Complete Guide To Streetwear Fashion

What was once an underground style that was created by a subculture of enthusiasts, has now become a multi-billion dollar industry with runway highlights. Rooted in the streets of LA and New York, the street style way of dressing is a popular approach mixing both fashion and comfort. In this article, we are going to outline the basic features of streetwear and the history of the style.

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What is Streetwear Fashion

Some might say that the style emerged from the California skate culture, as the term streetwear has now grown into a common word used in the fashion world. With countless influencers around the globe, the style is a subcultured way of dressing that has a universal effect. Focusing on casual attire, streetwear is a modern take on comfort and style trends. There are endless nuances of the style as each subculture has developed its own take on a streetwear outfit. Even though the different concepts of streetwear are highlighted when looking at regions, we can also see spins on the style in terms of gender, color, and more.

Qualities of a Streetwear Outfit

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A Fresh Pair of Sneakers

Shoes are a large part of the streetwear community. A new pair of kicks is commonly a highlighted aspect that pulls together an outfit. Since your footwear can make or break your attire, having a closet with the latest shoes is essential. When it comes to shoes, brands that create comfortable products which go with any outfit are key. Versatile sneakers such as Vans, Nike, or Converse and just some of the brands that many streetwear enthusiasts purchase. 


Even though layering is not as boldly emphasized as styles such as techwear or goth ninja, it is still an important part of creating a great outfit. Putting on layers of multiple articles of clothing is a decade-old trick that has made its way into many fashion styles. Proper layering does not only provided the needed heat that is isolated in cold weather, but it also plays a role in creating a fashionable silhouette and attire.


Streetwear is all about the luxury of feeling comfortable in your attire. As a style that is worn every day as casual clothing, streetwear clothing is maximized for a great fit. Using sweat proof and warming fabrics such as cotton in many of the apparel as well as fitted clothes for one’s body type is an often seen feature of streetwear clothing. 

How to Dress Streetwear


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Arillwe Steel Toe Shoes

Just as mentioned before, shoes are a key aspect of many streetwear enthusiasts. Working to tie and outfit together, keeping up with the latest shoe trends is very common for streetwear closets. More often than not, sportswear and sneakers are the top picks. So if you are wondering “where to buy streetwear shoes”, then brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance are great picks.


Adidas Essential 3-stripes Pants

Champion Powerblend Joggers

Aelfric Eden Casual Cargo Pants

Streetwear pants take on a broad range of styles. With comfort in mind anything from joggers, jeans or even chinos are acceptable articles of clothing in a streetwear outfit. In our days, well-fitted pants is what many people go with, but earlier in the days of streetwear baggy pants were more popular. Picking a pair of pants that matches the aesthetic of your outfit is most important when it comes to streetwear.


There are two types of shirts that are often seen in the streetwear style. Firstly, plain basic quality shirts help create a nice clean look that can pull together an outfit. Usually used to help set a subtle look to an already bold outfit, basic t-shirts are a must-have in your closet. On the other hand, graphic t-shirts is the opposite style that adds some needed pop in an outfit. Brands such as BAPE, Supreme streetwear or even underground t-shirt shops, are great places to find a featured shirt for your outfit.

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Crewneck Shark Camo Shirt

Another aspect to keep in mind is that many incorporate a note of urban streetwear into their style as they wear oversized shirts that have a baggy and loose look. This type of shirt is often associated with the start of streetwear and skate culture. Nowadays, a tighter fit can be more commonly seen, especially in women’s clothing.


Cotton Bucket Uniset Hat

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag

Popular among the style, adding something extra to an outfit can give you that highlighted look you might just be missing. So whether it is a bucket hat, a gold chain or a sweat new watch accessorizing should not be missed.

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The Future of Streetwear

As a popular part of the New York fashion show of ss20, Streetwear is a predicted style that will grow. Picked up and focused by popular brands such as Nike, BAPE, and more, the street style has become a worldwide way of dressing. If the style interests you stick around on our site and find some more interesting streetwear inspirations for your 2020 closet.