How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Trending Shoes

Walking around with the perfect pair of shoes does sound ideal, but it might not be long until they start to feel worn out, old, or just out of style. Sometimes no matter how well we take care of our shoes they just do not look as new anymore. Despite owning many, we often find ourselves shopping for new trends and styles in the footwear department. Buying the perfect shoe can be a difficult task if you do not know what to look for. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to pick out the perfect pair of streetwear sneakers which will last a lifetime while looking and feeling new.

What makes up a quality sneaker?

Understanding what makes up a perfect sneaker is the first thing anyone looking for a new pair of footwear should do. Even though it is difficult to find a flaw in a top brand’s footwear that is made out of high-quality materials, there is often more to what makes up a great pair of shoes. Understanding the shoe aesthetics, build, flexibility and how it will suit your style will determine whether or not the shoe is a perfect fit for you. Bellow, we are going to go over a checklist of components to consider when picking out any top brand sneakers or just a pair of plain kicks.

How to pick out the perfect Sneakers

Quality Above All

Although in this article, we want to highlight that quality is not the only feature to look out for when going on a shoe shopping spree. We cannot argue that fixating on the quality of the shoe is a key factor in determining the condition and trait of a new pair of kicks. If you are not new to shopping then many of you know that a high price almost never guarantees high quality, therefore, knowing what fabrics hold up better over time, yet give the wearer optimum comfort and protection is essential to a well-featured shoe.

A Leather sneaker is often the best on the market. With a flexible yet strong hold, shoes made out of leather are extremely durable. But when looking at shoes on the market you will find that most sneakers are usually made out of a mix between textiles such as cotton, polyester, synthetics. Due to the everyday use of sneakers, manufacturers have to use materials that are extremely weatherproof as well as durable. This is where textiles such as cotton, polyester and more come into play. Known for their highly breathable features, spotting a good quality fabric is easier then you think. Keeping an eye out for perfect stitching, smooth and unrugged fabric, as well as a stretchable base, is that you want to look out for. On the other hand, the soles of shoes are most commonly made out of rubber. Known for its highly flexible yet sturdy built, the more “foldable” a rubber is the better the quality. Even though the amount of rubber used, as well as the type, can come into play when testing the flexibility of rubber, over the years, shoe manufacturers commonly use quality rubber.


Nike Air Monarch IV Trainers

Adidas Grand Court Sneaker

Taking a look at the sneakers above we can see a great example of some well-made footwear. Both made with a thick rubber sole, the sneakers will provide durable support and weather-resistant features that many look for in the perfect pair of sneakers. Furthermore, wrapped in 100 percent leather, these two shoes are a great example of a quality shoe that is flexible and extremely durable. Even though they may have a stiff feel to them when first putting them on, do not let that discourage you, as once the shoes are broken into they will provide great support while still feeling comfortable.

Match Your Closet

You may be surprised how often this step is overlooked when one buys a pair of sneakers. Before spending your money on new shoes, taking a constructive look at your closet will give you an upper hand to buying the perfect shoes. Considering your style and thinking about how you can match your new shoes with your clothing beforehand is a great way to see if that is the pair is for you. Eliminating the risk of creating a miss matching streetwear attire, shopping for your closet is the smart way to buy anything. Let’s take a look at some types of closets and their preferred shoe matches.

WXQ Running Breathable Shoes

Skechers Cessnock Shoe


Nike Kobe Mamba Shoe

If your general closet is made up of colorful featured garments such as bold jackets, graphic t-shirts or even an eye-popping pair of joggers, then a more muted shoe is one you should go for. Purchasing a monotoned shoe will give you that perfect pair of kicks that will go with everything and not clash with your highlighted garments. Looking above are just some great examples that you can go for.

Puma Cell Speed Sneaker


Reebok Bb Os Mid Sneaker

Champion Rally Crossover


On the other hand, if you often wear monotoned attires, such as an all-black outfit, then a colorful and unusual shoe might be just what you need to stand out. Bringing together the outfit, while adding some complexity is a great way to stay in style. If bold colors aren’t your first choice, a subtle but interesting pattern or style can also add a little extra flair to a simple outfit. Above we have listed some shoe inspirations that will bring your attire to another level.

Learn How to Evaluate a Sneaker

Knowing how to inspect a sneaker’s quality will give you that upper hand in spotting your perfect pair of sneakers. The first step in learning the skill of footwear quality control is understanding symmetry. Place the sole of the shoes onto one another as you check the alignment of the pair. Bringing the two shoes up to eye level and look at the top of the shoes. Matching pairs should equally align and be at the same length. Next, you should compare and look for almost identical similarities in the color, finish, and graphic styles of the two shoes. A top-notch sneaker typically has almost indistinguishable features between the shoes. Finally, checking each shoe inside and out is a must when inspecting sneakers. Brush your hand along the inside as you keep an eye out for, clean lining, no wrinkles, no bumps, or no nails. Furthermore, taking a look at the footbed of the shoe as you make sure that it is straight, leveled, and fits correct. A too large or too small footbed might slide around or wrinkle and crack after time.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneaker


Adidas Originals NMD_R1 Shoes


Going with top brands in the streetwear shoe industry such as Nike or Adidas will almost always guarantee that you will walk out of their store with a well-made shoe. When you find yourself in their stores, take the time to evaluate some of their sneakers on display. Such as the shoes above, these brands provide perfect stitching, color, finish, and comfort.

