Best Techwear Windbreaker Jackets

Windbreakers are a practical garment that has made its way into the world of fashion. Bring both layers, detail, and depth into one’s look, a slip-on techwear windbreaker is an ideal outerwear for a chilly fall or spring outfit. Usually coming in compact and lightweight sized, the coat is also easy to carry around when the weather brightens up. In this article, we are going to go over the best techwear goth ninja windbreaker jackets and their history.

Everything About Techwear Windbreaker Jackets

Top Goth ninja Windbreaker

History of Windproof Jackets

First becoming popular in the 1970s, the windbreaker is a garment designed to protect one’s upper body from extreme weather and wind. Back when it was first created a windbreaker was made out of animal skins, whereas now, modern windbreakers are usually made out of nylon, polycotton, or other cotton mixes. Topped with a rubberized or oil treatment, these materials become a water and windproof fabric that is designed for stormproof wear. When focusing on fashion, many activewear or outdoor brands have incorporated a windbreaker jacket in their collections. Ideal for any bad weather, people now always rely on a great windproof jacket to keep them safe and warm.

Windproof Jackets in the Techwear Subculture

Techwear is a general style that is all about futuristic clothing with a functional take on fashion. Known for their lined pockets, quality fabrics, and useful features, techwear has become the most practical way of dressing in this century. Usually, being mixed with the dark aesthetic style, Goth Ninja, today we are going to talk about specifically, the black goth ninja techwear fashion that has is becoming a trending style. Black techwear windbreakers are more popular than ever. Giving off layers and more detail to a look, the windbreaker is not only useful but also adds style to one’s look. With a large list of men techwear windbreakers and women techwear windbreakers, let’s take a look at some of the best on the market right now.

Techwear Rain Jackets vs Techwear Windbreakers

As the names suggest a rain jacket is one that protects mainly from water and rain, whereas a windbreaker might not protect again the rain as much, but effectively block out any wind. When deciding on which jacket to get, taking the weather and environment into consideration. Additionally, keep in mind that many brands create a hybrid windbreaker that is also coated to protect again the rain as well.

Fashion Forward Techwear Windbreakers

Despite not being the most practical jacket when it comes to a cold winter, Fashion windbreakers all about dressing up with style. Goth ninja of techwear fashion is typically seen with an all-black look, so what makes their attires interesting you may ask. The answer is always detail and layers, which is where jackets come to play. Lined with black straps, buckles, and fonts, these steampunk coats are what adds interest to one’s look. Portraying the techwear theme let’s take a look at some of the best dark goth ninja jackets we can find.

OceanLux Bomber Jacket

Aitfineism Causal Jacket
Aelfric Eden Cargo Jacket Dark

Starting off with a cleaner look, we the Oceanlux bomber jacket. Even though this coat takes on a simpler approach without any extra lettering or buckles, the jacket falls under a fashionable techwear look as its baggy sleeves give-off a layered style. Made out of lightweight polyester, the coat is known for its windproof and waterproof qualities. If you are looking to add a not distracting touch to an already highlighted goth ninja look, then we suggest this garment. Next, we have a hot pink and black Aitfineism product. Giving off an urban style windproof jacket, the coat is detailed with a pink reflective material and white text. Despite not being a full black look, this coat is a great way to add a feature color to a dark outfit. Lastly, there is the Aelfric Eden Cargo Coat. Being one of the most popular amazon techwear brands, this goth ninja windbreaker is a great purchase. With a warm, lightweight, and quality material, the jacket is practical for cold weather.

Mokewen Tactical Cargo Jacket

Mokewen Steampunk Jacket

Aelfric Eden Long ZIp Windbreaker Jacket

Taking a look at some more fashionable windbreakers, we can start off with the first Mokewen Tactical Cargo Pick. Similar to Aelfric Eden’s Cargo Jacket, this coat is lined with a lot of techwear inspired detail and white text. Looking at the front of the jacket we can see a chest bag sew-in. Other than its practical use for carrying items, the chest bag jacket is a stylish goth ninja coat that is ideal for a black accessory look. Following is another Mokewen product. Taking a similar approach towards a goth ninja look, this jacket also has a clean black look with a large pouch on the front. As another great techwear jacket, you can wear it with almost anything. Lastly, we have an Aelfric Eden long windbreaker. With a rather knee-length design, the sizeable jacket is a cozy yet comfortable addition. Preferably worn with some tighten pants for a balanced fit, this jacket is an accessory in itself.

