Everything You Need To Know About Crisiswear

Unique handmade apparel is oftentimes a driving factor when it comes to quality clothing. Based in Chicago the brand Crisiswear is one you should not miss out on. Focused on creating one of a kind, neo-gothic-inspired garments, Crisiswear clothing often falling user the goth ninja and techwear category. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes up the brand and why they stand out in their clothing niche.

Who is Behind Crisiswear?

Founded by Matt Deponte in 1999, the Crisiswear brand has grown into one of a kind style with a global audience. Inspired by his night job as a bouncer at one of Chicago’s main Goth night clubs, named Neo. Deponte would oftentimes find himself influenced by the neo-gothic styles of the club and its patrons. Nowadays, as the fashion world grows, there are many styles that branch out from the cyberpunk gothic look, such as techwear, goth ninja, and even streetwear. Deponte’s signature takes on the dark deconstructed fashion has become the core foundation of Crisiswear’s success in today’s clothing market. Other than being the owner, Matt Deponte takes on the role of a creative director. Together with his team of artistic designers, they build up the name of Crisiswear and their exclusive collections.

What Makes Their Clothing Exceptional?

100 % Handmade

Everything you need to know about Crisiswear

Contradictory to most mass-produced clothing brands, Crisiswear is all about unique handmade apparel. Typically, brands with such a widespread global audience make their clothing as machine-made mass products, with a one size fits all mindset. Whereas ordering from Crisiswear, you will receive handmade designs that are created for a perfect fit. With sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL, there is a product for any body type. With each garment created by talented designers who are passionate about their creation, it really shows through in their articles of clothing. When wearing a garment from there brand, you can expect quality stitched seams, high attention to detail, and if you know your size, the garment will always be a good fit.

High-Quality Fabric

Crisiswear quality techwear clothing
Crisiswear high quality goth clothing

Another highly valued aspect that set aside the brand from other comparable brands, is their fabric choice. Other than a perfect stitch, a well-made article of clothing can often be spotted by the material used to create it. Picking out the best, Crisiswear’s clothing always ensures a lifetime of high-quality wear. A mix between cotton, lycra blend and a rib-knit pattern, is a commonly seen material that the brand swears by. Creating the ultimate fabric that is both elastic and well fitted due to the lycra blends, as well as breathable, warm and sweat-resistant due to the cotton. Durable water-repellent fabrics is another highlighted feature you can see in some of their products. With the target of creating functional yet goth ninja styled techwear, the garments take a fashionable approach towards weather-resistant, windproof and comfortable clothing. Finally, for their more everyday products such as jeans, shorts and more, the brand also uses a selection of high-quality denim that has a stylized look with environment and abrasion resistance.

One of a Kind

Crisiswear goth ninja clothing
Crisiswear techwear dress
Crisiswear hooded cowl

Scrolling through Crisiswear’s catalog collection one can without a doubt say that their garments are unique and exclusive to their brand. Other than the black or gray tones, the brand’s clothing takes on similar neo-gothic inspirations such as draped cloth, hooded accessories, and intriguing zippers, straps, buckles, and even pockets. Even though it is a key feature of the style, Crisiswear has taken its own spin with different collections such as the Bulwark Collection, Origin Series, SubZero Cowls and many more. Following a quality design and eye-catching style, their clothing is oftentimes seen as a centerpiece to any outfit. Taking a look at some of their products above, we can see a display of goth ninja styled clothing that follows a similar trend but each has its different esthetic. Playing around form, silhouette, and shape, it is worth investing in the clothing made by the designers at Crisiswear.


Crisiswear techwear pants
Crisiswear Techwear women pants

Conscious about their band’s impact on our modern world, the Crisiswear company praises itself on its excellent employee management and environmentally friendly choices. Hiring the best of the best, the brand views its working staff as “talented artists who work to design and integrate a perfect garment.” Additionally, Crisiswear helps support local brands around them, as they look to buy their variety of fabrics from exclusive US bases companies who pay fair wages. When wearing clothing from Crisiswear you are not just representing a brand name, you are wearing a handmade garment designed to perfection and made with passion.