Everything You Need to Know About Goth Fashion

As a classical dark aesthetic look Gothic Fashion is a complex style that has been around for years. Evolving into many different looks, the goth style started off as a rebellious way of dressing influence by music and an overall dark look. In this article we are going to go over, what is gothic fashion, some types of goth and popular goth clothing that one can buy.

What is Goth Fashion

Best goth fashion clothing

Characteristics of Goth Fashion

If black is often your color of choice when creating a look, then the goth aesthetic might be for you. Setting a tone from the punk era, the Goth subculture is thought to have originated in the early 1980s. As the style made its way into the world of fashion, Goth “evolved to encompass a range of music, fashion, and art. “ Being gothic celebrates music, and a dark aesthetic, today we can see many different variations on the look that has evolved into many subcultures. Often being confused with heavy metal fashion or emo fashion, Goth has many different ways of dressing and styling an attire, such as goth lolita, goth brolita, traditional, aristocratic, and more. Also associated with dark and mysterious goth looks, the fashion style can be seen with, chains, studs, courses, and more. 

Types of Goth

In the world, today goth is considered one of the most diverse subcultures. All inspired by a dark aesthetic with a unique style, here are just a few poplar goth fashion types that one can see.

Traditional Goth: Just as the name suggests, this goth style was the first to emerge from the gothic culture. Created around the 1980’s, the early gothic music was a large influence on the look. Usually seen with an all-black attire, piercings, dark make-up, and a spooky vibe, anyone can recognize this style as goth.

Cyber Goth: Storming the goth trends in the modern-day, there is Cybergoth. Created with a mix of traditional goth and futuristic goth fashion in mind, this style also stands out as its own. Often seen wearing neon colors mixed with black, goggles, gas veils, and goth masks, a cybergoth enthusiast goes all out on their looks.

Casual Goth: As another recent goth subculture, casual goth is all about a dark vibe everyday look. Mixing dark non-goth pieces with traditional gothic clothing this style is among the most popular in today’s fashion.

Besth Amazon Goth Clothes

Shopping online for stylized clothing might seem like a limiting experience but you may be surprised by just how many different brands and garments one can find when they know how to search for them. That is why we have made a list of popular and best seller goth clothing that can get you started in creating the perfect goth look.

Goth Jackets Outerwear

A well-made goth jacket can easily become a highlight piece in one’s look. As outwear is both a practical garment that will keep you warm and a fashionable addition that creates layers, it is often seen as one of the most important pieces in a fall or winter look. When it comes to gothic jackets, a long deign cut is usually preferred. Giving a more elongated stylized look, the long coats are ideal all season round. Let’s take a look at some goth jacket examples.

Escalier Wool Double Breasted Trench Coat

Lende Double Breasted Trench Coat

Pioneer Winter Padded PUffer Coat

Starting off with a classical trench coat women’s selection, this jacket is simplistic yet perfect for a goth style. Made out of 50% Wool and 50% Polyester the coat will keep you warm and it will have a stretchable and comfortable feel. If you are looking for a look that you can wear with any goth ninja outfit, then we suggest this black jacket. Taking on more off a classic timeless look, we have a mens trench overcoat. As a double-breasted slim design jacket this garment that can make any simple black attire look great. As a more slim fit jacket be sure to get one size larger if you want to have a more loosely fitted coat. Lastly, for more of a winter garnet, there is the Pioneer Goth Puffer Jacket. As a 100 percent polyester product, this is a warm winter jacket men and women can wear. Stylized with stitching, zippers, and a hoodie, the all-black coat gives off a techwear look. If you are searching for a goth winter coat then this is the ideal pick.

Goth Shirts

Having a closet full of graphic shirts is not just something seen in a streetwear closet. Typically, when recreating an all-black look, adding some interest, such as a graphics shirt, is a simple way to pull an attire together with some detail. Other then a classic quality black shirt, we are going to go over some women’s gothic clothing shirts and goth clothing mens selections, you can pick from to recreate your own goth looks.

