Modern At-Home Beauty Routine Products

Taking care of your body is a natural human instinct that we all take a part off. As the beauty industry is evergrowing, the world of skincare is constantly innovating new products and beauty routines. In this article, we are going to go over some of the most popular trends of the century and why they are beneficial to our skincare routine.

Evolution of Modern Skin Care

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Skincare is an ancient routine that has been a part of many people schedule for thousands of years. First spotted in the rituals of the Ancient Egyptians, since then skincare has been an ever-evolving tradition that is always betting our bodies. The Egyptians created natural skin care products from collected items such as olive oil, eggs, herbs, plants, and milk. Even though homemade cosmetics are still a large part of many people everyday life, a commercial market for skincare products have become a mainstream that everyone interested in beauty should invest in.

Dry Brushing

Everything you need to know about Dry Brushing
Everything you need to know about Dry Brushing

Preformed at least once or twice a week, dry brushing has quickly become a popular skincare routine that offers many benefits to one’s skin. Typically dry brushing routine is done with a specialized body brush that is available with both long and short handles. Starting from the feet-up, brush your skin in gentle smooth strokes. Repeating  this process around 4- 7 times on each area and then move upward. Sensitive skin such as armpits or the stomach can be gently brushed in a circular clockwise motion. If you have dry skin, adding a few drops of body oil to the brush beforehand can contribute to that smooth moisturized skin. Being incredibly easy, dry brushing is can take less than 5 minutes, but it is a routine that can greatly improve your skin. Now that you are familiar with the process, let us take a look at some benefits

GranNaturals Dry Body Brush

PopChose Dry Body Brush


Dry brushing is a technique that is known for sweeping away dead skin cells on one’s skin. Gently exfoliating that layers on your skin will leave you with healthy soft glowing skin. 

Cleans Pores:

When exfoliating, you get rid of any oils, and dirt that resides in the pores. Therefore, a consistent dry brushing routine can help clear our your pores and reduce their size.

Reduces Cellulite:

Cellulite is an unwanted skin blemish that many women want to reduce. Even though dry brushing is not a proven technique that gets rid of cellulite, it stimulates the skin which could help getting rid of cellulite.

Naturally Boosts Your Energy:

Working to increase circulation in the morning it is a well-known fact that this beauty routine can be seen as a natural boost. As it energizes the skin, many people prefer dry brushing in the morning, for that kick of freshness and energy.

Under-Eye Masks

Under-eyes are one of the most sensitive areas in one’s body. Whether you are sleep deprives, hungover, or just stressed, the first place it will show is at your under-eyes. From dark circles, puffiness, or wrinkle lines, dealing with under-eyes issues has now become a one-step process that will have you looking more awake and more refreshed than ever. Eyes patches or under-eye masks are a long-lasting beauty secret that profession makeup-artists have been keeping around for a while. Packed with moisturizing, brightening, and depuffing serum, the product works to care for the sensitive skin under your eyes. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite eye masks.

Best Gold Under Eye mask 2020
BrightJungle 24K Gold Eye Patchs

Patchology Night Eye Gels


Shiseido Benefiace Eye Masks

Typically, seen as single patches that are individually wrapped for convenience, the under-eye masks are a product that you should have with you for any occasion. Smoothing out any wrinkles or puffy eyes, having these compact patches at hand when traveling makes for the perfect on-the-go skincare routine. Looking above we can some examples of different types of under-eye masks. The 24K Golden mask are known for their quick and great results. Promoted as a golden made products, the eye gal pads contain colleges that will restore your under-eye skin. Due to their fast and easy results, these are the perfect masks for an on-the-go beauty routine. On the other hand, the second product is a popular choice that many dermatology professions recommend. Specialized as “night time” eye patches, these eye gels repair, clean, and hydrate your under-eye in for the evening. Ideal for a nighttime routine your eyes will thank you for investing in these quality patches. Lastly, the Shiseido Wrinkle resistant eye maks, are a quality product that gives you the best of both worlds. Similar to the golden eye patches these masks are a great beauty care product for any traveling occasion. But they are also of the quality of the Patchology eye gels, giving you the needed results anywhere and at any time.

Face Massage Tools

What are face rollers used for
What are face rollers used for

Stimulating the pores on your face with one of these trending face massagers are a beauty tip that will keep you feeling refreshed on a daily basis. Rolling a face roller or a face massager is a fast beauty routine that should be a daily practice in anyone’s schedule, here is why.

Tightens your Face:

With a regular face rolling routing, many have said to have seen tightening results on the skin in their face. Boosting the oxygen in your skin and circulation, the routine will strengthen your pores and give you that wanted tight glow.

Stress- Release: 

Other than any mental stress that one might have from a long day, our faces are in constant use therefore they too need to destress as well. Working to alleviated tension of and overworked face muscles, the massagers are a great way to relax one’s face. 

Drains Toxins:

Similar to the Dry Brush, the face massagers create circulation in the faces, thus unblocking any toxins or blockages. Usually, in the form of bumps, pimple, or even swollen areas, toxins in our face are created from dirt, oils, and even stress. Shifting the toxins with a massager is one of the best-known methods to get rid of them.

Reduces Puffiness:

A puffy face when waking up can be a common problem that many people face. Whether it is from too much salt in our diet, dehydration, or other aspects, a puffy face can be an unflattering feature that many look to get rid of. Stimulating the face with some cold water or a face massage is typically what you need to depuff from a night’s sleep. 

Let’s take a look at some face massagers that you should incorporate into your beauty routine for a flawless skin look.

Inotka Rose Quartz Roller

Nurse Jamie Nuvibe Rx Amethyst

Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager

First on our list is the traditional “ jade roller” type, face massager. Marketed as a tool that calms swelling, redness, and relaxes the face, this roller is an affordable face massager that this idea for on-the-go. If you are looking to try out this tool or just want something compact then we suggest you give this one a shot.

The second massager above is a sonic vibration tool that is designed to help refresh and restore the face. With more than 6,000 pulses for a minute, this tool is truly the ideal processional face massager that will give you results. If you are looking for a long term massager then this is the one for you

The final face massager is a high-quality electric version that anyone interested in adding this to their beauty routine should consider. Being one of the most “worth-it” purchases, this Foreo eye massager can be used on the whole face. Working on a vibrating population base, the massage gently stimulates your face. The ultrasonic technology allows for a unique stimulation that also helps any face creams resonate in the face better.