Iconic Goth Ninja Knee High Boots

Boots have always been a practical and popular choice when it comes to cold weather, but have you ever considered wearing boots as a fashion statement? Diving into high knee boots worn for styles such as goth of techwear, in this article we are going to go over the highly of high boots and one of the best seller designs on the market.

History of Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Boots
Tracked down to the 15th centrally, Knee boots were original menswear, as part of a military attire. Being a practical high footwear, these types of boots were typically worn as mud boots, rain boots or other outdoor footwear, to protect for any extreme weather. Other than their protection, the boots soon became a stylish choice for high class men. As fashion evolved, the High Knee boots evolved into a unisex staple, that came in many different designs, lengths and styles.Today, the knee high boots are more of a females choice for a fall, spring or even winter. Available in both online and offline shopping, picking out black boots for a more dark aesthetic attire is now easier than ever.

Chunky Knee High Boots

As a trending piece in the gothic, goth ninja and techwear community, the chunky goth boot is an eye-catching addition to one’s outfit. Typically stylized with a very tick, almost chunky, sole, the boots are a feature piece in a simple all black attire. Take a look below at some examples of chunky goth ninja boots.

Lishan Chunky Knee High Boots

Celnepho Combat Boots

Celepho Mid-Cald Wedge Boots

If high heels do not scare you then the first goth combat boots with pumps are just for you. Made with a soft and breathable fabric, the boots are a laces and zippered shoe that reach the knee. Made for a perfect night out, the thick heel allows for a long and comfortable wear, while still looking great. Next, the Celnepho combat boots are an alternative, with a chunky full boot heel. More like a goth platform shoe, these mild calf heels are made with a quality rubber that is great for any season. Lastly, for a more minimalistic goth look, the calf techwear wedges are great punk shoes that come without any lace details.

Glossy Rain Knee High Boots

Adding a bit more gloss to your outfit is a great way to bring in detail to a more matt look. With most clothing taking on a glossy appearance, these glossy boots are a highlight piece in one’s look. Other than its detailing feature, glossy boots are an extremely easy to clean shoe, making them the perfect alternative rain boots. Look below for some examples of great glossy goth shoes.

Ellie Shoe Knee High Boot

Yolkpmo Stiletto Boot

UGG Shaye Boot

Getting things started, the first shoe is a stiletto boot made by the Ellie shop. With a low heel in mind, these glossy boots are a cheat shoe alternative that you can get for a great techwear attire. Though they might not be as high quality as some, they are an affordable alternative you can check out. Next, with a higher price range are the high heel boots by Yolkomo. With a pointed toe boots design, these glossy heels are a bestseller that many enjoy. Lastly, with more of a contrasting casual look, the Ugg boots are a perfect rain boot to wear with just about anything.

Soft Sock Knee High Boots

The Sock high shoes are one’s that typically cannot be worn with a pair of pants. However, they are great shoes for a skirt or dress. Made with a soft upper fabric, they are a comfortable wear you will want to put on every fall or spring. Will many different styles and designs take a look below at just some of the best sock shoes Amazon has to offer.

ShoBeautiful Stretchy Heel Boots

Shoe'N Take Knee Boots

Casbeam Fashion Sock Sneakers

First we have a chunky block heel boot by The Shobeautiful store. Made with a Faux Suede material the shoe has a soft sock top that reaches all the way up to the knees. Designs with a full elastic on the top of the leg, the shoes will stay up and on you all night long. Next with a more leathery look in mind, the shoes my Shoe’N Take are also a Suede top. Designed with a more dark and shiny appeal, they are a highly rated Amazon’s Choice shoes. Lastly, for more comfortable wear, the streetwear sneakers with a high sock are an alternative. Made with a upper knit shoe fabric, they are as comfortable as you can get.

Rain Boots

Though rain boots are a practical footwear for rainy or extreme weather, today they can also be worn as a streetwear or techwear shoe fashion statement. With a looser and more casual look, the rain boots have a wider top than most high boots, making them a more comfortable wear with any long paints. Below are just some examples of black techwear rain boots to get your shopping started.

Kamik Heidi Rain Boot

Kamik Olivial Rain BOots

Bog Winter Boots

Finally, looking into the rain boots, the first shoe is a 100% Man Made boot. With a wide top and a highly glossy exterior, they are great for casual wear. Available in many different colors you can pick out the right one for your closet. Next, the Olivial style rain boots by Kamik, are a Synthetic version of the previous boots which comes with a more matte style. Finally, the Bogs snow boots are Neo-Tech shoes that are made to protect from any environment as well as look great in an everyday style.