Modern Streetwear Fashion For Older Women

When aging many of us find ourselves wearing certain clothing more than others. With comfort becomes more of a priority, often times many women fall out of fashion and forget how to dress with style. Therefore, Streetwear is a perfect solution. As a great way to stay comfortable yet look fashionable, this style is worn worldwide with a limitless age group. In this article let’s take a peek at what streetwear is all about and how to style for streetwear as an aging woman.

The Ageless Style Of Streetwear

best fashion for older women

As a way of dressing that “emerged from the California skate culture”, Streetwear is now a worldwide style known for its casual and comfortable look. With many different subcategories, colors, and designs in the streetwear style, this fashion trend is an everlasting look that can be worn by practically any age group. With different trends coming and going in the streetwear culture, today we are going to take a look at the basics of streetwear and the modern additions, any women can add to their closet.

Matching Tracksuit Outfits

With almost every fashion brand and celebrity influence coming out with a line of matching tracksuits, it is no surprise that they are the hot new take on comfortable streetwear fashion. Looking great with no effort, these matching tops and bottoms are the way to go when starting off with a modern ageless streetwear look. Ideal for woman over 50 or just about anyone, let us take a look at some trending amazon tracksuits to get you started.

The Drop Bernadette Pull-on

The Drop Remi Loose Sweatshirt

Toleny Tracksuit Piece

Starting things off a with light pink sweater style outfit, this is the perfect attire for a cold-weather look. Made by The Drop brand, the Bernadette style outfit is made out of a mix between Rayon, Polyester, and Nylon. Available in three different pastel colors, the light tones allow for a more modern and spring outfit. Furthermore, the tracksuit has a modern cut design with cropped wide legs and a baggy top. Next, with another outfit from “ The Drop”, we have a loose terry long hoodie and pants. Made out of Cotton and Spandex, the attire is breathable, stretchable, and comfortable all season round. Available in a Pacific teal color, makes this a great fashion over 50 item, as the color gives off a more flattering style. Lastly, with another pink suit, there is the Tolney hoodie jogger set. Made with more of a loose casual design, the tracksuit for women over 50 is available in many different colors.

Everyday Hoodies

Going back into style and comfort, we once more have a casual wear top that can be worn as an everyday woman over 50 streetwear attire. Other than its practicality in cold weather a hoodie, pullover or sweatshirt is a garment that quickly adds layers to one look, giving it a more complex style. With different choices, here are some graphic streetwear hoodies as well as clean ones you can try on.

Hanes Graphic Pullover

Frame Sporty Zip Sweatshirt

Calvin Klein Neon Sleeve Hoodie

Diving into the hoodies we first have an elegant yet feminine heart graphic pullover. Made by a quality brand, the top is a cotton and polyester blend that allows for warm and comfortable wear. Simply worn with a loose fit, this shirt is a modern streetwear look that is easy to match. Next, with a cleaner look, there is the Frame Sports Zip Sweatshirt. Also made with cotton and polyester, the heavyweight fleece can keep you warm all year round. Designed with a collar and flaps on the shoulders, the shirt has a simple yet layers look that many in the streetwear style search for. Finally, with more of a slimming look, there is the black graphic Calvin Klein hoodie. With an almost complete Cotton finish, this quality top is a must-have this season. Slimming yet keeping you warm it will look great with just about anything.

Trending Tshirts

No matter the age, everyone had a stack of shirts that they can switch up with casual bottoms or jeans. As the perfect all year round top, the t-shirt can be worn on its own, as a graphic centerpiece, or with a long sleeves shirt underneath. In today’s streetwear culture a great tee is appreciated more than ever. Here are just a for of the top seller T-shirts you can get for a streetwear look.

Frame off Duty Tee

Techwear U. Outfits: Vaporwave Toxic Flower

Guess Short Sleeve Bunny Easy Tee

A clean white shirt can go a long way in completing any streetwear look. Sometimes simplicity is key when creating a caul look. Having a white quality shirt is a must. Worn with practically anything, you will never mismatch any outfits again. Made with a wider sleeve design and 100% prima cotton, you will not regret this purchase. Next, on more of the stylized side, we have a modern graphic shirt. Available in many different colors this futuristic T-shirt can bring an edgy and feature look to any casual attire. Lastly, as a part of the Guess collection on Amazon, the bunny shirt is a cool yet modern top that has another graphic style design for a simple jeans looks.

