Unisex Streetwear Softshell Jackets for Spring 2021

Jackets are one of the greatest inventions when it comes to fashion. Apart from keeping one warm and protected, a great jacket elevates one’s look to a whole other level. With the spring approaching, it is time to put away our furry winter coats and whip out our stylish softshell outerwear. Since streetwear is often described as an article of daily clothing with style, let’s take a look at some of the latest 2020 jackets to add to your closet.

Softshell jackets are the ideal outerwear for spring weather. Unlike hardshell coats, a softshell is typically made to withstand moderate weather such as wind, rain and more. Made in both thin and medium-thick width, the jacks help keep one warm in a breathable attire. As a great alternative to sweaters and cardigans, a softshell coat can be a stylish addition to one’s outfit.  Without further delay, here is a list of some modern softshell jackets that can complete a streetwear look.

Mascherano Bomber Jacket

First on our list is this stylized bomber jacket. Worn with an oversized look, this colorful coat is a stylish pick that can be a feature of any outfit. Made out of cotton and polyester with embroidered pockets and designs, the jacket will keep you warm in the spring and autumn weather. Additionally, lined with zippers and stripes, gives off a very layered and constructed fit. One of the most popular features of the coat is the dual split color design, available in both red and back as well as white and blue, this unisex jacket is an accessory on its own. 

Fangfei 3M Reflective Jacket

If you like a little shine in your attire then this is the softshell for you. This reflective hooded jacket is available silver. Packed with oversized pockets the jacket is extremely functional. Typically, worn in chillier weather this stuffed jacket is a stylish and warming garment. Ideally worn as a statement piece of attire the jacket can be pair with anything from an all-black too colorful outfit.

Champion Life Men’s Anorak Windbreaker

Made out of 100 percent nylon this fashionable windbreaker is a must-have in your street style closet. With both breathable and wind repellent features, the coat is a perfect wear for a windy spring day. Featured as an extremely lightweight windbreaker jacket is portable as it can be folded into pocket size. Furthermore, available is over five different colors this coat is one of the best selling windbreakers in the Champion brand.

Onttno Pullover Jacket

Available in green, back, red, white and yellow, this dark street style hooded jacket is a casual long-sleeve windbreaker that takes a modern spin on a classic jacket. With a fashionable low cut, the Onttno pullover jacket is a unisex windbreaker the is ideal for the spring and summer. Made out of 100 percent polyester breathable fabric, the affordable coat is a great pick to add some color to an outfit.