Best Goth Ninja Accessories For a Dark Look

Whether you are new to the fashion world or have been dressing in-style for years, you should know that accessories are key. Ever since the beginning of fashion people have been highlighting their attires with accessories. Throughout the different cultures and times, accessories are a changing style that add a finishing touch to any style. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of our favorite goth ninja accessories you can add to your techwear look.

Why You Should Accessories ?

Best Goth Ninja Accessories


Layers are an ancient fashion concept that many attempts to bring into their look. As it adds complexity, it slims, styles, and overall improves one’s outfit. Bring some accessories into your look is a great way to add that extra layer into an attire. Sometimes a simple bag and a popping neckless can be enough to create a more contrasting look.


One of the key features that accessories are known for is creating detail in one’s outfit. Since accessories are a mix of standing out pieces or minor details that complement one’s outfit, they always add a touch of detail to one’s look. But one always has to be careful to not overdo it as too many details in one’s look can create an overcrowded effect. 


Accessories such as hats, bags, or even gloves are great additions to one’s outfit. But other than adding a touch of style to your look they can also be functional garments that will make your daily life easier. Whether it’s keeping you cool from the sun with a sleek hat, packing all of your belongings in a safe place with a sling bag, or even keeping your hands safe, accessories can be great utilitarian items.

Amazon Accessories

Shopping on Amazon is an affordable alternative that many now prefer. With a worldwide variety of brands, sizes, and stores that can be found on the online platform, your new goth ninja attire is just one click away. Here are just some amazon techwear accessories.

MDNT45 Snood Black Hood

Amie Knit Bib Scarf

Taking a look at some of the examples above we can see some great outfit accessories that if worn correctly can flawlessly fit into one’s goth ninja attire. The MDNT black hood is a cyberpunk style cowl that is usually worn during winter, spring, or fall. Trending in the techwear fashion society these types of hooded scarves can bring a unique touch to a somewhat plain dark look. On the other hand, the faux bib scarf by Amie is another unusual accessory that is usually for colder weather. Worn under or over clothing, the bib is a rib-knit garment that brings both style and warmth into one’s look.

Penyan Chest Front Bag

Joopin Lennon Sunglasses

Falling under more of a typical accessory style, the items above are some great additions to a black aesthetic look. If you have read our article on Chest bags, then you know their influence in the 2020 fashion season. The Penyan Chest bag is no expectation to this movement, as its stylish design and functionally makes this a great accessory for a techwear look. On the other hand, the Joopin sunglasses that was featured in our article “Best Cyberpunk Goth Ninja Sunglasses”, as a summary pick with a cyberpunk twist. Available in many different colors you can pick out which shades will go best with your attire.

Crisiswear Accessories

Crisiswear Goth Ninja Accessories

Making its name as one of the best techwear brands on the market, the Crisiswear collection is one you must not miss out on. With a ranging style of jackets, cowls, pants, and more, many might miss out on their awesome range of accessories. If you want to learn more about the brand and their clothing take a look at our article on,” Everything You Need To Know About Crisiswear”.Let’s take a deeper dive into some of their garments that you can accessories you goth ninja look with.

Fragment MKIII

Crisiswear Goth Ninja Accessories
Crisiswear Goth Ninja Accessories

Embracing the fingerless look, we first have the “Fragment MKIII” gloves. Handmade by the Crisiswear professionals, the gloves are made out of an exclusive scratch Cordua material that is hand-stitched for maximum durability. Ideal for both winter and summer, the gloves add a finishing touch to any attire. With details such as high thumb enclosure, tapered fit, zippers and a button closure, makes these gloves a one of a kind purchase that you will always wear.

Crisiswear’s Cowls has become a signature look that many in the goth ninja-style own. With a line of unique hooded cowls, the ones above are just some of their many collections. The Subzero cowl is a rugged winter accessory that will keep you warm and looking sleek. Made out of Polycotton fleece with a heavy-duty construction you will find that the product is long-lasting and holds up well. On the other hand, The Operator Cowl is more of a fall and spring accessory. Design with a more lightweight waxed cotton, the hood is abrasion protected, windproof, and durable. If you are looking for a practical accessory that looks great then we suggest you invest in one of these cowls.

Reindee Lusion Accessories

Reindee lusion Goth Ninja Accessories

If you have never heard of the Reindee Lusion brand, you have been missing out. Creating clothing since 2013, the brand focus on making urban style clothing with a techwear utilitarian twist. Even though they have more of a limited accessories collection, their products are a line of extremely well made, designed, and styled outfits. If you want to learn more about the brand take a look at our article on, “ Everything You Need To Know About Reindee Lusion.” Let us take a look at what accessories they offer.

20 S/S 3 in 1 Functional Tactical Vest

Techwear Vest Accessory

20 S/S 3 In 1 Magnetic Buckle Belt

Reindee Lusion Magnetic Belt

Making it debut in their new ss20 collection, the brand introduced a high-of-the-line tactical vest and an innovative magnetic belt. Made with a German Fidlock V-Buckle-25 magnetic strap, the belt, and the vest are a one-of-a-kind feature that are produced with futuristic functionality in mind. With one-handed detachable features, the belt is equipped with a MOLLE system and a multi-functional suspension ribbon. If you are looking for a belt that you will never change then this is the ideal accessory. On the other hand, the new 3 in 1 Tactical Vest is a secure chest bag the is comfortable, utilitarian, and a great goth ninja accessory.

19 F/W Multifunction Magnetic Buckle Backpack

Reindee lusion Goth Ninja Accessories

19 F/W Waterproof Detachable Bucket Hat

Reindee lusion Goth Ninja Accessories

A durable backpack and a bucket hat and next on their accessories list. As items that at extremely functional and well made, these techwear garments will always be a go-to in your closet. The bucket hat is created with a breathable design that has a three-layer high-density fabric. Working to protect your head from the sun while keeping you cool in style this is a great goth ninja accessory for the summer. Whereas, if you are one the always packs a lot, a dark athletic backpack by Reindee Lusion is what we suggest. Built-in a lightweight tear-free manner, the bag is a high-quality pick for any season.