Dystopian Clothing For a Clean Goth Ninja Look

When someone first hears the term dystopian clothing, futuristic fashion often times comes to mind. Despite being true, there are many different styles associated with the term “futuristic”.

Dystopian clothing is not about imprinting societies’ new ideas about the future, merging fashion with technology, nor creating sustainable clothing with low-maintenance materials. Dystopian fashion is a minimalistic dark aesthetic, that blends casual gothic fashion with a deconstructed futuristic style. In this article, we are going to take a look at some features of the style and our top picks for dystopian clothing you can buy online.

Dystopian Clothing You Can Buy Online


Outerwear has always been a highlighted garment in goth ninja clothing. Being one of the first things we notice in most outfits, having a sleek futuristic jacket is an aspect that should never be overlooked when creating a dystopian attire. Being able to pair your jacket with anything is easier than ever in goth ninja style, as the all-black-look allows for matching clothes.

Aelfric Eden Cargo Jacket


Ellazhu Oversized Casual Jacket

Pilot Windbreaker Jacket


Following all of the features of the style, the goth ninja jackets are typically black and plastered with hidden pockets, zippers, and straps. Taking a look at some of the examples above we can see how they follow that style guideline. Furthermore, you may also notice the common theme, of white text placed over a black attire. This simplistic yet futuristic style choice is often time seen in all types of techwear and goth ninja garments.

The first jacket is a lightweight windbreaker by the popular gothic fashion brand Aelfric Eden. Made out of high-quality materials the coat is known to be water and wind repellant as well as heat retainable. With a sleek futuristic look, it is packed with pockets, media storage, earphone line fasteners, and even adjustable cuffs. If you are looking for a fall/winter 2020 jacket that is both stylish and practical then this the right pick for you. 

Going down the line, the next coat is a showpiece that can make any simple black outfit into more of a goth ninja style. Labeled as a long futuristic jacket, this Ellazhu product is the perfect accessory piece for a spring or fall look. Despite being on the thinner side of jackets, it still provides the needed warmth on a chilly day. Designed with ribbons straps and white lettering, this is the ideal “accessory” type of jacket when recreating a casual dystopian look.

Finally, on our list is a bomber windbreaker jacket by the brand IYYVV. Despite lacking in pockets, ribbons, and buckles, it makes up for it in the jackets bomber style and an array of white lettering and logos make this a futuristic ninja coat. Although rather thin, the garment can be worn as a casual overcoat on windy or chilly day. But before ordering, keep in mind, that many customers have problems with getting the right size so be sure to order a few sizes up.


Dystopian shirts are typically clean black styled garments that help pull together a look. A simple black quality T-shirt is an article of clothing that anyone interested in goth ninja fashion should have. Matching all outfits the clean shirt will give you a desired futuristic look without any effort. On the other hand, if all-black clothing is what makes up your attire, adding some pop with a graphic shirt can give you a desired cyberpunk look. Let’s take a look at some of our picks.

Fabric of the Universe Graphic T-shirt

Reebok Graphic Workout Tee

Ellazhu Long Batwing Pullover


The first shirt is one made by our favorite amazon drop shop, Fabric of The Universe. Known for their popular Japanese hoodie and futuristic shirts, this techwear brand is one you should not miss out on. Available in four different neon colors the streetwear styled shirt can be worn with just a simple pair of black joggers. Sitting as a centerpiece on many outfits, the design of the shirt gives off a modern and sleek look. But if the logos are not your preferred choice, we suggest you check out the brands collection, as they have many different techwear shirts.


Next on our list is the Reebook Workout Tee. As part of Reebok’s large collection of sportswear T-shirts, this garment is no exception to the brand’s great quality, style, and popularity. Made out of a blend of cotton and polyester the shirt is sweatproof, heat absorbent, and shields your body from extreme weather. Keeping you dry, the shirt is also lightweight and durable. Despite being more of a brown and grey tone, this could be a great addition to a goth ninja closet.

