Fashionable Men Long Hairstyles You Should Try Out

Whether you are new to long hair or you never know how to style your hair, having a few go to hair styles is a vital factor in creating different everyday looks that are comfortable and stylish. Though most long hair styles for men require nothing more than a hairband, knowing the different options is always a great way to pick out what looks good on you. In this article we are going to go over in-style long hair looks for men and how to wear them.

Side Shave Bun

Men long hair style Saved sides

Taking a spin on the classical undercut haircut, the side shave bun is a modern pick that many go for. Leaving length on the top while the back and the sides are either faded or cut, this hairstyle is a combination of both short and long hair. Ideal for someone looking for a younger look this hairstyle gives off a rather youthful style. Though this short haircut on the side is a risky trim, it is one that you will not regret. Ideal for warm weather, the shaved long hair is the best of both worlds.

Men Down Hair Look

Men long hair style long
Wearing your hair down as a long haired man can be considered one of the best looks one can pull off. Though having clean hair is a must with this look, it is one of the most comfortable and easy styles. As a style not just for men, this classical look gives off a confident, and natural appeal. Other than clean hair, wearing your hair down with certainty is key. For example constantly playing with your hair and adjusting your locks should be avoided as it makes one look unsure and uncomfortable in their look.

Men Ponytail Style

Men long hair style ponytale
When one looks to get their hair out of their face, a simple pulled back ponytail is a go too for many. Though it might not be the most flattering at times, this hairstyle is a practical choice that never fails for a comfortable look. Whether you pick to wear a men’s high pony tail or low one, the style is a classical pick that is ideal for an everyday casual look.

Men Dread Locks Look

Men long hair style Dreads

As one of the most difficult styles out there, the dreadlock is a style that once you pick, you will probably wear for years. Going through a long and difficult process of dividing, twisting, and waxing each dreadlock. It is recommended that you have them done by a professional. Furthermore, just as difficult it is to create, the dreadlock is typically hard to take out. But with all that hassle aside, the dreadlocks look is a historic touch that is worn by different cultures, and hair lengths. Popular among the youth, the dreads can look great on practically any one.

Men Half Bun Style

Best men long shirt style

Giving off ninja vibes, this half up and half down long hair style for men is another look that you can see in both casual and more fancy events. Giving off the illusion of a hair down look while still keeping any hair out of your face, this style is popular with anyone with long hair. Whether you tie your hair in a bun, ponytail or even braid in the back, the half and half look is one of our favorites when it comes to comfort and style.

Man BUn Look

Men long hair style bun

Lastly, but one of the most popular go-to men’s hair how to style, the man bun is a quick and easy tie up that a man can wear. Worn in both casual and even fancy attires, the man bun is comfortable like the ponytail but more stylish and appealing, we suggest wearing a man bun over an everyday ponytail. Furthermore, wearing a man bun tight, loose, higher up or lower, are all different variations that one can try out for the ideal bun.

Products For Long Hair Styles

Now that we have gone over some of the most popular hairstyles for men with long hair, take a look at some must have men’s natural hair care products that will make styling easier and better.

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