Everything You Need To Know About Reindee Lusion

If you have read our article on “The Best Goth Ninja Brands of All-Time” then you may have heard us say before, that the dark styled goth ninja fashion has both an expensive side and an affordable alternative. If you are looking for a well-made high-end attire at a relatively affordable price then the Reindee Lusion brand is one of you should take a look at. Comparing price-to-quality, Reindee Lusion offers extremely well made goth ninja clothing that focuses on functionally and style. Let’s take look at everything you need to know about the brand.

The History of Reindee Lusion

Best of Reindee Lusion

Established in 2013, the Reindee Lusion Brand is aimed at making Urban style clothing for people who live in a city. Since starting their brand, the “Urbanite” focus has shifted into creating Performance Apparel Garments. With collections driven towards functionality, usability, and quality, the brand has maintained a dark goth ninja look, one interested in techwear must own. Furthermore, influenced by themes such as Cubism and Architectural structural designs, the Reindee Lusion clothing line does not only offer quality garment but also a dark aesthetic style that can be considered high fashion.

As the fashion world is an ever-changing theme, the brand has a modern approach of keeping its products up to date and in-style. With the 2020 trends taking up the fashion world, Reindee Lusion has begun to focus on looks such as illustrations, sci-fi elements, and sporting goods. In this article, we are going to take a look at just some of what they offer.

Reindee Lusion Pants

Pants and Outerwear have always been a highlighted feature in any techwear or goth ninja attire. Which is why it is no surprise to see a quality style displayed in the Reindee Lusion pants. Mostly made out of 100 percent polyester, this synthetic material is an extremely durable fabric that is known for its resistance towards wrinkling, abrasion, and stretching. Furthermore, being lightweight and quick drying makes this a popular pick for any outdoor style clothing. Even though you might not expect these polyester pants to keep you warm in extreme weather, their style and functionality make it a perfect pair of pants for any city dweller.

19F/W 3D Waterproof Tapered Pants
Best of Reindee Lusion
19F/W Functional Type Waterproof Pants
Reindee Lusion

Ergonomically designed for functionality and comfort one might be surprised by all of the detailing that is present in the brand’s pants. Lined with zipper bags, fanny packs, large volume pockets, and Velcro secure pockets make the products a great garment with storage usability and a techwear style. Other than a deep pocket that can store all of your belongings, the Reindee Lusion brand focused on creating a flexible fit that will be comfortable for all. Packed with integrated snaps, waistbands, and buckles, for an adjustable and custom fit, you will find yourself never growing out of these pants. Furthermore, keeping up with modern trends the pants are styled with a tapered lower leg and a looser top.

Reindee Lusion Outerwear

Similar to pants, a well-made jacket can become a highlighted feature that pulls together a techwear attire. And just like most of Reindee Lusion’s clothing Polyester is the main fabric of many of their jackets. Aimed at keeping you looking sleek while being functional, their jackets are quality windbreakers, that can be worn all year round.

19 F/W 3 in 1 Seamless Pressing Adhensive Waterproof Jacket
Best of Reindee Lusion
19 F/W 3D Tailoring Waterproof Kimono

No matter the season, and the appropriately styled top layer is a must-have garment. Having a thin fall/spring Kimono such as the one above will giving off a classical dark look while keeping you warm. Whereas a thicker winter jacket equipped with innovative features, seen in the seamless pressing jacket design, is the perfect fit for someone looking for a long term jacket that will look great for many winters to come.

Reindee Lusion Accessories

Being one of the most commonly forgotten aspects in an outfit, accessories are actually a key garment that can make or break one’s look. From buckets hats too gloves, and belts too bags cowls and more, not having the proper accessories at hand is usually what stops someone from completing their goth ninja look. Even though Reindee Lusion has a limited supply of accessories, the ones at hand are a quality line that can greatly elevate a look. If you are interested in reading more about popular goth ninja accessories keep an every out for our upcoming article on “ Best Goth Ninja Accessories For a Dark Look.

19F/W Waterproof Detachable Bucket Hat
Best of Reindee Lusion
19F/W Multifunction Magnetic Buckle Backpack
Accessories by Reindee Lusion

Taking a look at some examples of their accessories above, we can see their top-notch waterproof bucket hat and a multifunctional buckle backpack. Adopted with tech design, the Reindee Lusion products are made for usability. Whether they are meant to protect your face from the rain or compartmentalize all of your belongings, you can expect a quality product that you will always find a use for.