City-Life Techwear Windbreakers

A more urban techwear windbreaker refers to casual jackets that one can slip on when chilly. Usually made out of a thinner fabric, this topcoat is the idea city wear garment during the fall or spring. Tough the all-black look is what makes these coats techwear, they can be great additions to any style and look. Below are some popular best seller casual windbreakers, we can take a look at.

Champion Packable JAcket

Tommy Hilfiger Retro Jacket
Orolay Long Windbreaker Anoraks

Looking at the Champion’s packable jacket first, we can see a 100 % polyester garment that is both wind and waterproof. Designed as a simple black look that has a Champions logo, the jacket gives off a clean style that goes with just about anything. Furthermore, a scuba collar with a hood, a strapped waist, and wrists, makes it a stretchable yet flattering fit. Next, we have more of a stylized Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker. Stylized with the brands, logo, and name on the arm, as well as a typical white zipper, this coat can be a highlight feature in one’s look. Made out of 100% Nylon the outerwear garment is a great windbreaker for a chilly season. Lastly, for a more anoraks long look, we have the Orolay store product. Giving off a stylized layered and slimming look, this simple jacket can be a perfect accessory for a black-aesthetic fall look.

Outdoor Techwear Windbreakers

When buying a windbreaker usually going for an outdoor type means that you are looking for the best quality you can get. Typically made by outdoor clothing brands that specialize in gear and garments made for ultra protection, these windbreakers are an article of clothing that will always protect you from anything. Here are some of the highest valued outdoor brand windbreakers that many enjoy.

Columbia Men's Acender

Baleaf Softshell Jacket

Columbia Watertight li Jacket

Columbia is a well known outdoor brand that creates quality clothing for extreme weather. Starting off with their Ascender jacket, we can see a 100% Polyester coat that takes on a softshell feature. Lined with fabric that is durable water and wind-resistant, this jacket takes on the definition of a quality windbreaker. Next for a looser fit there is a BALEAF coat. As another product made by a popular outdoor brand, this jacket is one you can rely on in any weather. Made with a breathable soft lining, that keeps you warm, this is among our favorite clean quality jackets. Lastly, on this list, we have another Columbia garment. Suitable for a cooler fall or even winter, this rain jacket has it all. With a 100% Nylon shell and a 100 % polyester lining, the product is long-lasting, well made, and extremely durable.

TSLA Ski Wind proof jacket

The North Face Venture 2 Hooded Jacket

The Noth Face Apex Bionic 2

Going down the list, we have picked out some more windproof techwear jackets that you can add to your closet. Marketed as outdoor avant garde windbreakers, these coats are all about quality. Starting off with a winter coat, the TSLA is a thick jacket that has a 3-layered construction. Lined with anti-static fabric, an insulation padding, and a Duratex ripstop layer, the coat is all about quality and warmth. If you find yourself searching for a winter techwear jacket then this is the one we suggest. Next, we have two windbreakers by The North Face. As a brand the is associated with winter sports and outdoor clothes, these two techwear raincoats are no exception. Both made out of 100 % Nylon, the jackets are a long-lasting product that you can wear all season.

Thin Fall Techwear Windbreakers

Last on our list, we have a collection of thin fall techwear jackets. Similar to the city wear line, these windbreakers are all about protecting you from the wind. Marketed a Running Jackets, due to their comfortable wear, lightweight material, and protective features. Even if you are not a runner, this is the perfect coat on the go, for a spring or fall look. Here are some of the best running windbreaker jackets available.

Baleaf Running Track Jacket

Baleaf Half Zip Running Jacket

Columbia Arcadie II Jacket

Taking your pick from any track jacket about, you will not be left disappointed. All coming at a lightweight, and quality product, any one of these jackets can be a perfect addition to a simple techwear attire.