Dark Tactical Vests For a Techwear Look

Wearing a dark tactical vest is a great alternative for those who want to wear the latest look of the techwear fashion trend. It can be used as an added layer of warmth or style. A tactical vest is not a new concept but is one that is growing in popularity. Not only are there more options now for tactical vests, but it is one that can be layered to add a lot of detail. In this article, we will go over the concept of tactical vests and some bestseller options.

History of Vests

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The concept of vests has been around for a very long time. Vest usage was common among people that either worked in environments that were rough on clothes or a culture that had a tradition of wearing a vest. The tradition can be found in the military, with vests being used to hold ammunition and regimental insignia that have been worn for a long time. The modern-day tactical vest became famous during World War II, where they were airdropped to the allies. These vests were designed to provide gear, as well as protection.

The Modern Tactical Vest
Right now, tactical vests are a popular item in modern fashion. The concept of being able to layer them for warmth or style has created a resurgence in popularity with the latest look of the techwear fashion trend. The designs for these vests have not changed much, which is what makes them popular among people that want a unique look. There is a multitude of different colors, styles, and designs that one can choose from to create their own look. These vests are not only used as an item of fashion but also for warmth during the fall, winter, or spring.

Full Techwear Vest

Going the most traditional look of the black vest is the full techwear vest. This is the most common type of vest that one would see when wearing a full techwear look. The design of this vest is simple, but it allows for a lot of detail to be added. There are pouches located all around the outside of this vest to hold items. Some pouches even have straps that can fasten or tighten for extra security and to reduce weight. These vests are often made out of a mesh material that allows for airflow. These are also the warmest vests on this list because of the number of layers and layers that can be added to create a layered look. The full techwear vest is a great addition to add warmth and detail to one’s outfit. To really give this vest its full potential, it is recommended that one wears it over a long sleeves shirt or even underneath a jacket to create multiple looks. Take a look below at some techwear fashion vest examples.

Lentta Safari Vest

Beat The World


The first best is a safari-style fishing vest. Made with 16 different functional pockets, this vest is designed with a lot of detail and space to hold tools and gear. Made with a mesh-like exterior it is a great way to add a more detailed and complex look to the black techwear aesthetic. Next, we have a utility vest that mixes the line between fashion and function. This vest is made with cotton and polyester, giving it a classic look. The design also has numerous pockets and many different ways for the wearer to customize it to their liking. Lastly, there is the outdoor military vest by Prijouhe. Made out of 100% Nylon, this vest is a waterproof, lightweight, and breathable vest. The design is simple and has a classic look to it.

Cropped Techwear Vest

The cropped techwear vest is a great option for those that want to wear the latest techwear fashion trend while still adding some heat. These vests have a cropped look overall and are designed to be worn over long sleeve shirts or other items that are short. This is a great way to be able to add a layer of warmth during the fall, winter, or spring while still looking good and blending in with the rest of one’s outfit. Typically used more as a fashion statement rather than an item of warmth, these vests look great with a variety of styles. Take a look at some examples below.

Rothco Recon VEst

Flygo SUmmer Vest

Hudsin Vest

Starting we have a Rothco cropped vest. This model is a very simple but unique design that can be worn with a standard crew-neck shirt. It has two large, single pockets on each side with Velcro closure. This vest has been made a lot more modern with the use of one-sided pockets and velcro closure. Next, we have an outdoor tactical vest. This vest is a great choice because it can be layered under a jacket and still fit into the techwear fashion trend. There are many pockets located around the outside of this vest, as well as zippers that allow for this to be customized to each person’s liking. The front panel is made out of Nylon to keep its waterproof capabilities while at the same time making it breathable. Lastly, with a more unique look, there is the Hudson vest. Made with a polyester fabric this vest is a Velcro strap adjustable vest. This is a great vest because of the detailed logos and the accessory-like look it adds.

Techwear Vest Chest bags

The chest bag is the latest way to wear a techwear vest. Instead of draped over the shoulder, it is more like a backpack. It has a unique design and looks, which is why it has been featured in techwear and goth ninja fashion. These vests can be worn as an extra layer or third layer when wearing a trapper jacket. The chest bag allows you to hold items, giving you a more hands-free experience. This is a popular item right now because of its unique design and useful features. Take a look at the examples below.

Fabric of the Universe Chest Bag

Lemanman Vest Backpack

Lewong Radio Harness

The first chest bag is a techwear made product. This backpack is made to add detail to one look. Attached with straps and a buckle, the vest is comfortable to wear over any shirt or outerwear. The next, chest bag has two straps on each side that wrap around the body to create a secure fit. A deep and dark-looking front pocket also adds to the charm of this chest bag. Lastly, the third example is a simple but popular radio harness vest bag. This vest is made of nylon and Velcro straps to allow for the wearer to adjust it around their body.