Best Teckwear Designer Graphic Shirts

In today’s on-the-go, always-connected world, it is important that clothing be functional and versatile to reflect the lifestyles of the modern-day. With this in mind, there has emerged a new type of clothes known as “techwear.” Techwear refers to clothing lines designed with performance, versatility, and style in mind for all sorts of activities. With a dark aesthetic techwear clothing lines are worn by goths, streetwear, goth ninja, and other subcultures. IN this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best techwear designer graphic shirts and how to wear them.

How to Style Techwear Shirts

Features of Techwear | Techwear Fashion

Before you begin, you should figure out where you are going to wear it and how you are going to wear it. There are several factors to consider when style a techwear shirt, including color, cut, material, and design.

The first attribute to consider when styling your techwear shirt is the material. Materials vary with performance properties. For example, Merino wool is soft and comfortable but offers no wind resistance whereas polyester has an excellent moisture-wicking property but feels hot. Cotton is great for in-between situations and is generally the most comfortable and breathable.

For many goth ninja’s, black is the most prominent color in their wardrobe. For these enthusiasts, black is a universal choice for shirt colors. However, adding a touch of colors to an all-black look can bring in detail to any outfit. Whether you pick a black and white heath goth look, a futuristic shirt cyberpunk style, or a dark techwear shirt, you can be sure to get a variety of looks.

The cut of the shirt is important in how it looks and also in its performance properties. A long-sleeved shirt has more coverage and will keep you warmer than a short-sleeved shirt on a cooler day. On the other hand, shorts that cover your knees tend to feel more comfortable than higher-rise pants. It is important, however, to consider what you will be doing while wearing your techwear shirt.

The design of your techwear shirt can be used to show off or conceal your body. Some shirts, like the black gothic attire, are very tight-fitting to show off a thin, fit body. Others, like the black oversized shirt, are baggier and a preferred selection in the modern fashion world. Picking a great design on your shirt is a great way to show off some detail in your dystopian fashion closet.

Health Goth Techwear Shirts

As a subculture of the techwear trend, Health goth clothing is directed towards those who are looking for a black and white look, with more casual wear. The overall goth look of the Health Goth subculture is characterized by dark clothing with white techwear details. Health Goth shirts typically feature different black and white designs with a futuristic look. Many of these types of graphic shirts also have white and black features. While these clothes are designed for comfort and authenticity, they also come in a number of longer sleeve options to offer the options that every goth needs to stay warm while doing any activity. Take a look below for some health goth shirt examples.

Techwear U. Outfits: Blind Spot Shirt

Techwear U. Outfits Dystopian Future

Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society

The first black and white example is a graphic style health goth shirt. Designed with a Japanese shirt style, this tee is a great choice for techwear and goth ninja. Made with 100% cotton fabric the shirt can be worn all year round. Next, with another all-cotton design, there is the Dystopian future shirt. This t-shirt is simple yet stands out in an all-black look. Lastly, there is the best seller techwear shirt on Amazon. As another Japanese shirt, this top is a great option for techwear and health goth enthusiasts.

Clean Techwear Shirts

Techwear is generally designed with a darker color palette in mind. However, there are some graphic shirts that incorporate futuristic shirt designs to add detail. Clean techwear clothing lines feature simple designs on garments like black tee shirts and hoodies. While these items may seem like they would be boring, the detail of the graphics greatly adds to the overall aesthetic of an all-black look. Take a look below for some examples of clean techwear shirts.

Techwear U. Outfits: Hidden Code

Techwear U. Outfits: CPU

Techwear U. Outfits: Spherical World

The first shirt is the most popular techwear pick you can find on Amazon. It is made with a clean and simple design that adds subtle detail to an all-black outfit. Next, for a more geek shit style, there is the CUP tee design. Made with a techwear and cyber design in mind, this shirt is another clean but great pick. Finally, there is the spherical world. Available in a few different colors this is a popular techwear piece for the summer.

Graphic Techwear Shirts

If you are into a dark streetwear look, then the graphic techwear shirts are made specifically for you. These black tee shirts are characterized by dark graphics of goth ninja designs. These graphic tees are designed specifically for anyone who is interested in wearing a style that is made to stand out while still keeping up the techwear style. Take a look below for some examples of graphic techwear clothing.




With a more streetwear graffiti shirt design, the first tee is a eye-catching techwear top. Made out of 100% cotton is can be worn for any season in an all-black look. Next with a similar vibe, there is the Lollipop graphic shirt. Designed to be the feature in one look, it is a popular selection. Lastly, with a graphic look that is cleaner, there is the Giraffe shirt.

Cyberpunk Shirts

For those who are looking for a more futuristic look, cyberpunk shirts have a futuristic look with a five-star design. These simple designs help to draw attention to the look and give the wearer a great way to show off their fashion taste. Cyberpunk shirts may also have detailed designs that come from tattoos and a dystopian setting. Take a look below for some examples of cyberpunk clothing.



TECHWEAR U. OUTFITS: Black and White

Lastly, if you are looking for a colorful addition to a techwear look the cyberpunk clothes are definitely for you. Going with that futuristic Japanese theme while adding a more graphic look is what these shirts are all about. All featuring faces and futuristic designs, you cannot go wrong wearing one.