Men Grunge Clothing Style For a Casual Look

Grunge fashion is a versatile style that mixes both streetwear and thrift store clothing. Popularized by the music industry, the grunge look has been around since the 1980s. Taking a modern spin on the style, the grunge aesthetic has become a thriving way of dressing in the streetwear community. In this article, we are going to go over trending men grunge outfits that one can style with a casual streetwear closet.

Top men grunge fashion

Men Grunge Outerwear

When it comes to outerwear, one can wear a simple streetwear attire matched with a grunge jacket to create a final grunge look. As a great addition that adds layers and detail to one’s style, a jacket is a must-have garment for almost every season. With many different designs in mind, grunge jackets take on a wide array of looks. From a more plaid look to a patched-up style, take a look at some bestseller grunge jackets below.

Pantete Double Breasted Coat

Lavnis Denim Trucker Jacket

Wrangler Quilted Jacket

The first grunge jacket is a long hipster jacket overcoat. This gunge trench coat is a modern wear that is ideal for the spring or fall. Made with 100% Cotton it is a breathable yet warming overcoat. Designed with a loose and long style, it is made for a great grunge look, especially when paired with a rustic tee or some ripped jeans. Next, with a more punk fashion look in mind is the Lavnis denim jacket. Made with a distressed trucker look, the jacket is lined with patched sleeves, a denim exterior and a fur collar. Lastly, as a must have among grunge enthusiasts is a plaid or flannel garment. Giving a casual yet grungy look, this jacket is a best-seller on Amazon.

Men Grunge Shirts

Suitable for streetwear and men’s grunge fashion, shirts are a matching piece of clothing that can be worn with different garments to create contrasting looks. One of the more popular ways of wearing your shirt in today’s fashion is purchasing a looser fitting top. Worn in a tucked in style or just with a baggier look, below are some examples to get you started with grunge shirts.

Eagle Dress Shirt Flex Fit

Techwear U. Outfits: Hidden Code

Into The AM: Astroreaper

Starting things off with a rather unexpected grunge shirt, we have the dress shirt by Van Heusen. Made with a soft cotton and polyester mix, the shirt is a comfortable wear. Though this top might seem over the top for a grunge look, wearing it with a baggy black graphic t-shirt on top is a modern way of dressing. Next, with a more dark aesthetic we have a techwear shirt by Techwear U. Outfits. Stylized with a simple black and white goth ninja design, makes this a great addition that you can match with almost anything. Lastly, if you are looking for a more flashy top, a graphic shirt is what you need. With different colors and styles take a look at the Into The AM store with some more examples.

Men Grunge Pants

Similar to the shirts, grunge jeans are all about a looser and bagger fit. With skinny jeans going out of style, the wide leg design is more comfortable, and preferred streetwear and grunge pants look. Distorted jeans such as ripped jeans are another popular grunge example that one might look great in. Below are just some examples to get you started.

William Rast Dean Slim Jean

Wrangler Authentics Carpenter Jeans

Aelfric Eden Jogger Pants

Perfect for the summer, the first pants are an all-white denim look. Designed with a slightly slimmer fit, they are still great streetwear pants. Available in a few different colors you can pick out the right jeans for you. Next, with a classical jeans look, are the Wrangler pants. With straight and wide leg designs, these jeans are a popular pick on Amazon. Lastly, with a more grungy and techwear look, as the Aelfric Edan joggers. Trending in other styles, these pants are a great pick for a modern yet fashionable look.

Men Grunge Accessories

Just like any style, accessories are an addition to one’s outfit that should never be missed. Other than adding detail to one’s look, a great accessory can also add depth and layering to a somewhat simple outfit. Taking inspiration for techwear fashion and streetwear, take a look at some grunge accessories we have picked out.

Teskyer Store: Jeans Wallet Chain

Klykon Ches Bag Harness

ChainsPro Necklace

Ideal with a pair of jeans, the first accessory is a pants chain. Often attached to the beltline, the chain is a subtle yet detailing accessory made to blend and detail a look. Typically worn with clean or ripped pants, this chain is a popular piece that many like. Next, with a more techwear accessory look, is the chest harness bag. Made with an all-black look, the bag is a practical and modern unisex wear. Lastly, with another chain, we have a necklace. Inspired by popular streetwear trends this necklace can become a centerpiece in one’s style.