Cheap Urban Graphic Tshirts For a Street Style Look

When into the streetwear style many of us find ourselves with a closet full of graphic t-shirts. Often taking the role of a highlighted feature of one’s outfit, having a bold shirt when wearing a street style look is a must. So no matter if you are into Japanese styled shirts, bold and colorful designs or just a clean simplistic look, we have made a cherry-picked list of some affordable urban t-shirts that will freshen up your closet.

How to Style a Graphic Tshirt

Owning as an awesome graphic tee does not always guarantee a sleek look. Knowing how to style your shirts is an important know-how, that will pull your look together and give you that modern streetwear style you are looking for.  Here is a list of some things to consider when putting together an outfit


Before diving into how to wear your shirt, one must consider color. When picking out your outfit, it is a great place to start with your graphic t-shirt. When choosing a colorful bold shirt you can either go all out and add on garments of the same color to emphasize the look. If the color is not your first pick then, muting down your outfit as you match your bold shirt with toned black or white pants might just do the trick. 

On the other hand, when picking a cleaner graphic shirt that is monotone or more simplistic, then you can go two directions. You can either add a feature garment such as colorful pants or coat, this will create a visually interesting attire while still highlighting your shirt. Or, you can match the tone and pick a sophisticated outfit, such as an all-black look.

The Tuck-in

The classical tuck-in is a century-old look that can bring a sense of style to any outfit. Aiming to slim down the waist while adding some layered texture to an outfit tucking-in your graphic t-shirt usually works well with high-waisted bottoms. In modern days, a half tuck-in, where just the front is tucked, is another popular version of this style.

Laid-back look

For a more comfortable look, a loosely hanging shirt can sit well under the right circumstances. The key to the laid back look is having a well-fitted shirt that sits just right. If your t-shirt is too large, then it might end up looking unfaltering. Typically, when going for this look, a bold shit that is the feature of an outfit works well, some examples are bright colors, interesting designs or even bold eye-catching text.


When dealing with a large selection of well made graphic tees, Nike is the shop to go to. Known for its premium durable quality the Nike brand focuses on creating long-lasting t-shirts that can be used in both sports and streetwear. Taking a spot in the street style market since the very beginning of the style, this OG brand can often be seen in combination with a streetwear look. 

Reviewing some of Nike’s latest graphic shirt designs we can see their focus is on texture and overlapping patterns rather than color. Playing with shapes and elements, the Nike brand almost always incorporated their symbolic “check” into every custom t-shirt.


Despite being a more underground shop when compared to Nike, the Dope collection has more than a generous amount of unique designed tee’s that catch the eye. Established in LA, the brand is often the first to follow modern trends selling current stylish clothing to streetwear enthusiasts. Catching a glimpse at their online shot in Amazon you can see a large collection of trending shirts that you can add to your closet. 

Taking a look at some of their designs above, we can see how the brand’s collection mixes color, graphics, and placement to create one of a kind tees. Being far from bland, these shirts are typically worn as centerpieces in a street style attire. So if you are looking for a bold design this brand will not let you down.


Even Though this brand does not have a broad collection, their garments are well-made products that definitely stand out. Inspired by Asia, Aitfineism graphic shirts are often plastered with Japanese symbols or characters. Typically, available in black or white, the brand uses graphics, symbols, and words to portray the color and add interest. 

Made out of 100 percent cotton these breathable and sweatproof t-shirts are what you want in your street style closet. With three affordable yet well-designed concepts, the Aitfineism brand is a growing collection that can style a great attire.

Techwear Urban Outfits

When it comes to online shopping, this Amazon based brand is a uprising style in the digital shopping era. Approaching a streetwear look with simplicity, their collection uses symbols and worlds to create its designs. With a distorted look, the shirts can be styled with a simple monotone outfit or even combined with colorful attire.

Focusing on black and white shirts, The brand uses futuristic style base garments that can be styled with almost anything. As a brand that is marketed as a cyberpunk clothing style, it are often associated with Japanese culture. If simplicity but with style is what you are after then these tees are for you.