Modern Pants

Unlike shirts, hoodies, or tops, pants are one thing that always changes their style throughout the years. With extremely distressed jeans out of the way, today’s 2021 streetwear jeans are take-on more of a ’70s and 80’s jeans design. High-waisted, wide bottom, and a rather clean look, someone looking for styles for women over 50, might already have a few pairs of today’s trending streetwear jeans. Below are just some examples of modern streetwear jeans you can get.

One Teaspoon Salty Dog Cutoff Trucker Shorts

Alice + Olivia Miami Joggers

The Drop Lizzy Cropped Denim

Ideal for the summer or any warm weather there is knee-length trucker shorts. Made with a wider fit, and a slightly distressed look, the pants are a great streetwear garment. For those looking for a looser and most comfortable fit, but who do not want to wear sweatpants, the Miami joggers are for you. Made with a light and elastic fabric they allow for an all-day fit that looks great. Lastly, great for all ages, there are the classical streetwear jeans that are in style right now. Clean, high-waisted, cropped, and wider bottoms make it a must-have in your streetwear closet.

In-style Elegant Wear

Though elegant wear is not considered a typical streetwear look, matching your attires with more casual clothing can create that wanter modern style. On the other hand, having a in fashion dinner look is a must-have in everyone’s closet. Though most older womens dresses or blazers could give-off a vintage look, we have picked out some modern alternatives that one can pair with some streetwear sneakers.

Alice + Olivia Dunn Vegan Leather Blazer

Alice + Olivia Anaya COllared Dress

Vince Leather Tapered Pant

Made by the trending amazon brand Alice + Olivia, the 100% polyurethane faux leather blazer is a classical look you can style into a streetwear attire. Available in a dirty brown camel color, the blazer has a padded shoulder and loose-fitted style. Preferably worn with matching pants, loose jeans, and some sneakers, the attire can be dress down or up, depending on the occasion. Next, for those looking for older womens dresses, with another Alice + Olivia, this long lace dress is a perfect choice. Made with a below-knee cut design and slimming waist and cuffed sleeves, the modern dress is a beautiful pick that always looks good. Styling it down with a pair of black sneakers and a blazer can give you that desired streetwear outfit. Lastly, a pair of 100 % leather tapered pants, with a loose yet cropped style is very trendy. Worn with a tucked-in graphics shirt will give off a grunge streetwear style.

Popular Handbags

Today handbags are not a must-have accessory to everyone’s look, but when pockets are missing they become a practical necessity that also adds detail to one’s appearance. Even though backpacks are a popular pick among young streetwear enthusiasts, a handbag is more of an age-appropriate choice that is also commonly seen. Below are some modern bag choices that can be worn with just about any style.

The Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

Staud Mini Rey Crossbody Bag

Furla Piper Small Belt Bag

Avoiding any old Hollywood glamour, these handbags are great casual additions to a streetwear look. Starting with a more bold choice, this colorful strap bag is a quality Marc Jacobs product. Made with a rather compact design, the bag’s red and pink strap makes it a centerpiece ideal for a clean white shirt and jeans outfit. If the colors are too bold for your liking, the brand offers the bag in many different colors and shoulder straps. Next, with a more vintage shape is the Staud Mini Rey Bag. As another handheld bag, the leather croc-embossed material is what makes this bag so highly-priced. Modern yet with a clean elegant look you can wear it with anything. Lastly, for a more young approach, there is the chest bag. Worn on the chest or around the waist, this classical piece is what streetwear is all about.

Modern Shoes

A large part of the streetwear culture is their shoes. With many known “sneakerheads” into streetwear, sneakers have become the go-to shoes on just about any occasion. Worn with a larger sole and a bulkier look, a clean sneaker can become a spotlight feature in one’s look. Remembering to match your sneakers to your clothing is a must-have that can make or break one’s street wear attire. Here are some, well-known shoes to get you started.

Steve Madden Maxima Sneaker

Adidas by Stella McCartney PluseBoost

Staurt Weitzman Tippi 70 Pump

Clean pastel sneakers are a great choice in today’s streetwear trends. With many different pastel clothing and tracksuits out on the market, getting a light pair of sneakers such as the Steve Madden ones is a way to ensure your clothing will always match. On the other hand, the black and white Addidas shoes are another choice you can never go wrong with. As the two base colors that go with just about anything, you can find yourself wearing these sneakers all day long. Lastly, for more of a fancy look, point yet short pumps are the current style in streetwear.