Funky Streetwear Swimming Suites of 2021

Streetwear swimming suits are all about trending styles and colors. With the summer/spring 2020 brand collections out, this year’s swimming suits are a line of different styles. Whether you are one that prefers a simple clean-cut swim trunk or more of a colorful swimming bottom, we have outlined some of the best picks for your 2020 summer.

Red Swimming Suits

A bold red bathing suit is a must in anyone’s streetwear closet. Being a universal streetwear color that looks good on any skin tone, a red swimming suit should be a garment in your summer closet. Picking out a high-quality red squirming suit is usually more important than any other color. Due to its bold and eye-catching nature, no one wants their red swimming bottoms to lose their color in the washer. Here are a few quality picks that will stay red all summer long.

Calvin Klein Elastic Waist Swim Trunks

Nike Men's Racer 9 Swim Trunks

Calvin Klein is a well-known brand when it comes to brand labeled underwear, swimwear, and lounge garments. Despite being a popular brand for almost all apparent, by plastering their brand name on their products makes their swimming suits the ideal streetwear collection. Available in multiple different colors these bold red swim trunks are no exception to the brand’s style. With the brand name written in white on the side this polyester swimming suit, is one you will not regret buying. Made with an elastic waistband for an adjustable fit, two exterior hand pockets, an interior coin pocket, and more, quality is an assured feature of this product.

No fashion-focused brand can really beat Nike when it comes to a sports men swimming suit. Made out of 100 % Polyester the garment is a lightweight, quick-drying material that comes with a mesh pocket bag for water drainage. Made with a stretchable waistband that has a built-in internal drawcord, the swimming suit is suitable for a custom fit. Available in a long-lasting bold red that has an accent black Nike sharpie on the side, these are a great pair of men’s swimwear.

Tommy Hilfiger Swimming Suits

Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known brand for creating high-end streetwear and retro prep clothing. With new swimwear collections out almost every year, the Tommy Hilfiger brand has made a name for itself in the competitive swimming suit market. Here are some of our favorite Tommy Hilfiger releases for this summer.

Colorblock 6.5 Swim Trunks

Long Inseam Swim Trunks

As the announced color of the year 2020, is ”Classic Blue”, these blue-toned swimming suit bottoms will be a trending style this summer. Made out of 68 % Cotton and 32% Nylon, the swimming trunks are fast drying, comfortable and elastic for a great fit. Sewn with an adjustable drawstring at the top and a triangle slit on both sides, comfort is a highlighted aspect in this men’s swimming suit. The design of these lightweight swim trunks is what makes a great streetwear swimming suit. The trunks are created with a classical blue front and a dark blue back, that is outlined with a lime yellow and white stitching.

Made by the design of Tommy Hilfiger’s recognizable white, red and blue logo, these retro swimming suit bottoms are a great pick for a summer 2020 look. Fast-drying and lightweight is a key feature of the swimming suit as its made out of a mesh lining at the interior and an all Nylon outer cover. Designed with slit pockets with a lining in the front and back, as well as a pull tab Velcro closure, functionality seems to be another feature of the trunks. Available in three different colors this Tommy Hilfiger swimming suit is a great addition to one’s closet.

White Swimming Suits​

Even though white is not a typical swimming suit color, give these trunks a chance. If you are someone who avoids wearing white due to its nature of getting dirty and highlighting any imperfections, then maybe it is time to change your mind. These white swimming suit for men shorts are a quick rinse away from a sparkling white color. Here are some of our top picks.

Nonwe Men Flamingo Swimming Suit

Calvin Klein Elastic Waist Swim Trunks

The Nonwe retro swimming suit styled trunks are the perfect mix between a classy white swimming suit and a funky swimming bottom. Covered with black flamingos, the black and white design is what makes this a great streetwear look. Made out of 100% Polyester the swimming suit is made out of a quality lightweight and drying material. Also available in pink and blue take your chance to order this affordable swimming suit for your next beach trip.

Just like the Calvin Klein Red Swim Trunks, this white version is one you should not miss out on. Made out of high-quality Polyester drying material, this swimming suit will be your go-to for many summers to come. Made with a drawstring and an elastic waistband for ultimate comfort. Furthermore, the swimming suit has UV protection for up to 50 + SPF, making them the ideal garment for a hot summer day.

Colorful Swimming Suits​

A pop of color or bold design is a great way to add some funk to your summer 2020 look. Wearing an eye-catching swimming suit most of the time is the ideal garment for any body type. Here are some of our favorite 2020 men’s colorful swimming suits.

MaaMgic Blue/Shark Swim Trunks

Calvin Klein Hot Pink Swim Shorts

MaaMgic Peach/Banana Swim Trunks

The dark blue baby sharks swim trunks are a great addition to a funky streetwear look. Having the full package of comfort, style, and color, these shorts can also be worn as pants on a hot summer day. Made of out Polyester and interlined with a mesh, they are a quick-drying swimming suit. If you are looking to add some fun to your summer attire we suggest these trunks.

The hot pink Calvin Klein Swimming suit is one of our favorite for this summer. If you are one that can pull off these trunk colors then this is a swimming bottom you should not miss out on. With an eye-catching pop of color, the hot pink complements any skin tones. Lined with a subtle white stripe on each side and a white drawstring the design is both bold yet elegant. Made out of 100 perfect Polyester, the garment is a quality quick-drying product.

Lastly on our list is a popular pick this season. This peachy red banana swimming suit is the talk of the town. Matching even the palest of skin tones, the swim shorts are a comfortable, stylish, and modern pick for the warm seasons. Made out of 100 perfect polyesters, the shorts are breathable, lightweight and can double as ordinary shorts. If you just have simple bathing suits for the summer, mix it up with this banana styled shorts.