Best Techwear Sling Bags You Can Buy

Slings bags are a modern take on a practical accessory. As a great addition to an all-season round look, a sling bag is also a useful addition that can keep all of your belongings safe. Other than being a black and dark aesthetic accessory that most techwear sling bags represent, being packed with traps, pockets, and compartments is a popular feature. In this article, we are going to take a look at styles of techwear sling bags and the best ones you can buy.

Best Techwear Sling Bags

Top techwear sling bags

Compact Sling bags

Despite being compact in terms of space, a small sling bag is a valuable accessory that can surprisingly fit all of your essentials. Popularized in today’s streetwear and techwear market, the small sling bag style, is an all season round and under almost any attire. Here are some popular dark sling back examples that you can add to your goth ninja closet.

Chrome Nylon Messenger Crossbody SLing Bag


Fasite SLing CHest Bag

Fitdom Heavy Duty Sling Bag


The first sling bag is a product by an Amazon brand called Chrome. Their Kadet sling bag is fully made with a military-grade nylon material that will keep anything inside protected and dry. Created with an iconic large padded strap buckle combined with a side stabilized strap, that bag allows for a fully hands-free experience. Additionally, packed with 4 straps on each side for a lower profile, the bag and be expanded and compressed when needed. Lastly, with a waterproof zipper lining in the main compartment, you essential are always safe with the Kadet sling bag. Next, on our list, we have the Fasite Chest shoulder bag. Easy to just sling on the go, this multi-purpose bag is an ergonomically designed product that is sturdy, versatile, and lightweight. Simply made with a two-pocket hold, this bag might not be as functional as the previous product be nevertheless getting the job done. Lastly, going all out on the goth ninja bag look,  we have a techwear sling bag by Fitdom. Designed with straps, buckles, hooks, and more, this functioning travel-size bag is a great accessory to a dark aesthetic look. Furthermore comfortable in a techwear waist bag, you can wear this product in any style you like.

Large Sling Bags

If you are looking for a backpack that will look sleek yet pack all of your items, maybe a larger sling bag is the one for you. Ideal as a travel bag, school backpack, or just a larger bag look, this backpack is a preferred pick by many following the goth ninja style. Let’s take a look at some modern large sling bag choices you can select.

Senkey & Style Crossbody SHoulder Bag

Ozuko Sling Backpack

Nicgid Sling Laptop Chest Backpack

Fully made out of polyester our first bag on the list is a simple black and white Senkey & Style bag. Made with a lightweight material, a padded strap, and a compact yet large packing size, you will find yourself always wearing this accessory. Going down the list, next, we have a sleek Ozuko Sling bag. This Japanese bag inspired by the techwear impunity is an affordable product that looks great with practically everything with a dark aesthetic. Perfect for recreating a techwear and health goth style, this is among our favorite black sling bags. Furthermore, made out of a polyester lining and an oxford fabric, the bag is waterproof, breathable, and easy to carry any heavy loads. Lastly, on our large techwear bag list, there is the Nicgid store laptop bag. Large enough to fit all a laptop and many any other belongings, this all Nylon outdoor bag takes on a military-style approach to sling bags. Forucint on quality, other than the material the bag has many compartments, pockets, and straps. If you want a techwear bag that will last this is the pick for you.

Tactical Techwear Sling Bags

Military bags or also called tactical sling bags are made with the idea of practicality. Known as one of the best bag accessories that you can pack just about anything, military bags are usually made out of special MOLE materials that allow for a durable and withstanding backpack. Here are some popular military-style sling bags you can check out.

AdG4Free Outdoor Tactical Sling Bag

5.11 Tactical Push Pack Bag

5.11 Rush Moab 6 Tactical SLing Pack

Starting off we first have a large tactical sling bag. Perfect for those looking for one shoulder bags, this accessory has a thick and padded sling strap that you can wear all day long. Ideal for everyday carry, the bag is a lightweight mole bag, with many different compartments, zippers, and clips. If a simple techwear tactical bag is what you are after then this is the perfect addition for you. Next, with a more interesting design, we have another sling bag. Made by the popular military brand this 5 11 shoulder bag is the best seller choice among many. As a grade-A 5.11 tactical backpack, this Utility sling-style bag is made out of quality Molle web platform material ideal for any outdoor use. Additionally, made with a padded waist grip, the bag is the perfect choice for any looking for a side carry sling bag. Last, for any who prefers a more compact techwear bag, there is another 5.11 product. Made out of nylon, this small yet comfortable heavy-duty construction bag is a perfect choice for many dark aesthetic looks.

Techwear Chest Bags

Despite not taking the exact name sling bag, we could not finish the list of techwear bags without mentioning chest bags. Similar to the sling bag, a chest bag is worn around the upper body, typically laying on the chest. Being one of the most comfortable hands-free options available, the chest bag is not only practical but looks great in a goth ninja bag style. Below are just some of our favorite examples.

Cilla Fashion Front Chest Bag

Nedvi Hip hop Front Chest Bag

Light Dust Sports Chest Bag

Large but not bulky, we first have a Cilla brand chest bag. Marketed as a military tactical chest bag, this techwear accessory is made with a durable nylon base material. Adjustable with two straps, the bag also comes with 3 inner pockets, one of which is a large zipper section and two smaller ones. Strapped over the shoulders and around the chest, you will feel like your belongings are secure. Next, for a more fashionable selection, we have a techwear hip hop chest bag. Being a favorite pick among many that enjoy a dark aesthetic look, this bag is a trending addition to any look. Created with two side bag designs, the bags might not fit a lot but look just right for a goth ninja attire. Last on our list, we have a Light Dust Product. Taking the practical features of the first bag and the style of the second, this is the ultimate techwear chest bag. Available in many different styles and colors you the pick the ideal one for your look.