The Best Molle Tactical Pouches of 2021

Having a proper place to store all of your belongings is a backbone aspect of any tactical gear. Giving the wearer the freedom of hands-free movement does not only enhance one’s preferences but also creates a comfortable and reliable garment. In this article we are going to go over what aspects make up a high-quality military pouch, its key features and some quality pouch picks to accessorize your attires with. 

Main Features of a Quality Tactical Pouch

Complete Guide to the Ideal Pouch

Storage Capacity

Created for storage, tactical pouches are often seen in compact sizes. Despite their small look, a pouch is an extremely compatible accessory that can be found handy in many different situations. Packed with drop-down zipper compartments and bungee tie-downs this useful outfit addition can store anything from emergency medical kits to personal belongings. With the benefit of keeping all your things within arms reach, this accessory will soon become your go-to when it comes to storing your belongings.

5.11 Tactical Molle Lightweight Pouch

If you are looking for a pouch where storage is a highlighted feather then this gear is a great example of a pouch that will fit all of your belongings.

Quick Accessibility

Loaded with just the right amount of compartments you will be able to keep your belongings organized yet easily accessible. Furthermore, the colors of the pouches play a distinctive role when it comes to optimizing accessibility. Often available in monochrome colors, a tactical pouch has a plain color interior that aids for easy equipment identification. Finally, the compact pocket size of this accessory grants you to keep your pouch with you at all times without it getting in your way.

Orca Tactical MOLLE Horizontal Pouch

Stiched with dual-layer zippers, this zipping open this pouch in a time of need has never been easier. With a large yet compact compartment, this pouch takes the cake for quick access.

Security Carrying

An ideal pouch is one that is always ready on the go. Typically packed into a small size, pouches are intended for carrying valuable items in a secure manner. With many different compartments tech, smart pouches will keep your belongings organized and safe. Furthermore, created with reliable molded grips that help attach the pouch to bags, cars, pants, and more, allows you to always keep your accessory in a secure place.

5.11 Tactical Multi-Compartment Pouch

If a secure storage compartment is what you are looking for then look no further. This small and attachable bag has a dual mesh interior pocket to keep your storage safer than ever.

Weather Protection

Another aspect in which pouches provide security carrying is when it comes to weather. A pouch that is built on a foundation of high quality fabric is often one that is extremely durable. Proving all-weather storage makes these products a favored accessory in the mil-spec style. 

Barbarians Tactical MOLLE Pouch

Made out of 600D Polyester, nothing will get past this water-resistant and weatherproof pouch. Build to withstand any weather, this is the ideal durable pouch.


No one wants to carry around a heavy storage bag with them at all times. Therefore most pouches are made to be lightweight and attachable. For a portable yet hands-free experience, picking out your pouch in person will help you decide on the optimal weight of your storage bag.

Orca Tactical MOLLE Horizontal Pouch

Showing up again on our list is a pouch with a massive storage compartment in a small package, known for its lightweight and accessible features. If you are looking for something light then this is the molle utility pouch for you.

Our Top Pick for the Best Tactical Pouches

5.11 Tactical 6 x 6 Nylon Molle Pouch

Taking the spot as a large molle pouch that is worth its price, this storage bag is worth every cent. Known as one of the best brands that provided tactical and mil-spec gear, the 5.11 brand stands for quality and supreme garments. Available in black, dark earth and sandstone, this tactical backpack pouch is a fashionable yet functional accessory. Known for its multipurpose storage the pouch is packed with many compartments and a padded inside for ultimate comfort.

5.11 Tactical Series Flex Medion GP Pouch

If you are looking for something extremely compatible, it does not get smaller than this 5.11 product. Available in color kangaroo and ranger green, this accessory can be a perfect addition to a everyday mil-spec attire. Coming in at 19 cm in size, this pouch can fit in one’s pocket for a more comfortable carrying experience. But do not let the size fool you as this tactical gear comes with extra pockets, pull cords, pocketed compartments and more.

Rothco Molle Compatible Water Bottle Pouch

Next on our list is another top quality military and camo gear brand that will never let you down. Produced as a water bottle pouch, this accessory is the perfect addition when you want to have a water bottle with you as well as a hands-free experience. With leak-proof and durable fabric, this Rothco pouch measures 10.5 inches tall. Attached with zipper closures and straps, you can attach this pouch to your bag, pants, vest and more. If you are looking for a pouch with a water bottle storage this indestructible accessory is the one for you.

CISNO Military Small Belt Pouch

As another tiny military pouch on our list, this is not one to miss. This cheap pouch can make a great accessory to one’s attire. Constructed out of 100 percent nylon, with velcro pockets, this rugged pouch is ideal when looking for something compact yet tactical. With a pull string closure all of your items will be at hands reach and easily accessible. Available in three different colors, you do not want to miss out on this affordable small molle utility pouch product.

Orca Tactical MOLLE EMT Medical Pouch

Lastly on our list is a customer’s favorite. Rated as one of the best sellers for affordable tactical gear, this quality pouch should be in everyone’s closet. Optimized as a medical first aid pouch, this product is built for easy and quick access. With one large compartment, this pouch is filled with side to side bungee straps to keep everything in place and organized. Made with durable double-stitched zippers and 100 percent polyester, this accessory is built to withstand any tough conditions. If you are one compartment pouches are what you are looking for then this molle utility pouch is the one for you.