bags.

Hazard 4 Covert Escape Bag

Lewong Radio Chest Bag

Nedvi Chest Rig Bag

Ideal for that dystopian techwear goth ninja look, the first bag is a great pick. This bag is made with a sturdy and rugged design, featuring 3 compartments and 2 zipper pockets. With a sleek appearance, this bag is pocket-friendly with its slim, lightweight design. Another great pick is the radio chest bag. Though it might have fewer compartments than the usual chest bag, this bag helps complete a techwear look and adds layers to any style. Lastly, the ultimate techwear accessory is this mini shoulder chest bag. As one of the most popular goth ninja bags on Amazon, it is a great little accessory for a techwear look.

Techwear Backpack

Lastly, but with one of the most commonly seen goth ninja bags, are the whole backpacks. With a classical look, these bags are ones that can fit just about anything. Supported by your back they are easy to wear all day long. These bags are made from strong fabrics that are intended to be waterproof and weatherproof. The large capacity of these bags makes them perfect for those extended trips or carrying many things, or even just an everyday bag. Below are some popular examples for a techwear backpack.

EPFEI Laptop Backpack

Aelfric Eden Unisex Bag

Tocode Laptop Bag

With a sleek look, the fir travel laptop backpack is a great techwear accessory choice. With the capacity to carry laptops, this backpack is ideal for those long trips and commutes. Made with a vintage design, this bag has space for all your techwear gear, portable chargers, laptops, and more. With a sleek design and killer look, this bag will have you looking like you are straight out of Matrix. Next, with a more health goth style in mind, there is the Aelfric Eden bag. Made in a back and white option, this bag is a perfect weekend bag for a techwear enthusiast. With this bag, you can carry all your essentials while looking stylish in the process. Last but not least, there is the elegant design of the Tocode backpack. Ideal for both men and women, this bag is great for everyday use. With many pockets and several compartments, this backpack is great for urban commuting and travel trips alike.