Evaluate your Lifestyle

If you find that your sneaks always get worn out, then you might just have to take a look at your everyday activities. Leading a more active life often leads your shoes to wear out quicker. Additionally, No matter how durable a shoe might be, everyday use can wear-out the outsole of the sneaker. Let us take a look at what type of shoes are ideal for the lifestyle that you are leading and why.

Under Armour Charged Assert 8

Nike Infinity Flyknit Running Shoes

Adidas Sambe Classic Shoes

If you have a very active lifestyle, then sneakers such as the ones above will be more suitable for you. With a thicker outsole that is labeled as activewear, the sneaker will last longer than typical. Made out of lightweight fabrics that has a breathable surrounding, your search for the perfect sneaker will end here. Ideal for prolonged use, your feel will never feel heated or exhausted.

Calvin Klein Marvin Sneaker


Adidas PW Human Race NMD


Y-3 Adidas Leather Sneakers

In different circumstances, if your lifestyle is not as active or you are looking for a shoe that is only worn on occasions, then these are some options for you. Focusing more on visual appeal rather than long term comfort, if you keep your sneakers clean and cared for, these shoes will last a while. With a wide range of appealing shoes on the market, you can take your pick from top brands unique designs, bold colors to accessories with your outfit or even uncommonly laced sneakers with a futuristic approach. Usually worn under specially picked out outfits, or a highlight features of attire, these sneakers are meant to impress.

Know your Size

As silly as it may sound may people often wear the wrong shoe size. A sneaker that is a tad bit too small or too large can make a huge difference when worn on a daily basis. Therefore it is essential to test out your kicks before you purchase them. Going into nearby top brands and testing our new sneakers is the ideal way to experience first hand the quality of a shoe. Pacing around the store with both shoes on is a timeless tactic that is known to work. Paying attention the where your foot sits, how tight the shoe feels and if you are getting enough support, are all indicators that can point to a well-fitted shoe.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainers


Adidas Originals NMD_R1 Boost


When shopping online many might be nervous about the fit of the sneaker. Without the chance to try on the shoe shopping online can lead to unfitted sneakers that just do not sit right. A trick to get past this problem is shopping from top brands like Nike or Adidas. Due to their large influence in the streetwear sneaker style, such brands have the availability of half-size sneakers. Picking out a shoe that is half a size bigger then yours might be just what you need for that perfect fit. Taking a deeper look at the shoes above, you can see their large selection of colors and sizes, suitable for anyone.

Consider Comfort Before Style

Adidas Ultraboost 19 Shoes



Nike Air Monarch IV Trainers

Adidas Originals Pharrell x NMD



Taking the spot for one of the most important rules when buying shoes, is comfort. This emphasized feature is a must when it comes to shopping for sneakers. Considering the shoe size, support, traction and more as just one thing to keep in mind when comfort comes to play. A well-fitted shoe will provide the wearer with hours of pain-free strides and a longer-lasting shoe. Above we have listed some well-known brands that take comfort into account for everyday shoes.

Consider Fashion Trends

Best puma shoes

Picking out a unique shoe that is currently trending might seem like a good idea, but have you considered what to do with your shoe when it goes out of style? But when the style fades wearing your new kicks might seem out of fashion, therefore, when selecting your perfect pair of sneakers, consider fashion. Ask yourself, “Are these shoes going to go out of style soon?” and “Are they everlasting?”. On the other hand, if you buy a pair of shoes that become out of style keeping on to them might be a good idea since things tend to come back to the fashion industry, or the sneaker can become valuable or vintage after some time. 

Replace your Shoes

After multiple trips to the mall, you finally find that perfect pair of sneakers that sit just right, all you want to do is wear them every day right? This is where you are wrong, wearing-out your new sneakers is an inevitable problem that any streetwear sneakerheads go though. Even if you do not wear your sneakers on a daily basis, over time, no matter the quality, a shoe will begin to lose its quality and it will eventually no longer be the perfect pair of sneakers. Before your shoes start falling apart, replacing your sneakers to trendier and newer footwear should be a task that everyone does on at least a two to three-year basis.

At the end of the day, everyone had a unique style and sense of comfort. What might be the perfect shoe for me, could be a complete unfit footwear for you. Going over each aspect in our guide is an essential part of picking out what makes a great shoe for you. Whether you are looking for a casual running sneaker or new leather kicks to go with your streetwear attire, keeping your shoe collection up to date and constantly changing is a perfect way to stay in style. Hopefully, after reading our tips you are one step closer to filling your closest with the perfect sneaker collection.