Men’s Guide to Pastel Streetwear Garments

The colorful yet elegant style of pastel colors has been around for a while, but as the warm months approach many are conflicted in trying them out as they do not know how to wear pastel. In this article, we are going to go over some of the ways you can style pastel, and our favorite men pastel garments you should be adding in your ss2020 closet.

How To Wear Pastel?

Streetwear Pastel look

Skin Tone

Keep your skin tone in mind is a great rule to thumb when dressing with light-colored pastel clothing. Since pastel clothing is oftentimes a subtle attire that gives off a soft and elegant look, wearing clothing the suits your skin tone is a must. If you have light skin, then a baby blue, lavender, or any neutral cool tones look great. And if you are searching for more of a pop, then pairing those cool colors with some subtle undertones of pale orange or peach could look good.  On the other hand, if you have more of a medium skin or tanned complexion, then you can enjoy a rather wide array of pastel clothing. Anything from grays, yellows, mint greens, or even pink are ideal for your skin type. Finally, dark skin is a great pallet for any yellow purple or any florescent colores.

Monochrome Pastel

When you do not know whether your pastel outfit will match, going with one color from head to toe can be an easy way to dress in style. A whole outfit made out of a simple monochrome color can look stylish and well made. For example, an all baby blue attire made out of different hues of the color can be an ideal look done correctly. 

Mixed Pastel

Mixing two pastel colors or even just adding a pastel hint to a plain jeans look can be another way of wearing pastel. Mixing two pastel colors or even just adding a pastel hint to a plain jeans look can be another way of wearing pastel. Known for giving off a fresh look to a darker attire, simply adding a pastel shirt or top to some jean pants can give you a more summery look. Additionally, knowing how to mix pastel colors in a attire and a great way to dress in the style.

Pastel Clothing For Men

Many men steer away from the pastel style. Whether it is because they do not know how to style it or going with a simple black or white shirt on jeans is an easier way out, our list of some trending pastel clothing will make it easier for a man to add some pastel to his summery look. 

Know for brings a fresh appearance and style to an attire, pastel clothing for men has become a widely popular choice. Additionally, it’s cooling and light texture makes pastel the best pick for warm weather. Let us take a look at some o the best men pastel clothing.

Men Pastel T-Shirts

A typical man’s streetwear closet is one that is packed with many different styled shirts. As an ever changing garment, keeping your jeans the same and changing the shirt is a great way to create different outfits in style and on a budget. Pastel shirts for men are something the one should have a few for during the summer days.

Goodtreads Pastel Yellow Cotton T-Shirt

Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Pink T-Shirt

Champion Classic Graphic T-Shirt

Taking a look at some of the shirts above we can see an affordable way to add some light color in a summery look. Ideal under jeans, shorts or even a bathing suit these shirts are lightweight, cooling, and fashionable. If you have a light skin tone then we recommend you try out the light blue or pink shirt, whereas someone with a darker look will pop in a pastel yellow tee. Furthermore, if a simple pastel tee is not what you are looking for, buying a branded logo shirt such as the light blue Champion shirt or a pastel graphics shirt, will help add more detail in one’s attire.

Men Pastel Hoodies

Adidas 3 Straps Pullover Sweatshirt

Champion LIFE Reverse Weave Hoodie

Having a pastel long sleeve is a great way to add some light colors in your fall or winter closet. Made by high-quality sportswear brands, the two pastel examples above can make a great hoodie that will last you years. Despite their unique look, their light-toned colors make them a garment that is easy to match with almost anything. Also worn over a simple tee on a cool summer night, these hoodies are ones you will constable find yourself wearing. Additionally made by quality sportswear brands, Champion and Adidas, you will be investing in a long-lasting garment.

Men Pastel Pants

IZOD Saltwater Chino Pants

Original Penguin Basic Chino

Amazon Essentials Classic Fit-9 Shorts

Despite their light colors pastel pants are worn as bold statements that can look great if styled correctly. Often seen in salmon pink or light blue tones, pastel pants are easily styled with a plain white tee, another pastel garment, or even black clothing. Perfect for someone searching for a key garment in their summer look, the pastel pants are ones we definitely recommend. Taking a look at some of our favorite examples above, you can see a display of affordable quality pants that will bring a pop of color to your closet.

Men Pastel Accessories

Sperry Gold Boat Shoes

Himawari Laptop Backpack, Light Pink

Mixing up your pastel clothing with some accessories is a great way to create a complete pastel men’s look. The two examples above are some of many of our favorite detailed touches you can add to an outfit. The Himawari Backpack is a high-quality waterproof Nylon bag, that will fit just about anything. Available in many different pastel colors we suggest everyone should have at least one in when creating a pastel collage look. On the other hand, the “boat” shoes, are quality leather upper footwear that adds a touch of warmth to a summery look.