Best Trench Coats For A Fancy Streetwear Look

If adding a touch of elegance and class to one’s look is what you are searching for then a quality trench coat is what your closet needs. Known as an old school overcoat these jackets have been a popular choice in casual wear, streetwear, and fancy attire. In this article, we are going to go over the best trench coats, their history, and why everyone should own at least one.

Everything About Trench Coats

Best men trench suits

The History of trench Coats

When looking at the trench coat history, one can find out these jackets were worn by soldiers in the muddy trenches, therefore the name trench coat was given. As a product from the first world war, the coats have evolved from just a simple waterproof overcoat to an officer rank uniform that marked class distinction in the army. When trying to pinpoint who exactly invented the trench coat, many believe that both Aquascutum, who developed the improved raincoats, and Burberry, that made a fashionable overcoat, take the credit for the original WWI trench coat. Popularised by Hollywood, since then the jacket has become a mainstream overcoat that gives off a classical look to anyone.

Features of a Classical Trench Coat

Since the official trench suit design, many of the features of a modern-day trench jacket can be traced back. Starting with a double-breasted, tailored to the waist flared blow the knee’s cut, we still follow the same cutout design. Furthermore, an accessory belt, deep pockets, and a typical khaki color are just a few other aspects that brands still focus on when creating the ideal trench coat.

How to wear a trench coat?

Today’s trench coat can either take on a classical look or come in various styles, colors, lengths, and details. Despite the design, a trenchsuit is a jacket that can be worn almost every season. With the most popular colors being navy, grey, black, and tan, many people prefer a neutral tone that can be worn with any outfit. Despite not have much of a difference between trench coat and overcoat, this jacket gives more a classical and elegant look to any simple attire.

Popular Trench Coats

Trench coats are all-season outerwear that you can wear daily. As a purchase that is worth the investment, there are many different price points for a quality trench coat. So whether you are looking for a Trench coat in summer, a Trench coat autumn style, or just winter outerwear, let’s take a look at some well-known picks for you.

Khaki Trench Coat

As the original color of most trench coats, Khaki is a popular choice that looks great with anything. Know to have been a camouflage color during WW1 this tan coat became a known choice among military wear. Today, Khaki is used in everyday clothing to give off a lighter tone to any outfit. Anything from tan chino pants, a khaki trench coat, or even just some khaki pants, brands are often using the pale brown color. Here are some popular khaki tan trench coats you can pick from.

London Fog Plymouth Dark Khaki

Wantdo Double Brested Mid-Long Coat

Calvin Klein Single Breasted Spread Collar COat

Getting things started with a London Fog garment, we have then men’s Dark Khaki coat. Made out of 100 percent Polyester this a great windbreaker jacket that will keep you dry any season. Furthermore, the polyester allows for a stretchable and comfortable fit. Going with more of a dark khaki color, this jacket is a classical trench that sits well with jeans. Next, is the Wantdo trench coat. As another, all polyester product this well deigned coat is a windproof and protective top layer. Strapped with a thick designer belt and fashionable buttons, this is a classical womens trench coat. Lastly, for those looking for a long khaki coat, this Calvin Klein jacket is ideal. Made by a quality well-known brand you can expect nothing more than the best. Created with a blend of wool and polyester and other fibers, this is the khaki trench coat that will keep you warm during the winter. Coming at a knee-length, this is one of our favorite tan deigns.

Navy Blue Trench Coat

To many’s surprises, a Navy blue trench coat men’s and women’s style has become a wanted garment in today’s fashion trends. Giving of the dark sleek look a black jacket would, but with a blue twist, these navy trench coats are now more popular than ever.  Below are some examples of dark blue coats that you can inspire from.

R.Vivimos Rufles Velvet Coat

Find. Navy Blue Cotton Trench Coat

Omoone Slim Notch Trench Coat Dress

Starting off with an all velvet coat, we have the R.Vivimos women’s blazer jacket. Despite not falling under the name “trench coat” the design and purpose of this jacket is very similar. Being the ideal topcoats to a simple look the jacket adds detail, layers, and warmth to one’s look. Next, for a cleaner style, there is the Find brand Navy jacket. As cotton and elastic product, quality and warmth are the main features of this coat. Simple, long, and sleek this is a great pick form a first trench coat. Finally, if you want a bit more “style” in your look, the Omoone jacket is for you. Made as an ankle-length jacket, it looks great with anything underneath.

Black Trench Coat

When it comes time to purchase your new trench coat, nothing can beat a black jacket. Slimming, classical, and goes with practically anything, a black trench coat is just a must-have for every season. Furthermore, with the right design, a black coat can give off a suit-like appearance, elevating any simple look. Let’s take a peek at some bestseller black trench coats men and women can wear.

London Fog Single Breasted Trench

Alpine Swiss Zach Trench Coat

Chouyatou Mid-Length Top Coat

With another London Fog product, we have the ankle-length women’s black coat. Coming with an almost wrinkled up design this a great streetwear trench coat all season round. Loose baggy and comfortable, it is a unisex jacket that you can just slap on with any everyday look. Next, for a more elegant version, we have the Alpine Swiss overcoat. Made out of wool blends this winter jacket is designed for a fancy and sleek look. If you are looking to dress up a look then this is the coat for you. Last on our black trench coats list, we have the ultimate fancy top-coat. Paired perfectly with some casual jeans or even dress pants, the polyester garment is the best seller choice.

Colorful Trench Coat

Mixing it up with a splash of color is a great way to add interest to your outfit. Outerwear is a perfect place to include color in one’s look. Anything for a sexy red, to a bold yellow, let’s take a look at some of our favorite colorful trench coats this season.

Springrain Notched Lapel Trench Coat

YESNO Casual Chinese Retro Trech Coat

Gafeng Slim Army Green Trench Coat

Getting things started with a pink trench coat mens selection, this jacket looks great on anyone who can pull it off. With a wool exterior, this long pea coat will keep you warm and stylish all winter long. Next, the Yesno coat takes on a different approach to an overcoat. With a cotton made garnet, this jacket is all about the color. If you are looking for some design and detail to a simple attire this is the jacket for you. Lastly, coming in with a more muted green color, this jacket is a popular release that many go for. With a long smooth design, the jacket looks great pairs with anything.