Colorful Streetwear Socks For a Funky Streetwear Look

As a simple yet noticeable addition to one’s look, socks are a garment that we all almost always wear. Picking out your sock to match your attire or add a bit of style to one’s look is a must in today’s modern fashion world. In this article we are going to go over some popular streetwear socks that will make any attire stand out.

The History of Socks

Best Funky Socks

Being around since the Stone Age, socks started off as footwear made from animal skin and pelts that were tied around the ankles. With such a rich history behind its invention, socks are an extremely practical article of clothing that help protect our feet and keep us warm all year round. It was not until the Middle Ages where stocks became a status symbol of nobility. Being referred to as stockings at the time, socks evolved with different materials, heights, and colors. In the modern times, socks are not only a tactical piece, but also a fashionable choice that can pull together a whole outfit. From muted socks that match any outfit, to a bold and colorful sock, today you can find any style online. Let’s take a look at some of the best colorful  socks you can dress in your streetwear attire.

Bold Colors Socks

Though having patterned socks is a great way to add detail to one’s look, bringing in some color with plain socks is an alternative to an already detailed attire. Whether you prefer wearing a similar color sock to your outfit or adding a highlight contrast in your footwear, there are countless types of colorful socks you can pick from. Take a look below at just some examples.

James Fiallo Dress Packs
Zakira Cotton Dress socks Rainbow
K.Bell Show Liner Socks

Marketed as dress socks, the first socks on our list are sold as a pack of 12 funky colored dress socks. Made from a mix of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, this footwear is a comfortable wear that makes for a perfect men socks gift. Next, with a lot of bold colors in ming, there are the 7 pack dress socks by Zakira. Made with extremely vivid rainbow colors, these formal socks are a great pick that typically stands out when worn. Lastly, if short socks are more your style, then the pairs by K. Bell are for you. Made with an ankle cut and a polyester mix, they are a great choice all year round. Also available in a few different colors you can get the right set for your closet.

Dark Patterned Socks

Just as the name suggests, dark patterned socks are typically pairs of footwear that look best with darker clothing. Made to match your attire while still adding some detail to your look is a great way to pull together a simple outfit. Take a look at just some of the available streetwear socks with a dark tone, below.

Balanced Co. Meme Dress Socks
Start Wears Starry Socks
WeciBor Dress Socks

Starting off, we have one of the best seller socks on Amazon. Stapled with “circle game meme” , the sock is a funny addition to one’s closet. Seen in many different colors and designs, these meme socks have become a trending purchase on amazon that many “must have.” Next, with more of a movie theme in mind, are the Star wars socks starry night. With a highly detailed and crafted design, these quality socks are a great purchase for any fan. Lastly, another booming sock trend are the painting socks pack. Plastered with the world post iconic paintings, people and places, these are a great gift or streetwear addition to a look.

Colorful Patterned Socks

For those looking for a statement sock in their outfit, the colorful patterned socks are for you. Known for turning heads and being the feature piece in one’s look, colorful and detailed socks are a funky way to add style to a simple streetwear aesthetic. From cartoon characters, food, shapes and more, there are so many choices to pick from. Below are just some to get your started.

Bonangel Fun Dress Socks
Bonangel Funny Socks
Odd Sox Spongebob Socks

Available in a pack of 10 the first socks are orange based shapes. Without being too tacky, these cozy dress socks are a colorful bundle of footwear that you can dress under casual or formal wear. Available in over 30 different designs and colors you can pick the sock pairs that match your style the most. Next, the funny food socks by Bonagle are a trending pick for many. From Pizza socks, taco socks, sushi socks to more, you add a touch of funk to any casual attire. Lastly, as an example or cartoon character socks, we have picked out a pair of unisex SpongeBob socks. Made out of 100% cotton, these well made Nickelodeon socks are a cool yet casual streetwear addition to one’s closet.

Food Socks

As the ideal sock gift, the last type of streetwear funky socks come in a very special packaging. Whether you prefer sushi, pizza or even a burger, socks shaped and designed into your favorite food, makes for a special and personalized gift for any streetwear enthusiast. Though the packaging is unique, the sock does not fall short as well. Made with interesting designs and colors, take a look below are just some popular sock examples.

Rainbow Socks Pizza Socks Box
Rainbow Socks Burger Socks
Rainbos Socks Sushi Socka Salmon

First off, there are the pizza socks. Available in pairs of 4, the Hawaiian pizza socks are a cotton mix that is designed with various pizza toppings and styles. Though it comes at a rather higher price, the socks and the packings create an original and fantastic gift for practically anyone. Similar to the pizza socks, the next socks on this list are a well packaged sock. Made with the style of a burger, the two pair books are another best seller pick on Amazon. Lastly, as one of the most ordered funny socks are the sushi socks. Again with a two pair style, these rolled up and designed socks take on the shape of different sushi one might enjoy.