Best Vintage Square Toe Women’s Shoes

Ever since little girls were given the right to wear their first pair of flats, women have been obsessed with shoes that add height and style to a woman’s ensemble. In recent years, square-toe sandals are providing even more of the same. These popular shoes are giving women a stylish and trendy “fourth heel.” In this article, I will explain the history, origin, and popularity of women’s square-toe shoes.

Why are Square Sandals Trending

Best square sandals

Before we dive in too deep here, it might be useful to know that “square-toe shoes” refer to women’s shoes that have a toe box that is squared off. This shape of the toe box can be arranged in several different ways. Many women’s square-toe sandals are slanted. But other examples are more traditional with a sharp and square forefoot. The “square toe box” design is one of the timeless staples of women’s shoe fashion. First seen in the early 1900s, these shoes have survived the test of time.

With this in mind, it’s interesting to know that square-toe shoes were inspired by the flat-toe style of shoes worn by British gentry and nobility. These men’s shoes – often with a heel of up to 2 inches – were designed to give the wearer an elegant appearance. The original flat-bottomed, square-toed shoes were very fashionable in the late 19th century. The shoes were even presented at dinner parties and events offered at the time and greeted with much applause. As this style of the shoe began to take over the American fashion scene during the 1920s, it became apparent that it was more than just a trend. Toady this vintage style is making a comeback.

Since the 20th century, square-toe shoes have been worn by both sexes. They are completely neutral in the fashion world, making them a popular choice for fashionable men and women alike. In recent years, in particular, these vintage-inspired heels have been embraced by women all around the world. It is an obvious trend that has taken over fashion runways and shows across the country.

Best Square Toe Sandals

Before jumping into square heels shoes, let take a look at some popular squared sandals one can wear. Sandlas is a very popular type of shoe. It can be worn by men and women alike. It is very versatile, comfortable, and stylish since there are various styles of sandals. The square toe sandal is an alternative that can be seen in today’s market. Sandals are a very important part of the wardrobe for women. Especially those who live in warmer climates. The square toe sandal is a woman’s footwear that brings back the 1950s look when heels were worn all the time in addition to flats. It’s also very unique and different from other shoes out there today.

Shoe Land Anisha Sandals

Trish Lucia Square Open Toe FLats

Lucky Step Indoor Slide Sandals

The first flats are a pair of pink slides for this summer. Made with a synthetic rubber sole and a cushioned pink base, these flat sandals are just about anything you need from a simple pair of flats. Available in a few different colors you can get the right pick for your closet. Next, with a more braided shoe design in mind, the Trish Lucia store shoes are a great pick. Designed with a wooden faux base and colored detail they are a stylish pick this summer. Lastly, as sandals that go with just about any attire, the all-black shoes are for you. Made with chain detailing on the top adds even more flair to these great square shoes.

Best Square Toe Pump Heels

Next, for those whole like to walk in comfort but still look great, the middle ground between heels and sandals is the pump heels. These thick and often short heels are the ideal shoe for women. The heeled sandals, with a square toe design, are the most popular choice for many women. The comfortable and stylish design of the shoe makes it a must-have in many closets. The square toe sandals are very versatile and successful in various situations. They are a great option for a wide range of situations, from casual everyday wear to great evening heels.

Calvin Klein Bacca Sandal

The Drop Heeled Sandal

Dream Pairs Chunk Low Pumps

Made by the well-known brand Calvin Klein, the first pumps are all-white heels for this summer. Made with think straps and a contrasting thick heel, they are the ideal addition to any look. Next, we have the drop heeled sandals. With a wide but thinner heel, they are a stylized version of the pump heels, that many look for today. Last but certainly not least, low pumps by dream pair. Made in an all-gold design these are great modern shoe feature pieces in one look.

Best Square Toe Heels

Then there are the feminine high heels which are perfect for any woman that loves to wear heels on any occasion. These shoes not only look great on their own but can also be paired with multiple outfits. High heel shoes paired with a square style toe are the look that we will see more and more. Typically made with a two-strap or an ankle strap, they are womens sexy shoes that look great with just about anything.

Steve Madden Heled Sandal

Vivianly Strappy Heels

Shoe Land Open Toe Shoes

Pink heels are a great place to start when talking about popular shoe picks. Though pink might not be the color for everyone, the pink color is a trending tone this summer. Matching with yellow, green-blue, and more, pink is a feature piece in a look. The pink heels by Steve Madden are a must-have, as the square design adds to their trendy style. Next, a pair of beige heels is another must in any women’s closet. As a color the looks good with just about anything, these neutral heels will do you wonders. Lastly, with a more designer look, there are the transparent open-toe squared-off shoes.

Best Square Toe Flared Heels

And last but not least, we have the flared heels. As another modern trending in the shoe fashion industry, the flared heels and the square-toe heels make for a killer combination. Created as a showpiece these shoes can easily become a feature in one’s outfit. Take a look at some trending square heel shoes below.

WSKEISP Backless High Heel

Isnom Flared Chunky Heel

Cape Robbin Woven Heels

As said before, the flair heel design is a stylistic pick that oftentimes becomes an eye-catching aspect in one’s attire, and these shoes are no different. The first heel is a low backless flare shoe. Made with a patterned dark design, and a thick toe strap they are a fashionable selection. Next, for the bold and daring, the fluorescent yellow heels are shoes that look great with an all-black look. Made with a bulky and chunky design they are more of a streetwear look. Lastly, with a more casual and fancy style, there are the beige woven heels. Elegant and detailed you cannot go wrong with them.