Complete guide to Goth Ninja

Listed under the names of dark streetwear, street goth, goth ninja or even just dark Avant-grade clothing, this multi named style mixes a futuristic look with a minimal modern aspect. Although the style is often confused with techwear, the goth ninja look is more focused on a sharp and draped dark trend rather than an attire’s functionality and durability. In this article, we will take a look at some features of a Goth Ninja style, and its place in current fashion.

What is Goth Ninja

Even Though the term Goth Ninja might sound ill-fitting to some, the style creates captivating looks that are modern, minimalistic and futuristic. Rising popularity in early 2010 the look was focused on a smaller group of followers. Nowadays, the Goth Ninja fashion trend has picked up its reputation, as it is on its way of becoming a popular way of dressing in the casual street style community. Emphasizing the idea of futuristic wear and gear, the functional style of Techwear often plays a role in the Goth Ninja look.

Features of a Goth Ninja Style

What is Goth Ninja | Goth Ninja Example | Goth Ninja Fashion

Layers and Drapery

Aelfric Eden Long Windbreaker

Aelfric Eden Jogger Pants

Whether it is a tight pair of pants or a long winter coat, layers are a highlighted appearance in most Goth Ninja articles of clothing. Creating a rugged deconstructed look through a cut, folds and draped fabric gives the illusion of volume and layers. Another way in which layering can be emphasized is through multiple articles of clothing.  Wearing loosely fitted clothing that hangs into folds also helps create the layered illusion.

Dark technical Fabric

Aelfric Eden Long Sleeve Hoodie


Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Techwear Urban Outfits Dark Future T-shirt

Another aspect that takes on a similar turn towards techwear is the dark colors. Constructing their attire out of dark-toned fabrics, Goth Ninja clothes are usually black, brown, or gray. With the idea of creating a dystopian futuristic look in mind, designers highlight their clothing with layers rather than color.

Detachable Straps

Mokewen Elastic Wait Pants

Nutriangee Punk Harem Pants

Anything from zipper pockets, detachable planes too utility straps are typically accessories that are seen plastered onto a Goth Ninja classical look. Helping create a voluminous appearance that has a futuristic touch, such added aspects are typically seen on jackets, shirts, and pants. 

Hooded Jackets

HZTG Hooded Cardigan Coat

HZTG Long Hooded Cardigan

Though this might not apply to all Goth Ninja style jackets, a large hood that is sewn or attached to a coat is a commonly seen feature. Cloaking over the face in a draped manner, the hood plays an aesthetical role in the style.


Balaclava Heavyweight Face Mask

Crisiswear Raider Cowl

An extra accessory is not always needed to complete a Goth Ninja look, but typically in the form of hoods, masks, gloves or deconstructed scarfs, adding an accessory give off a polished futuristic look to the attire. Techwear style backpacks that are functional as scarves or hoods are popular additions. Furthermore, face accessories such as masks that cover the mouth or futuristic goggles can bring a simple dark outfit into the gothic style.

What is Goth Ninja | Goth Ninja Example | Goth Ninja Fashion

The Future of Goth Ninja Wear

In the upcoming years, the Goth Ninja look will grow into a large scale style. As it has already made its way into the world of high fashion with designers and brands such as Yohji Yamamoto, Nike, Rick Owens and more. The Goth Ninja brands are expected to grow and take on articles from couture to commercial designs. If this type of clothing suits your style then 2020 is the perfect year to change up your closet. 

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