Finally, we have more of a stylized type of shirt that is ideal for a centerpiece in one’s outfit. Lined with a ribbon and white texts this t-shirt falls under the typical goth ninja style. Made out of a mix of cotton, nylon, and spandex, the shirt will keep you warm while always having a durable shape. If you are looking for a fall dystopian shirt then this is the one we suggest.


Layered, strapped, and baggy pants are a popular trend among dystopian gothic clothing. Eventhough tight jean-like pants can also be commonly seen, a looser and more deconstructed bottom wear has become a fashionable choice. Portraying comfort the Harem style pants are designed to be easily styled, fit well, and provide functionality. Let us take a look at some examples of these type of pants:

Onttno Floral Ankle Pants


Aelfric Eden Harem Jogger Pants
Ellazhu Wide Loose Drop Pants

First on our list is the affordable Onttno stretch waist pants. Taking more of a casual approach these are the type of baggy pants you will always find yourself in. Made out 92 % cotton and 8 % spandex, the pants are breathable, warm, stretchy, and will keep you dry. With an edgy goth ninja look, they can be styled with almost anything.

The second pants are one of the most popular picks you can buy off amazon. Being apart of Aelfric Eden’s collection, these Harem style jogger pants are what goth ninja is all about.Lined with patchwork, pockets, and straps, the pants have a layered look to them. Ideal for recreating the perfect dystopian look we suggest these joggers.

Similar to the first pants, these loosely fitted baggy pants are a comfortable fit that you will want to always keep on. Made by the Ellazhu brand, these hip hop harem pants are a fashion statement to one’s outfit. With a tight lower leg and a loose drop crotch wearing the pants might need some getting used to at first. But if this style of pants suits you then we suggest this sleek pair.


Similar to streetwear, a fresh pair of shoes is can easily become a highlighted garment in a dystopian outfit. A clean dark pair of sneakers is the common shoe when it comes to this style. With so many quality brands available, you can see dystopian shoes ranging anywhere from Nike, Puma too even underground shoe shops.

Nike Flex Runner

Nike Training Basketball Shoe


Sock shoes are a trending shoe style that is known for its comfort, ease, and sleek look. Easy to slip on and go, these sneakers are the ideal techwear shoe. With a black and white style, the shoes will look great under any dystopian goth ninja look. The white rubber sole and breathable black lining give off a modern look that, if kept clean, will be timeless.


With new trends always changing, another popular trend to wear is thick white sole sneakers that are slightly elevated. Giving off a more futuristic look, the Nike Basketball shoes can be seen with that style. Furthermore, the sharp and bulky finish to the shoe contributes to a dystopian look. As part of Nikes Jordan Shoe collection, you can expect nothing more than long-lasting quality from these sneakers. But always remember to keep the white sole clean, for a newer and better look.


There any many fashion styles that often times forget to accessorize, but goth ninja is definitely not one. With accessory style outerwear, cowls, gloves, and more. The goth ninja dystopian way of dressing oftentimes includes a full black attire elevated with accessories. Other than masks, gaiters, and hoods, let’s take a look at some other accessories for the style.

Marry's Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses

CH & Fun Leather Gloves


Steampunk styled glasses such as the ones above are a great addition that can make a futuristic outfit out of this world. Available with many different colored lenses, you can get these techwear glasses to match any attire. Furthermore, do not let the glasses thick sharp metal frame fool you as they are lightweight and easy to wear. If you are looking to add a touch of color to your goth ninja look, we suggest picking up a pair of these colorful framed sunglasses.

Fingerless gloves have always been a cool looking accessory that one can add to their outfit. Typically made out of cotton or leather, these types of gloves are known for giving extra movement and dexterity than normal gloves do not provide. They are often are worn to give a better grip and protection. Nowadays, the gloves have become a fashionable garment that can be worn as an accessory. The gloves seen above are leather made sheepskin gloves that can be worn in style.