Ideas for Women Pastel Easter Outfits

With springtime and Easter approaching every year it seems as though it is always the perfect time to pull out some pastel clothing from one’s closet. Giving off a cute and Lolita look, pastel clothing is light-toned colors that look great on anyone. In this article, we are going to go over how women can wear pastel for Easter and spring. You can also take a look at our article, “Men’s Guide To Pastel Streetwear Garments”, for a more in-depth men’s pastel lookbook.

How to Wear Pastel Clothing

Though dressing in pastel is rather simple there are a few fashion guidelines that one should follow for a more successful outfit. Whether you have one or two pastel pieces or a whole light tones closet, matching them together is what will make a great spring outfit. Here are a few tips to follow:

Monochrome Pastel

Creating a complete attire out of hues of one color is a great way to stick with a pastel theme while still dressing in style. For example, light blue jeans with a pastel blue top are a great combination on their own.

Mixed Pastels

On the contrary, mixing pastel with darker tones is another way of dressing up with these light tones. Bringing focus to the pastel with a darker article of clothing can make that pastel the feature piece in one’s look. 

Pastel Jackets

Cuess Adjustable Sleeve Anorak

EcoWish Lapel Faux FLeece COat

Levi's Original Trucker Jacket

Though pastel clothing can often give off a summery vibe, wearing them during Easter or Spring, makes jackets and outerwear a mandatory addition to one’s look. Whether you are looking for some light layers or a more thick spring jacket, take a look at some of these options. Starting off we have a Guess Anorak Jacket. Ideal as a windbreaker, this coat is available in a few different pastel colors. Made with a Polyester and Nylon mix, also makes this jacket a great raincoat. Next for a more wintery look, there is the Oversized faux fur pastel jacket. Looking fashionable over any casual streetwear makes this jacket a trenching choice on Amazon. Lastly, a light blue denim jacket is the best streetwear top you can add to an everyday pastel look. Adding texture and layers, denim is a great jacket alternative that you can match with many different clothes.

Pastel Shirts

Sweaty Rocks Half Sleeve Crop Top

Romwe Self Tie Blouse

Sheln Puff SLeeve Keyhple Blouse

Everyone has a different pair of tops in their closet. As the perfect clothing that helps change up a simple look, having a few pastel shirts this spring is a must. From a simple cropped tee to a more fancy blouse there are many different types of pastel shirt you can get. If you are looking for more of a pastel hoodie, then check out our article on, “ Japanese Streetwear Kawaii Hoodies On Amazon.”

Pastel Pants

Freeprance Casual Trouser Pants

Levi's Classic Chino Crop

Paige Colette Jeans

Cute yet fancy are the pastel pants that many go for this year. Made with a subtle pattern such as the Paige Colette jeans, or a simple bow detail such as the FreePrance trousers, you cannot go wrong with light-colored pants. On the other hand, if denim is more your choice light denim or dark blue are great colors to match with a pastel top.

Pastel Sweatpants

Hanes Midrise Cinch-Bottom Sweatpants

Leggings Depot Activewear Jogger

Puma Clasic Poly Track Pants

As the ultimate holiday and casual clothing, it comes as no shock that tracksuits and sweatpants are some of the most popular bottoms to wear all year round. Streetwear, comfortable and just great, pastel sweatpants are a great pick for any summer or spring closet. First, we have light pink sweat pants by Hanes. Created with a cotton and polyester blender, the fleece sweatpants are all-year-round wear. Next, available in a light green toned, are the legging depot activewear. Made with a high waist fit, these joggers are a modern take on the original sweatpants. Lastly, made by the popular brand Puma, the Classic Poly Track Pants are a long-lasting design. Stapled with the brand’s logo, these are great streetwear sweats one can wear in the spring and summer.

Pastel Dresses and Jumpsuits

Anna-Kaci Denim Overalls

DressTells Swing Tea Dress

Vintage CLothing Maxi Boho Dress

For those looking with a more feminine touch to their easer outfit ideas, then a pastel dress or jumpsuit might be the perfect full outfit. As one of the easiest outfits to put together let’s take a look at the first product. Made by the Anna-Kaci brand the pink denim overalls are perfect Easter wear. Worn with any colored tee underneath you can create many different looks. Next, with a vintage touch is the pink swing dress. Made with a modern lengthy design, this dress is a flattering fit on every body type. Available in many different colors you can get the right one for you. Lastly, with a more Easter aesthetic is the long cherry Boho dress. Comfortable, flowy, and cute are great ways to describe the dress.

Pastel Shoes

Dream Pairs Chunk Low Pumps

DKSUKO Rain Boots Pink

Puma Womens Nova Shoes

Pastel shoes might seem a little over the top to some, but adding that finishing touch to complete a pastel outfit is a must. Typically going with pink tones, pastel shoes have become a booming selection for both the spring and summer. Starting we can see a low pink pump by Dream Pairs. If pink is not your tone, adding some skin-toned heels to a cocktail dress is a great alternative. Going back to the pink heel, we can see rubber and latex-made sandal pumps. Great for a warmer day, these shoes will give you a more feminine look to the attire. Next made as a streetwear shoe, these pink converse alternatives are a popular choice for many. Usually worn with some jeans and a top, they are a good casual everyday choice. Lastly, with the most modern sneaker style, there is the Puma Nova Shoes. Created with a chunky rubber sole, these casual athletic sneakers are available in many different colors and designs.

Pastel Accessories

Furla 1927 Mini Crossbody Bag

ZHWNSY French Benies Hat

Lucky Leaf Girl Cocktail hat Derby Cap

In fashion accessorizing can be an addition to one’s outfit that can make or break a look. Adding extra detail, layers, and depth to an attire, pastel accessories can be the feature pastel piece in one’s look. For example, some light-toned jeans and a simple white top, matched with a pastel accessory, can transform a simple look into a spring attire. Taking a look at the first pastel accessory we, can see a pink Furla Mini bag. Worn as a cross-body style, the bag takes on an elegant light pink tone from the 1927’s. Next, as another Vintage style, there is the French Beanie hat. Typically worn with your hair down this pastel spring accessory is a modern and practical choice. Lastly, with a not so useful accessory, there is the Cocktail derby hat. Despite that, a pastel derby hat is a stylistic option that can look great as an Easter party outfit.