Disney Snow White Grumpy Graphics Tee
Romwe Scalloped Cut Out Top

Riot Society Short Sleeve Gaphic Tee

Taking massive popularity with both the punk, goth, and streetwear fashion is a distorted effect on a simple shirt. Adding this goth vintage shirt style to your closet is the perfect way to funk up your look. Worn with a simple pair of black pants and some combat boots, your outfit is almost complete. Made out of 100% cotton the shirt is also a sweat-proof quality-made garment you can wear any season. Next, for a more stylized approach to a womens goth look, we have a cut-out top. With a feminine goth style, this shirt has a v-neck combined with a choker shirt. With a mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex, the product is stretchable, slim fit, and comfortable. If you are looking for a sexy goth shirt, then this is the design you should look for. Lastly, with another graphics style, there is a Japanese goth shirt by Riot Society. As another 100 percent cotton made garment, quality and long-lasting features are what you will get with this purchase. Being one of our favorite scary goth yet modern looks, it is worth a look.

Goth Pants

As a garment that you will find yourself wearing through most of a casual weekday, goth pants, must be comfortable, durable, stretchable, and easy to style. Going with a pair of neutral black joggers or just some black jeans is a great choice, as they will look great with anything. Let us take a look at some of the best goth pant styles and how you can wear them.

AOWEER High Waisted Black Cargo Pants

Astellarie Punk Cargo Hip-Hop Pants

Calvin Klein Faux Leather Leggings

If you are looking to create a modern techwear inspired gothic look, then the first parts are just for you. Marketed as high waisted black jogger pants, they are comfortable for everyday fit. With a cargo design, the pants are loose but comfortable. Designed with straps buckles, and pockets they are also rather practical. Next, we have the men’s version of the previous cargo pants. Seen as Hip-Hop pants, these teckwear bottoms make up for an interesting looking in all-black attire. Additionally, marked with white stripes along the sides makes up for a detailed touch to one’s outfit. Lastly, every goth fanatic must own at least one pair of goth leather black leggings in their closet. Taking rank as one of the best we gave the Calvin Klein leggings. Even though they are goth faux leather leggings they are a well-made, durable and stylish voice. Elevating ever simple goth look we suggest you grab yourself a pair of these womens goth pants.

Goth Shoes

Just like pants, when picking out goth shoes one must go for comfort over looks. Knowing that you will be wearing a shoe all day long, picking the ideal footwear for a stress-free outfit is a must. Goth shoes usually are combat styled boots that can be worn with almost anything. With a slightly rougher and punk look, the combat boots are known to be comfortable yet stylish. Below are just some examples of great goth combat boots you can check out.

Prada Linea Rossa Moto Boots

Dr. Martens Leona Boots

Tebapi Backpacking Amry Combat Boots

Starting with quality first, we have a luxury Prada boot. Created for style, comfort, and a lifetime of wear, these Prada combat boots are the perfect goth shoe purchase. Made out of 100 percent leather, with a synthetic sole, these boots are known for their long-lasting quality. Designed with a side zipper and a double buck for aesthetics, the boots are many favorite pick for an everyday look. Going back to the classics, next, we have a Doc Martin goth shoe. Created during the growth of punk, these British made shoes represent a rock and roll style. With a thick rubber sole the vintage goth shoes, are a pair you can wear daily. Furthermore, lined with a mustard yellow stitching they can add a pop of color in an all-black look. Last, we have a goth pair of motorcycle punk boots. High rise, chains, buckles, and straps, these shoes have it all. Helping fit together any goth attire, these boots are a popular choice for goth men shoes.

Goth Accessories

Accessories are a major aspect of a proper goth outfit. Known to pull together a look, while adding detail goth accessories typically resemble chains, chokers, studded add-ons, and more. Another commonly seen aspect in a goth outfit is mixing different accessories to create a finished look. Now that you know about the importance of goth accessories, let’s take a look at some great examples.

Werforu Grommet Leather Belt

TSWRK Spike studded vented mask

Bvroski Chain Nacklace

Every goth of punk enthusiasts probably already has a leather belt, but if by chance you have missed out, here is a great example. Leather belts lined with metallic symmetrical holes is a popular pick. Known to bring detail to a look while having a practical use, this is the perfect everyday accessory. As a cheap goth belt that looks great and is durable, we suggest everyone get their hand on one of these. Next, for a more eye-catching look, there is the studded mask. With a leather finish and a stylized design, this mask can be something that anyone can wear. Lastly, but most commonly see are chains and neckless. Made as a double wear chain, these neckless as layers and detail to one look. With a silver finish that is popular in the goth style, they go with practically anything. Another type of accessory that is commonly seen in a goth women’s style is cage bras, corsets, or cropped chain tops. For a deeper dive into the bralettes, work take a look at our article on “Top Dark Aesthetic Crop Tops and Bralettes.” Though there are countless types of goth accessories, we hope that these few will help you get started with completing your dark goth aesthetic.